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Dragon’s Rage Restoration

Supports RMM & Manual File Changing (Incase you don't have/want to use RMM or it doesn't work)



"Remember to always back-up your files before installing mods unless you don't want to remove what you install."

"I don't recommend doing the Thug Tutorial (Only the tutorial) for Majima as the Dragon's Rage replaces one part of the tutorial, resulting to soft-locking your game." 


Do you miss Y5's Version of the Dragon of Dojima Style? Do you miss the Dragon Rage from Y5? This mod adds both into Y0 for you!

Model shown in demonstrations are not included but the link to said model is here:

Y5 Kiryu Outfits

Big Thanks to Spoon 722#4008 for helping me with making the moveset


To activate Dragon's Rage:

-You must have Legend Style Unlocked

-You must be in the 3rd Heat Gear

-Hold down your Guard Button then press your taunt button

-You don't need to unlock an upgrade for Dragon's Rage


This Modded Dragon of Dojima adds in:

  • Komaki Evade Attacks
  • Komaki Parry
  • The almighty Komaki Tiger Drop
  • Ability to Switch to Dragon's Rage


The Newly added Dragon's Rage Includes:

  • Sway Warping and Sway Cancelling into the Sway Warp (Doesn't cover much distance)
  • Right Hook Looping
  • Giant Swing Grab (Can be done in the middle of the combo, after finishers or after sway warping)
  • Switching back to DoD by either running out of heat or pressing the taunt button
  • Disabling Essence of Sumo Slapping and Essence of '88

DM/Comment if you have an issue with the mod and if I have time, I will try to fix it.


Dragon's Rage 0 part 2

Dragon's Rage 0 part 1


Refer to both the Read Me file in the .rar file and this guide to installing mods:

V1.0.0: Mod Created

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August 5, 2021