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Vegeta goes SS against A19 ENG DUB | Bruce Faulconer edit w/DBZ Kai track

Completely re-did the sound effects and BGM for this scene. Both JP and ENG dub are included.

This is perhaps the worst scene in the game so I tried to recreate the famous "DOES A MACHINE LIKE YOURSELF EVER EXPERIENCE FEAR?" scene + I the JP version is quite different. I used Kikuchi tracks and 1 DBS track.

I tried to emulate the anime version, but as you can tell..some clips are zoomed in to get the close-up facial expressions... :|

The tracks I used for the ENG dub version:

Vegeta's theme| Bruce Faulconer

Dragon Ball Z Kai Buu Saga OST Through A Hard Time | Norihito Sumitomo

SS Vegeta| Bruce Faulconer


JP version tracks used:

M1217 - Supa Saiyajin Da Son Goku | Shunsuke Kikuchi

Dragon Ball Z Kai Buu Saga OST Through A Hard Time | Norihito Sumitomo


Credits to Yahren who has the track on his channel:

Credits to Alter Vitoko ART who has the 2nd track on his channel:

Credits obviously goes to the artist who created these unique and mangificent BGM for us to enjoy.



P.S There are some cutscenes in this game that made my jaw drop on the floor. Vegito vs Buuhan is insanely cool. I got something lined up for that scene......YOSHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


MAKE A BACKUP OF C03_030_S040_mov!!

1.Extract the zip file

2.Place the DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT folder into C:||Steam|Library|steamapps|common


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February 7, 2020