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Better FXAA

Edits the FXAA to make it higher quality. There are multiple sub-pixel values to choose from; 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and 1. The “Darkening” screenshots folder shows the effect between an SP value of 0 and an SP value of 1, where details are lost because of the blending from the surrounding area, which is also shown in the zoomed in/cropped screenshots.

I used quality preset 39 (aka extreme preset), an edge threshold of 0.063, and an edge threshold minimum of 0.
More info on the settings and what they do, in the README provided.

I have all settings maxed out except for motion blur which is off, am using an i7 [email protected] and a PCS+ R9 290, and all I had was a 1 FPS reduction where the screenshots were taken.

Screenshots were taken with FRAPS so they’re like desaturated for some reason, but the AA difference still shows.