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Turbo Mode!

Download is for both US and EU.

This mod is comparable to Project M's Turbo, but is very very different. This changes the game, it is NOT a Special Smash mode. Normally, you would be granted another move if you hit your opponent. In THIS mode, you aren't limited to that. You can just do moves whenever! And YES, this works online! When (and if) I find out how to make it like PM, there will be 2 versions! One like PM, one unlike PM. (Just have your friends have the exact same patch folder.) Please read the README fully in the download. It's very important. Remember, Smash 4 Modding is still new so not everything is perfect. I including a little moveset tutorial for anyone who would want to edit too! Have fun! Special thanks to @HighEntia for helping! (Twitter) Huge special thanks to @SammiHusky for making SmashCommand, a moveset editing software.

Special thanks, all of them have GameBanana Pages: TS4M for making tutorials, and pretty much showing everyone how to mod. CyndaWott for making Turbo Mii Fighters. Pixl_Xero for packing the EU versions. AMK210 for showing me how to mod movesets. Spotted Cube for sending me TS4M's ganon files to learn how he made him turbo and stuff.

In the Readmes.

Silly & Serious

  • Bayonetta and Mii Fighters are now Turbo. Thank you CyndaWott for the Mii Fighters! (Mii Swordsman Fixed)
  • 2 Modes now, Silly and Serious!
  • Silly: No Aerial Landing Lag. Instantly Charged Special Moves. (Only the ones that you can hold, like Mewtwo's, but not Greninja's.) 3 Jumps per char excluding the ones who already had more.
  • Serious: No Aerial Landing Lag. That's it.
  • Fox's Shine can't be interrupted (Empty List) But I managed to reduce the amount of cool down in parameters. Hope this suffices for now.
  • Packed and Unpacked for both Silly and Serious are in one new download.
  • Revamped the method of installing the unpacked version. Much more simple and less painful for you now.
  • Packed EU Version.
  • I dunno why but Sonic can't have 3 jumps. I edit the jumps but nothing changes.
  • Please read the Readmes. They are important for the instructions, and stuff. Have fun!


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June 2, 2016