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Exocraft Scanner Boost

This mod will modify the exocraft scanner to include more options.

To scan certain structures you will need to upgrade your exocraft scanner.

The following scans can be made now:

  • Crashed Ships (ScanLv 1)
  • Traveller Graves (ScanLv 2)
  • Crashed Freighter (ScanLv 2)
  • Observatories (ScanLv 1)
  • Transmission Towers (ScanLv 1)
  • Manufacturing Facilities (ScanLv 1)
  • Alien Shops (ScanLv 1)
  • Trading Posts (ScanLv 1)
  • Planet Bases (ScanLv 1)

Also, alert sounds will now be triggered when a structure is found by the scanner.

I used this mod by Tub0Crisco as reference and added some extra changes. Exocraft Scan Boost

I was not successful when I tried to add a portal scan but you can still find them using with the Monoliths.

Glyph and Portal Locator

This is a simple mod that will make all Portals and Traveler Graves have a scannable icon that’s clearly visible from the ship.

It will make easier to locate and find those pesky little Glyphs while you are exploring around your planets.

The icons can be seen from the ship and on foot when you activate the scanner close enough to them.


I tested it with the latest 1.33 update, should also be working with 1.32.