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No More Bullet Bounce

No More Bullet Bounce version 1.55.01
a mod for No Man’s Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240)


This mod entirely removes the “bounce” effect from purchased (procedural) multitool upgrades for its Boltcaster, Scatter Blaster, and Plasma Grenade Launcher modes. Normally when such upgrades are purchased and applied, there is a probability that one of the effects will be this bounce effect, causing bullets to ricochet and plasma grenades to bounce one or more times. This mod removes that probability, and even does so retroactively: any existing upgrades that had this effect will no longer have it. (I do not know if the effect will reappear if the mod is removed; I have not yet tested that.)

Multiplayer impact: untested, but weapon effect changes are expected to persist in multiplayer for your multitool only (meaning no ordnance bounce in PvP).

Compatibility details: This mod alters the following file:

Any other mod that also alters that file will not be compatible, and one or the other must be chosen, not both.  Rather than change various properties, I’ve actually removed eight property blocks, which is a bit much to detail here without just sharing the complete text of the decrypted file.

Legit Max Ships and Multitools-VISIONS

This Mod removes the RNG for ship and multitool classes, slots and stats.

Each ship and multitool you encounter ingame will have the best class, maximum stats and slots. If its possible to encounter a ship in S class it will spawn as S class. If you’re in a poor system it will spawn as A class. (you can choose the second mod file if you want always S class instead)

Because there seems to be a little misunderstanding what this mod does, i created a little table with the differences between unmodded and my mod.


Science Ships:
Small: (Slots:15-19 TechSlots: 3-5) With Mod -> (19/5)
Medium: (Slots:20-29 TechSlots: 5-8) With Mod -> (29/8)
Large: (Slots:30-38 TechSlots: 8-12) With Mod -> (38/12)

S Class Scientific Stats
DMG: 0 With Mod -> (0)
SHIELD: 20-25 With Mod -> (25)
HYPERDRIVE: 50-65 With Mod -> (65)

Small: (Slots:15-19 TechSlots: 2-4) With Mod -> (19/4)
Medium: (Slots:20-29 TechSlots: 3-5) With Mod -> (29/5)
Large: (Slots:30-38 TechSlots: 5-12) With Mod -> (38/12)

S Class Fighter Stats:

DMG: 55-60 With Mod -> (60)
SHIELD: 15-25 With Mod -> (25)
HYPERDRIVE: 0 With Mod -> (0)

Small: (Slots:18-23 TechSlots: 3-6) With Mod -> (23/6)
Medium: (Slots:19-28 TechSlots: 5-8) With Mod -> (28/8)
Large: (Slots:28-40 TechSlots: 8-12) With Mod -> (40/12)

S Class Shuttle Stats:
DMG: 15-20 With Mod -> (20)
SHIELD: 15-20 With Mod -> (20)
HYPERDRIVE: 15-20 With Mod -> (20)

Small: (Slots:25-31 TechSlots: 2-4) With Mod -> (31/4)
Medium: (Slots:32-39 TechSlots: 4-6) With Mod -> (39/6)
Large: (Slots:40-48 TechSlots: 6-8) With Mod -> (48/8)

S Class Dropship Stats:
DMG: 10-20 With Mod -> (20)
SHIELD: 55-60 With Mod -> (60)
HYPERDRIVE: 30-35 With Mod -> (35)

Small: (Slots:11-14 TechSlots: 1-3) With Mod -> (14/3)
Medium: (Slots:15-20 TechSlots: 4-6) With Mod -> (20/6)
Large: (Slots:21-30 TechSlots: 6-10) With Mod -> (30/10)

S Class Royal Stats:
DMG: 35-50 With Mod -> (50)
SHIELD: 55-60 With Mod -> (60)
HYPERDRIVE: 50-65 With Mod -> (65)

Small: (Slots:15-19 TechSlots: 4) With Mod -> (19/4)
Medium: (Slots:24-34 TechSlots: 4) With Mod -> (34/4)
Large: (Slots:35-48 TechSlots: 4) With Mod -> (48/4)

S Class Freighter Stats:
Hyperdrive: 31-40 With Mod -> (40)

Small: (Slots:5-10) With Mod -> (10)
Medium: (Slots:11-16) With Mod -> (16)
Large: (Slots:17-24) With Mod -> (24)

S Class Pistols:
DMG: 0 With Mod -> (0)
MINE: 20-35 With Mod -> (35)
SCAN: 45-50 With Mod -> (50)

S Class Rifle:
DMG: 15-20 With Mod -> (20)
MINE: 0 With Mod -> (0)
SCAN: 15-20 With Mod -> (20)

S Class Pristine:
DMG: 15-25 With Mod -> (25)
MINE: 25-30 With Mod -> (30)
SCAN: 100 With Mod -> (100)

S Class Alien:
DMG: 25-35 With Mod -> (35)
MINE: 15-20 With Mod -> (20)
SCAN: 50-60 With Mod -> (60)



You can choose out of 2 different mod files, so take whats best for your playstyle.

_LMSaMT_NXT_Always-HighestClass-MaxStats.pak: Ships, Freighters and Multitools are always the highest class possible. Class A in poor, Class S in all other systems. Max Slots, Max Stats

_LMSaMT_NXT_Always-SClass-MaxStats.pak: Ships, Freighters and Multitools are always S class. Max Slots, Max Stats


The following file gets modified by this mod:

BIOTOOLS – HD procedural biomech’d multitools.

High-definition (x2 vanilla) replacement maps to turn “alien”-multitools into biomechanical versions of themselves.
No other change to statistics. Visual mod, only. So far, fully compatible with all mods available.

Atlas Rises (1.3) compatible version.
Full procedural compatibility with vanilla variation.

A special thanks to:

RaYRod for guiding me back into post-rise NMS modding,
H. R. Giger, for the artwork of the deceased great Swiss surrealist artist my textures were made to emulate,
emoose, monkeyman192 and the other Great Ones that lurk in the shadows, enabling us with the tools to work this wonders…
And of course, Sean Murray and the whole team at Hello Games, for creating the game of our dreams… and nightmares?

Faster Ship and Tool Scanner Recharge

NOTE: This mod has been updated for v1.35!

Simple mod that lowers the scanner recharge time to 1 second for both the ship scanner, and the multitool scanner.


I have now added an additional pak that also shortens the recharge time for the exocraft.  HOWEVER… The game file (MBIN) that contains the exocraft scanner recharge time also contains all of the performance/speed related parameters for the exocraft.  Therefore, installing that pak will conflict with any other mods that alter those parameters.

There is no current way to “make it compatible” with other exocraft mods, so please don’t ask.  

The only other exocraft mods that it will work with the exocraft only pak file I’ve included are those that only alter the buildings you can scan for. e.g. Exocraft Scanner Boost by nyok0


Files affected by this mod:



(If you are on the NMS mods Discord channel, I am known as Lentalis over there)