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Empire Bay Mod 1.3.1 update + English in-game GUI patch

A small 70mb update patch by Nemesis7675 for The Empire Bay Mod by Nemesis7675

Included in a separate archive is an in-game English gui patch by m.



Race locations in Empire bay mod:
I had a small jpeg pic in my Empire mod folder,
I think it’s for the Empire mod ,so i’ve included it in the archive,could be wrong ? but might be useful.

I left some text files with the archive ,they are translated from various Russian sites and might be helpful.


Parts of the mod have Russian voices probably added by Nemesis ,would be nice to have English audio but Nemesis said he stopped working on this after the v1.3.1 patch.

Anyway i thought  it would be good to give it a more permanent home here at mafiamods.