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Larger Solar Systems + Weather Tweaked

I started messing around with modding NMS while waiting for some authors to catch up with the 1.55 update and therefore I could continue playing.

After extensive self-tests (for about 4 days) I found what I feel to the best for me. Myself personally, I love No Man’s Sky, but I believe the solar system’s to be too small. I love ship combat as well for this game, so I felt the systems need more space (and less asteroids to run into).

So, put simply, and forgive me if it’s early at the time of this posting:

Planet = 2-3 Minutes @ Impulse distance (upped from 20-30 seconds if that).

Asteroids = a bit smaller/larger but depends, and more resources in them. about 50% more space in between.



Weather figures (because my immersion was crying help) have been fixed up a bit! Now, no more boiling temperatures on Temperate planets (I think) unless I rolled back that change in this version, because you can’t edit the Hazard Table too extensively (found that out the hard way! lol). But, at least the degrees are a little more meaningful. A few things to watch out for are that in this initial upload, caves may not actually be temperate in all cases (partially intentional), and I’d like to add that if anyone understands weather systems for NMS drop me a line. This portion of the mod shouldn’t interfere with many mods as there aren’t many which affect the weathers.

On a side note: I will probably re-update after this weekend (it is Sunday) with a non-sky colors version. Didn’t mean to overwrite those 😉