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Dragon Engine Mine for Kiwami 2

My take on Mine in Dragon Engine.


- A decent amount of details on the model alongside completely new hair model and other small improvements to geometry and textures.

- 3 outfit variations: Mine's classic dark magenta suit, shirtless and "Legend" suit (based on the eponymous RyuOn card).


Replaced models:

- Kiryu's default suit - Mine's classic dark magenta suit;

- Shitrless Kiryu - Shirtless Mine;

- Gold Suit - Legend Suit.

The costume change menu text was also changed for the convenience. This mod also supports the Japanese version of the game.


Additional info for mod makers:

Feel free to use this model in your own mods if you want to but please do give credit. Initially I made this model as a sort of resource for anyone willing to create a mod about or including Mine.



TheTurboTurnip for GMD Blender addon;

Capitán Retraso for reARMP;

Etra for Kiwami 2 Freecamera;

notyoshi for the normal map conversion method;

SutandoTsukai181 for Ryu Mod Manager.

Follow the mod installation guide here.

You can also change whatever character you want to one of the three Mine models included in this mod by simply renaming one of the models located in /DragonEngineMine/chara/lexus2/tops to the corresponding character model name. You can find all of the model names present in the game in this guide.

Do note that you need to change both the folder name and the file name within the folder.

So in order to change for example Daigo to Mine you need to rename c_am_kiryu folder to "c_am_daigo" and c_am_kiryu.gmd within this folder to "c_am_daigo.gmd".


Version 1.0 - Initial release

Version 1.1 - Ryu Mod Manager-compatible version and support for both English and Japanese version of the game


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