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Portable cannons

This mod adds two new guns with completely unique features!

  • A portable Illapa Defense cannon - based on the at7 rpg -  spawned with "spawn idw"
  • A portable train cannon - based on the at3-x rpg - spawned with "spawn cannongun"


Both of these pack an immense amount of fire power!

If you spawn them and you can't pick them up, be sure you're not already holding the weapons thy are based on. Get another weapon first, then these!
The Illapa defense weapon does us AI-fire and, ocne triggered, will shoot several shots on its own. Be sure to aim to close targets because it will only continue shooting if the previous rockets exploded. If it doesn't shoot, switch to the other weapon and back. 
Th Train cannon shoots extremely fast and is fully controllable, however it shoots less fast.


To spawn these guns, you will need aaron's entity spawner, available here:  in case it doesn't work anymore, keep in mind that game updates break this utility, so check the site for updates after game updates and keep it up to date


If you plan on making a video review on this mod, please be sure to give proper credit, that is linking this page, or atleast the mod website so that viewers do actually know where to download this mod from and so we get feedback on our work

=> Also follow me on Twitter ( @Luke_jc3mp ), to get early updates on my work as well as my Discord to get access to al features on my JC3MP server!

To install mods, you got two options that you can choose from. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, so here you go:


Simpler alternative to mine, however does not support quickstart


This method has a slightly complicated setup, though if you follow the tutorial on it's page, you will have no problems setting it up. During setup, you can also choose if you want the game to perform a quickstart, which DLC to exclude plus you can even set up multiple mod folders, while still being able to start the game without any problems with no mods activated


After choosing the method of preference, download this mod as well, and install all the vehicles (you can also choose between unlimited ammo or normal). Without this installed, the game will crash on spawning any of these

Now unpack my files and merge+replace the existing ones in your dropzone folder!

Attention! Additional instructions:

My Just Cause 4 mods will all be compatible with each other, for this to work though, there are two files needed:

  • dropzone/settings/spawn_vehicle_defs.bin
  • dropzone/settings/spawn_weapon_defs.bin

These files ensure compatibility across all my mods, always use the newest version available in my most recent mod!

The ones found in this mod are newer than:

  • Alpha weaponized vehicles V2
  • Underwater buggy V2
  • Paintjobs plus V2

The ones found in this mod are identical to:

  • /

All of my mods will also make the special, normally never seen race vehicles appear in traffic, so look out for those!


  • initial release


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