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Hangar 13 Releases FPS Patch

As promised, the patch slated to remove the controversial 30 FPS lock has been released via Steam. It is still not known why the game was released with a lock on the framerate when the team was able to ready a build supporting higher framerates and release a patch days after launch. Regardless, it’s a good thing that this patch will get the Mafia III port up to par with most other 8th gen ports, which is relieving but also disappointing because of how great the Mafia II port was. It’s a shame that the series has gone from being a PC exclusive series to viewing the PC platform as something of an afterthought, and it’s a good thing that fans are pushing for patches to bring the game up to Mafia II levels of port quality.

Many Mafia fans are currently saddened by the fact that the slew of technical issues that are plaguing Mafia III at release are preventing gamers from enjoying the reportedly fantastic story and characters. It’ll be difficult for PC gamers to properly appreciate the game Mafia III is trying to be when the bugs, glitches, and persisting unforgivable technical decisions (low-res textures, bad AA, bloom issues) are getting in the way of the experience. Hopefully the team works quickly to rectify these issues before fans’ impressions of the game are set in stone.


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  1. Olonan says:

    It should have been like this from the beginning, not after the patch.

  2. Olonan says:

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