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Increased Jetpack Fuel

This mod has been updated to work with the Atlas Rises update (v1.38)!
This mod increases the amount of jetpack fuel by 10x (1000%). There are now MULTIPLE VERSIONS of this mod, to make them compatible with a few other mods. Please see below for installation instructions and credits!

NOTE: This will modify the NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE.MBIN file, and (at the moment) is not compatible with some other mods. Please let me know if there is a mod you’d like this to work with, and I will try to release a compatible mod. Thanks!




Credit for finding values for the jetpack fuel goes to droot, check out their mod here (not updated for foundation update):
Credit for launch cost values goes to Lex, check out their mod here:

Also, a big thanks to the creators of the following tools:

PSArcTool – periander
NMS Mass Tools – Zurlocke
MBINCompiler – emoose, monkeyman192, thefisher86, Aaron Fisher