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Mafia-2 Badyorko mode ver.16.1

This is most extensive and complex modification consists of (703+275) files, and makes the several dozen of game changes.







At following city places, inside the Light Switches (LS), the freeride menu was activated  ***(more details below):

- Giuseppe's         1 l.s. (actively in 2-15 chapters)

- Francesca's flat   2 l.s. (ch. 2-15)

- "Hill of Tara" bar 1 l.s. (ch. 2-15)

- Sand Island bar    1 l.s. (ch. 2-15)

- modern Joe's flat 10+l.s. (ch.11-15)**

- Marty's flat       5 l.s. (ch.12-15)**

- Greenfield villa   4 l.s. (ch.10-12)**


** - In "3 friends in 3 cars" submode, apartments are active in chapters 3-15. Harry's Gun Shop is also active in ch.3-15


Joe's Adventures Light Switches menu:  - Giuseppe's only


Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta Light Switches menu:

- Giuseppe's - Francesca's flat - Marty's flat - Greenfield villa - Uppertown flat




at the light switches may be opened 4 menu branches:

1st branch of menu (general branch)                                   - will opened when there is nothing in the hands,

2nd branch - (branch for weather change),                       - will opened when you have throwing weapons in hands,

3rd branch - ("Joe - driver, Vito - passenger" branch),   - will opened when you have fire weapons in hands,

4th branch - ("3 friends in 3 cars" branch),                       - will opened when you have baton in hands,


branches #1-3 working in ch.2-15, branch #4 - in ch.3-15.


--------- ADVICE --------------------------------------------------

In order not to scroll through the entire branch in a loop, quickly jump to its beginning:

1) pick up an object of a different type and press "E" a couple of times to go to any neighboring branch,

2) then again pick up the object of the first type, press the “E” a couple of times and you will return to the beginning of the previous branch.




The "3 friends in 3 cars" submode is a cortege of three jeeps, drivers - Vito, Joe and Henry: a) the normal cortege - Vito (you) determines the route and drives the 1st car, Joe follow for Vito, and Henry follow for Joe. b) special cortege - riding the route - Joe goes first, Henry follow to Joe, and Vito (you) - follow to Henry's car. The city has 25 end points of route, and 6 start-point near light switches menu. To activate the cortege - pick up baton in hand and go to the light switch. Baton will appear on the Giuseppe’s table since chapter 3. The baton has no any fight animations. Attention! 3 friends in 3 cars submode, in most cases to break / collapse the game plot in chapters 3-15. In order not to lose progress, use the mode at the beginning of the chapter as a free ride, and at the end of use - exit to the main menu and start the chapter over. The save that works when the mode is activated is idle! Joe and Henry can be called with 100% guarantee in all chapters, and amenable to "Wait" and "Follow" commands. Also, in this submode, such apartments are active in all chapters: Marty's, Uptown, Joe's, Francesca's, Villa Greenfield.



When you hold the fire weapon in hand - in the light switch menu will be activated, the "Joe - driver, Vito - passenger" submode. The choice of 25 routes is the same. No any game plot braking in ch. 2-15. But must be ability to call Joe. Joe will pronounces all original game line dialogues.


4. MG42 ZONE

The machine gun is activated from the switch menu + teleport to the "Dragstrip" bar area. The maximum traffic of the police is activated, the police searching of Vito. The area of mg42 3d-model activity - is a quarter of 225x225 coordinate meters. In the center of the quarter is the Dragstrip bar. Do not change or hide weapons, do not turn the mouse wheel - otherwise the MG42 model will fall from your hands and you will lose control of mg42. Inside the zone, you can NOT hide / remove the MG42 from holster. As soon as you go beyond the edge of the zone - MG42 will disappear from your hands. Return to zone - MG42 reappear in your hands. You cannot use the MG42 in other parts of the city, outside the area around the Dragstrip bar. The Dragstrip bar is not available in this mod. You can activate the MG42 machine gun without the light switch menu, simply by entering / driving to zone. In this case, the police and police searching will not be activated. MG42 is active in summer chapters 7-15.



In "Freddy's", "Maltese Falcon" and "Mona Lisa"  Bar: no words needed, better if you watch the video of 16.1 mod.



- old Joe’s apartment (chap. 2-11) - apartment in Uptown (chap. 7-9) Teleports - to Giuseppe, to Freddy's and "Maltese Falcon" bar; call deactivate friends; unlocking holster and Uptown windows opening  - it’s ideal to shoot passers by a sniper gun. A joke with realtor use only 1 time at the ch. 7th beginning. In the next chapters, this menu item will jam the fridge door, and you will not be able to use other menu items! If you make a mistake, the Vito's model will disappear.

7. "McClusky and Sons" SHOP

- max assortment since 2nd chapter in addition to standard weapons, FROM MENU you can buy: - paintball gun - sniper MAB39 x6zoom - torch near any of 11 McClusky Shops you can teleport to Giuseppe - pick up throwing weapons in hand and go to the shop. At a distance of 20-30 meters there will be a teleport.  If this does not happen, then you need to move even further and return to the McClusky Shop.



- max assortment since ch.5 - by the same principle, you can teleport to Giuseppe from Harry's Shop. Go with grenade in hand under the shop-sign. When you buy a grenade from menu, - Harry will smoking.


9. Was restore the reaction (fright or resistance) of drivers, when Vito throwing them out of the cab. Removed passenger taxi which was rides along the bus stops route. This innovation lasted from mod version 9.1 to 15.1




What remained of the previous mode versions:




Due to badyorko mod, in addition to 15 original game weapon types, was added:

4 types of sniper guns: MAB40, MAB41, K98, MAB39. (More about sniper guns -  Please, read below - "RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE SNIPER GUNS USING")

3 throwing weapon types: German grenade; Molotov-canister; empty, explosive canister with gasoline vapors.

5 fire weapon types: paintball gun, extra-powerfull shotgun, MP40 hybrid, fake flamethrower, Magnum with the wounded walk style.

2 items: - Canister for manual car refueling

A total of 12 NEW WEAPONS and 2 items.



Was added 70 forcibly-triggered, fundamentally new Weather Types("W.T.")

chapters #2-5     in addition to original story line W.T. +  35 mod winter W.T.

chapters #7-15    in addition to original story line W.T. +  35 mod summer W.T.

betrayal_of_jimmy instead of the original 25 summer  W.T. -> 35 mod summer W.T.

jimmys_vendetta   instead of the original 25 summer  W.T. -> 35 mod winter W.T.

joes_adventures   instead of the original 25 summer  W.T. -> 35 mod winter W.T.


For 70 W.T. were include my own settings of atmospheric phenomena and weather EFFECTS WHICH NOT AVAILABLE in the original Mafia-2 game:


a variety of moon phases;  glowing stars; extra-high-contrast illumination of bridges, skyscrapers, windows; soaring fog; multidirectional whirlwinds of large snowflakes; "dancing" of large snowflakes and hanging of large snowflakes at the same height.


and: my own sky-textures, sunsets with 2-color gradients, fine-tuning of RGB-palette, improved rendering of micro-disperse masses, slanting rains. 70 types of weather described in detail in another file: "70_new_weather_type.txt" Take the time to at least look a cursory glance, otherwise many details will just slip away from you in the gameplay. As well as in chapters 2-15, and in all three dlcs, you can forcibly-triggered this 70 types of weather in two ways - by a light switch and at a gas station in zone "B" (see below). There is still a traditional 3rd way in dlcs by "save" icon, or weather default-changing, due to gameplay. I strongly recommend abandoning the 3rd method, as only 50 out of 70 types of weather participate in scrolling. Let me remind you that in the 3 original dlcs, there were only 25 kinds of very monotonous summer weather.



- a triple dynamic menu with camera moving. The left arrow "<-" and the right arrow "->". The 1st menu item is either zone "A" (park from the side of the gas station which is closer to the seller) or zone "B" (park from the side of the gas station which is further from the seller) in these two zones different cheat packages are activated. See below about it. The 2nd menu item is the purchase of Molotov-canisters. A maximum of 5 Molotov canisters are added. One click-purchase of the canister, moves the arrow of the gas tank to the right by 1 8 of the tank, which is equal to half the scale markup division: 08 (*)-> 18 -> 28 -> 38 -> 48 -> 58 -> 68 -> 78 -> 88 -> 98 (*)-> 08 (*)-> 18 ->...

------------------------------------ N O T E -------------------------------------------

(*) - however, when transition from 9/8 (the arrow is on the far right position) to 0 = 0 8, INSTEAD of "buy a canister", you need to repeat points 1) and 2) TWICE: 1) Remove text black window by clicking "next" 2) Go through menu "->" to the canisters, and DO NOT PRESS "buy a canister", but press "leave". In the transition 0 8 -> 1 8 all the described in paragraphs 1) and 2) , must be done once.


The 3rd position menu is the transition to the car wash and the start of the car wash animation. You can also wash the car by driving to the car wash gate. A car wash menu will opens there.

the position of the arrow of the gas tank and will determine which particular cheat will turn on. The principle of all triggering is based on micro-burnout of gasoline at idle. Zone "A" is responsible for teleports on the car (!) With the call of friends (rarely). All 10 positions of the arrow of the gas tank are involved in it, on which a large text window with detailed instructions will appear. At each position of the arrow - 2 teleports. In zone "B" only 3 arrow positions are involved - 68 ; 78; 88 of gasoline tank. Press the middle mouse button to turn on the camera overlooking the horizon and turn the car to the southeast (most often there is the moon there - this will help identify the weather). And following the menu instructions, scroll through the weather. On "6/8" and "7/8" positions, two block of 12 weather types  are scrolled, after the 12th weather type, scrolling will stopping. At position "8/8" a block of 11 weather types will leaf through. Weather change is also based at a drop in gasoline idling. Therefore, you will have to get used to the desired pause between scrolling through of weather. ATTENTION! Always leave the car stationary. Otherwise, from a movement or even from an accidental millisecond clicking on the "W" the jump in gasoline level will be too large and weather changing will be spoiled. If you want to exclusively refuel the car, it is more convenient to use zone "B" rather than "A". ATTENTION! All this works if the tank volume of the car is 70 liters. For most cars, I patched the 70l tank. But there are some with a different volume. When you'll buying canisters, the gasoline arrow will behave inappropriately. Don't use this vehicles for cheats triggering. All trucks and heavy vehicles are also not suitable for cheats.    The exception is an open-side truck. I patched it specifically for super fun when you teleporting at 8/8 arrow position. It takes a lot of words to describe this fun - it’s better if you find a YouTube video - "Mafia-2: Prodigy "Omen".

There are four types of canisters: 1st type — the Molotov canister is added from the gas station menu. It has an extraordinary animation of the lines of the sight and a strong destruction radius. 2nd type - canister for manual refueling of a car. The only type that is held in the LEFT hand. Being near gasoline tank of your car, don't click "Refuel" if you haven't a canister in the left hand! Otherwise, the main character will imitate refueling a car with empty hands. A canister for manual car refueling, will added to the LEFT hand of a vendor when you drive inside the gas station’s cheat ring.

You DON'T NEED PUSHING THE VENDOR anymore so that he drops the canister on the floor. Otherwise, all menus and gas station cheats will turn off! After driving to the cheat ring, without visiting(!) "A" or "B" zone, drive up to the washing gates, go in and out of the car wash menu 2 or more times. Go into the utility room, and under the vendor legs there will be 2 types of canisters lying around - "Canister for manual car refueling" and "Empty, explosive canister with gasoline vapors". 2nd type will  explodes without a fireball, it has a smaller shock wave than the Molotov canister, therefore requires a more accurate hit. But it’s lightweight, and you can throw it further. Held like a Molotov canister in his right hand, but the marking of the sight is like that of pistols. It haven't any widget and ammo counter. A maximum of 5 pieces can be added. It can also be added from the light-switcher menu. 4th type of canisters - on the floor of the of utility room. They can't be picked up, but on this canisters can be shot from a sniper guns, and they will be exploded.

When you drive up to the gas station’s cheat ring, the cash desk is ringing and writing off the 1 cent.



The panorama of Empire Bay with a dynamic weather and day time change. In winter animation almost all weather types are present. Duration is increased from 30 sec to 60. Summer animation have only a few weather types. Duration as in original, about 30 sec.



14.1 The cluttered menu of the Giuseppe store is minimized. Now at the table of the old man only weapons are sold and no weather. Do not pay attention to the weapons lying on the table, and focus only on the text menu. Along the table from left to right, you can buy: 1.Molotov cocktail 2.German grenade lockpicks 3.Extra powerfull shotgun 4.Paintball gun 5."Lame-footed" Magnum + fake flamethrower 6.K98 x12zoom sniper rifle 7.Sniper Beretta MAB40 x6zoom 8.Sniper Beretta MAB41 x6zoom with illumination of target  + Colt 1911spec.

14.2  When you drive up to the Giuseppe's cheat ring, was reduced the number of cheats and text prompts: - Write off 2 cents and call the cash register - Unlock all playboys, wanted posters, all posters except pin-up girls. - Ammo kit of non-standard weapons will replenished to the maximum. - Activation of all the icons on the city map. (Not all apartments on the map are accessible!) - Opens access to: Francesca's and Marty's apartments, a Greenfield villa, offices of Derek, Brusky. VEHICLES: - Express fix on the go. In winter, snow on the roof is added to the car with the index "z" (winter). - Protection of the gas tank from explosion. - Bulletproof wheels. - Unlocking the trunk (if locked). - License plate "BADBOY". When you drive up to the Giuseppe's cheat ring, weapons that overload the protagonist's holster are no longer added.

14.3  When you going on foot to the Giuseppe's cheat ring, the weapons or item from your hands will be drop away to the ground.


15.  NEW!  Mafia-2 gameplay - at the winter time of the 50s! (for cnt_jimmys_vendetta and cnt_joes_adventures) The unique atmosphere of snowy Empire Bay with new cars and incendiary rock'n'roll. For those gamers who will decide that there is too much winter time, - Jimmy's Vendetta gives you the opportunity to play not only in winter but also in summer. Read paragraph #5 "Jimmy's Vendetta - change winter to summer, and backward" in a separate text file "How to install mod.txt".


16.  Was adapted sniper scope with animated reticle lines of МАВ39 and МАВ41 guns, for the following monitor screens (or for reduced game settings - i.e. your monitor's dpi may be even higher, but you can force it down to this numeric value): 1920х1080dpi 1680х1050dpi 1600х1024dpi 1600х900dpi 1600х1024dpi 1600х900dpi 1366х768dpi 1360х768dpi 1280х1024dpi 1280х960dpi 1280х800dpi 1280х768dpi 1280х720dpi 1152х864dpi In previous versions of the mod adaptation was only for 1920х1080dpi monitor and it was installed in mode by default. For other monitors there was a separately installed universal fix(patch). This is graphically shown at the beginning this video: Since version 14.1, this universal graphic patch will installed by default, and this is SIMPLIFIED(!) graphics of sniper scope. Therefore, for those who have a 1920x1080dpi monitor  or any other from list above,  you need not be lazy and install a fix from the special folder. This is extremely simple, and is described in detail in the "HOW TO INSTALL MOD.txt" file.

The new design of the reticle line of МАВ39 and МАВ41 sniper guns. Since ver.14.1 for quick-fire MAB39 gun, will appear the ammo counter. Please, not forget to grab the MAB39 gun, from gun-shops seller hands. From the "holster" you can get it, by the scroll-up only. 1,2,3,4 - don't work!

17.   Four types of sniping guns with a variety of sights (animated and static) on the black screen monitor background.

18.  Various animated(!) reticles lines of rifled arms and throwing weapons. The uniqueness of the lines is that they extend to the whole monitor screen.

19.  The change of the player's 3d model to 82 new characters, in the each wardrobe of Vito, Joe, Jimmy.

20.  Two new car cameras at a bird's eye height. To change views - click MMB.

21.  New quest cnt_betrayal_of_jimmy. Watch this video:

22.  In cnt_Betrayal of Jimmy, cnt_Jimmys_Vendetta, cnt_Joes_Adventures the game save icons are moved to other place. Apartment in Uptown and Villa Greenfield - in front of garages. Marty's apartment - on the sidewalk before entering the courtyard. Icon from Joe's apartment moved to the sidewalk between Giuseppe's house and gas station.

23. Start of the 1st mission "Betrayal of Jimmy" near previous place, but higher on the hangar roof. Jimmy will have a sniper gun with illumination of target, and a convenient position for shooting on enemies. There are at least 3 ways to go down painlessly to the ground. Be sure to visit the old point of mission start, near one of the trucks to activate the green arrow above your car. There will be a yellow prompts.

24. Large circle defeat German grenade.______________________________________________________________________________ver. 4.1

25. Hybrid of MP40.___________________________/modified 3d model of MP40/____________________________________________ver. 4.1

26. Paintball gun.___________________________/3d model of Grease Gun/________________________________________________ver.10.1

27. Extra powerful pump-action shotgun._______/3d model of Remington shotgun/________________________________________ver. 5.1

28. Fake flamethrower.________________________/3d model of Remington shotgun/___ ___ver.10.1

29. Fire Bomb Canister.______________________________________________________________________________________________ver. 4.1

30. Canister for fuel filling._______________________________________________________________________________________ver.12.1

31. Canister on the gas stations ground (it explodes from a bullet hit)._____________________________________________ver.12.1

32. Pocket torch ( how to get a pocket torch: ) ________________________________________ver.10.1

33. Hands without weapons + RMB = x12 zoom monitor screen."Left Shift"= restore visibility.__________________________ver. 4.1

34. Shooting with zoom of monitor screen.____________________________________________________________________________ver. 4.1

35. Armor-piercing of bullets._______________________________________________________________________________________ver. 3.1

36. New, enhanced animation of victim falling, in lesions by a bullet of Beretta MAB 40._____________________________ver.10.1 It is accompanied by a theatrical throw back the legs and so on ))).

37. Light amplification of car headlamps. "Temperature" of light is shifted toward the "cold blue".__________________ver.10.1

38. 15 cars from dlcs, will appear at betrayal_of_jimmy and jimmys_vendetta (ver.9.1 - it was at Vito's story only)__ver.(8-10.1) in addition to the original car range: 4 hot rod, 2 jeeps, Chaffeque, Cossak, Delizia_grandeamerica, Elysium, ISW_508, Roller, Jefferson_futura, Forklift (frisky and without pallets), German armored vehicle (frisky).

39. New pinups girls. The way: Main menuExtrasArtworksPinups._____________________________________________________ver.10.1

40. 360 colors of car paint in the Body Shop (main story line + all dlcs)____________________________________________ver. 9.1

41. At winter chapters 2-5 added whole line of Body Shop car service, previously available only at summer.

42. Any car can be sold on the port platform, during 2-13 chapters and all dlcs (8-12 ch. + dlcs - at original game).ver. 7.1

43. At summer added second police car Shubert Armored. Vehicle with police logo. The behavior________________________ver. 9.1 of cops, the radar, and police radio air is the same. Does not have a siren.

44. Riding by taxi as a passenger, around the ring of city bus stops (is possible with friends)._____________________ver. 9.1 Get in the car to opposite side of driver.

45. The new difficulty of game - to kill the enemy need more shots (main story line + all dlcs)._____________________ver. 7.1

46. Most pedestrians have several kinds of colored clothing (main story line + all dlcs)_____________________________ver. 8.1

47. Many new color combinations of all clothing Vito (main story line)_______________________________________________ver. 8.1

48. New bright colors of vehicles, in city traffic.  ________________________________________________________________ver.(6-7).1

49. Game fun & voice-dubbing_ (Watch this episode: ) _____________________________ver.(1-5).1

50. Grannies voice-dubbing___________________________________________________________________________________________ver.(2-5).1

51. High-speed cars (up to 340kmh): Milk_Truck, Shubert_Hearse(winter), Chaffeque, Jeep military, Jeep_civil._______ver.(2-3).1


52. Flying on a fuel tank truck: it possible only after invulnerability buying at Giuseppe's shop.___________________ver. 2.1 Fuel tank jumping: you need go to cabin, and immediately get out. Use fuel truck with a kangaroo logo.


HOW TO USE THE "3 friends in 3 cars" submode:  - I will post it later by link:






In chapter 2, when Vito goes to his mother, don't use the light switch menu at the mailboxes, with a suitcase in hand. Otherwise troubles. When Vito protects Francesca from the collector, don’t pick up weapons, otherwise the game plot will shut.

If in ch.3 can't load catscene "1st visit Vito to Derek" - load last check point, and don't use "teleport to port platform" at gas station menu.

At the end of ch.15, don't leave of observatory - i.e. don't run the last game cutscene. Otherwise, the game crash will possible. After  Falcone killing, exit from game. Before start Joe'sJimmy's adventure - MAKE A GAME SAVES BACKUP COPY of all 15 chapters progress !!!

When entering teleport into the courtyard of Giuseppe, a paintball gun will be removed from the holster. This is not a mistake, but a necessity.

If in ch.3 you activated "3 friends in 3 cars" for "stamps sell" quest after quest finishing, before you go to sleep, - ALWAYS click "Wait" for both Henry and Joe, and then deactivate your friends in the light switch menu, or the fridge menu. If friends are sitting in jeeps, it means they are already in the "Wait" status. General rule: at the end of any chapter, do not go to bed if there are friends who give in to the commands Follow Wait. Deactivate them. If friend / friends do not respond to Follow / Wait commands, then you can go to bed near them.

At 6th chapter, prison guards instead batons will have a Grease-gan (paintball gun). This is the norm.

In the "3 friends in 3 cars" mode - the menu item "turn on trees, bushes, poles" may not work.

When teleporting to a Giuseppe switch with a baton in his hand, the baton in slow motion drops out from the hands, and falls under the floor. While she is flying, you can have time to press "E" and grab her on the fly. If you failed - buy it from the Giuseppe's table menu.

If at the any chapter beginning you drive to the gas station with a dead Joe (sitting on the right with a broken neck), then until the end of chapter, vendor will fearing you and call the cops. Even if you later appear without Joe, in another car and in different clothes. The gas station menu will be deactivated!

At the 1st winter quest of Joe's Adventures, the gas stations sellers will have incorrect textures. Don't worry, it doesn't harm the game.

If you called Tony from the light switch menu in the Joe's Adventures, you won’t to finish the fist fight tournament near foundry. (Tony will shoot and kill your melee opponent). In the light switch menu, deactivation of Tony may NOT WORK. The solution is: Activate the invulnerability, get into Tony with the car, and at the high speed hit into the wall - to kill Tony.

Upon ending of the dlcs quests your cars sometimes disappears. Put stolen cars in the garage.

At winter, in Jimmy Vendetta's 1st quest, cars in the port that need to be blown up, sometimes disappear. You must drive off closer to the Bruno office and return. Cars must will appeared. If not, restart the quest. From the 2nd time it's okay.

If the stars, lights of skyscrapers and bridges are not stable, then helps exit to the main menu, and start game again. The Colt 1911 special will disappeared from the Giuseppe's shelf if you are after the 1st entry into the menu, ran down to the courtyard of the building to drop the weapon. Use point 8) with the 1st approach.

The red line of the route inside the radar is not displayed - this glitch is also the norm.

New skins usually don't open their mouths in the cutscenes - this glitch is the norm. In script scenes, with mouth all okay.






(SNIPER-GUNS is the main feature of badyorko mod, you must remember text below)

- Beretta_MAB_40 х6 zoom  Non animated reticle lines. Armor-piercing ammo. Realistic linse circling shading of optical sight. - Beretta_MAB_39 х6 zoom  Animated reticle lines of optical sight. Ordinary non armor-piercing ammo. Quick-firing. - Beretta_MAB_41 х6 zoom  Animated reticle lines of optical sight. Armor-piercing ammo. Illumination of target. - K98 rifle     х12 zoom  Non animated reticle lines. Extra zoom.



To activate the sniper scopes - press LBM RBM. If the previous weapon has active reticle lines, - press PageUp Down or "4" key. In a case the sniper scope has already active, the "4" key will turning on the 3-seconds ammo viewing. But after 3 seconds, you need to press the "4" key again. By using the "1","2","3","4" keys - is much easier to change through the weapon, than the scroll wheel. The original game version has only 15 weapon kinds, whereas badyorko mode -  24 item. To deactivate the black screen monitor of sniper scopes - press "left Shift". If you want the regular avoiding of "left Shift"-pressing, you should to aim from around the corner before shooting. In this case, to deactivate the black screen monitor, release the RMB. If the position of the shoulder joints is unsuccessful, - a piece of the Vito's head may appear inside the sniper scope ring. This can be corrected by pressing and holding the RMB. In this case, you will get an additional approximation. But better, before activating of sniper's scopes, for a split second, press "D" ("D" + "W") - this will deploy the Vito's shoulders to the right.

- Beretta_MAB_39 х6 zoom   Since version 14.1 earned ammo counter (for patched monitor screen) For other ammo counter is below, but not always visible. - Beretta_MAB_41 х6 zoom   The "4" turns on the ammo counter for 3 seconds (in the normal situation, the cartridge count does not work!)


The scopes of these 2 sniper guns have a black screen background lay, witch cover above and make to invisible the city radar ring. You must constantly keep the left little finger above the "left Shift", and briefly press the "left Shift" + "RBM" keys. So you will be able to briefly look at the radar and go back to the black background lay of sniper scopes.

Especially spectacular, - if you will triggered the night or dawn weather, in the main story line. And shooting to enemy, using sniper gun with illumination of target. At Ch. 8 at the foundry, for example.


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