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Dr. Mario Restored

The one, the only...


The Doc is back, with buffed mobility, an improved recovery, and more reliable combo set-ups. Most of his most brutal nerfs have been reverted, and some brand new buffs have been added.

This mod aims to be extremely fair. This does not give Dr. Mario any absurd qualities that would inherently change his character, nor does it make him overpowered. This simply makes him a more balanced character.

(Looking at you, Air Mac.)


I do not own, nor did I create, any of the pictures used for this mod. All credit goes to the respective owners.

  •  Extract files
  • Put onto SD card

You're done! I'm assuming you already know how to do this part anyway. If you're having trouble, ask anybody but me. If this legitimately does not work, let me know.

For the unpacked version, remember to rename the file to just patch.


  • Jab total damage: ~9% -> 10%
  • Dash Attack damage: 8% -> 10% (Early), 6% -> 8% (Late)
  • Forward Tilt damage: 7.84% -> 9%
  • Forward smash sourspots removed.
  • Down Smash knockback: 30(Base)/100(Growth) -> 50/75
  • Down Smash front hit: 11% -> 15% (This makes the front hit stronger than the back hit, while retaining the back hit's power)
  • Nair damage: 5% -> 7% (Early), 8% -> 10% (Late)
  • Fair sourspots removed. Electricity effect added.
  • Bair angle: Sakurai angle -> 28° (Like in Melee)
  • Uair damage: 7.84% -> 11%
  • Dair has much less endlag and autocancels in a shorthop.
  • Back Throw base knockback: 70 -> 80
  • Down Throw endlag decreased, allowing for more reliable set-ups.
  • Down-B deals more damage overall (8% -> 12%) and the final hit has more knockback.
  • Down-B endlag decreased, improving its use as recovery move.
  • Electricity effect added to the sweetspot of Up-B.
  • Run Speed: 1.312 -> 1.5 (Like in Melee)


  • Up Smash damage: 15% -> 16%
  • Fair sound effects changed to match removal of sourspots.
  • Front Throw base knockback: 60 -> 70
  • Last hit of Down-B weakened to vanilla. The multi-hit portion deals more damage, so the overall damage is the same.
  • Endlag of Down-B slightly increased (though still much less than vanilla).
  • Up Tilt damage: 7% -> 8%
  • Up Tilt base knockback: 28 -> 35 (the move doesn't chain together as well, but kills earlier)
  • Down Tilt knockback: 35 (Base)/80 (Growth) -> 50/60
  • Run Speed: 1.5 -> 1.45 (reduced to make sure Dr. Mario remains true to his character)


  • Unpacked version now included in download for non-American pleasure!


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