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Water Polo Map

Water Polo in Rocket League, with custom water physics!

Game Mechanics:

  • Boost refills constantly (slowly), but refills faster in the water.
  • Boost refills to 100% percent when hitting the water.
  • Boost is more powerful underwater. Walls are slightly less sticky under water.
  • Boost time for full boost is 20% longer, but only activates after the first goal (minor bug).
  • Dodge/jump resets when either entering or exiting the water. 
  • Dodge/jump reset timer is infinite so you can use your flip no matter how long you have been in the air.

Water Physics:

  • Max speed in the water is set to around 2000uu which is slightly below supersonic, but the boost is faster so you can enter supersonic the second you leave the water. It allows for much more control whilst in the water (to the point that I can dribble the ball in the water, and I am not even that good!).
  • 'Water' is a gravity volume flipped upside down (650m/s, the opposite of RL gravity)
  • Whilst in the water, the velocity is reduced on the car in all directions by 2%, 20 times a second. This causes the drag (but I do need feedback on this!)
  • When the car enters the water, the angle of entry is calculated, converted to a percentage and applied to the velocity within some boundaries. Anything over a '80% perfect dive', so the middle 36°, will not affect the velocity. Anything below a '60% perfect dive', so the angles outside of the 54° range either side, will slow the car by 40% in the z-axis. The angles in between these values will use the percentage as a multiplier for the velocity so a '70% percent perfect dive' will slow the car by 30%. This works whether the nose of the back of the car enters first. (Sorry for the confusing description! Just ask if it is not clear).

This is my first map of any kind, so I would appreciate as much feedback as possible. 

Planned updates:

  1. Tweak water - more drag?
  2. Add ball skipping/skimming
  3. Boats...?

Known Bugs:

  • Spawns sometime put you on the wrong side
  • Boost length increase only activated after first goal.

Method 1 (Not recommended)

  1. Open C://Program Files (x86)Steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/TAGame/CookedPCConsole
  2. Backup Park_P file inside
  3. Extract, open the 'Release' folder, rename the WaterPolo_P_v1.upk file to Park_P.upk and drag all contents into CookedPCConsole
  4. Replace all files if asked
  5. Open Rocket League

Method 2 (Recommended)

Use Rocket Launcher!

This method means that the files inside the 'Release' folder can be placed directly into the CookedPCConsole/Mods folder and launched without renaming any files.

V1: Release.


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