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Updated for 1.75 "VISIONS"


Updated for 1.57

Revised scale of plants and increased them accordingly. Now you can get a little lost in the trees and plants.
Changed the scale of some Trees, mainly Frost biomes.
Tweaked various objects.

New screenshots will highlight some of the flowers and plants


Updated for "NEXT"

Revised the scale of objects and vegitation and changed spawn density.
Removed the wind effect for the time being as issues with flickering shadows was accuring.
Of course with all my versions, some clipping will occur.

-This version is dedicated to my 19 year old friend "Tiger" the cat who brought me great joy through the good, sad and tough times as he sadly passed away today, this one's for you buddy-



Completely rebuilt from scratch with larger flowers, plants, and trees all with varying sizes and wind effects.

Bigthings 3.2 wind effects

I've increased the size of the trees, some rocks, and plants to make the landscapes feel a little more lively, and added wind effects. It does create some great woodland to explore and other plant-life as I find it makes you want to get lost on the planet with undiscovered locations are within dense forests etc.

This version also includes more diverse vegetation meaning all plants and trees will now have different sizes on a given planet. Some planets will be sparse and some will be abundant with life. 

Also note that the low quality of the distant objects (LOD) is how the game renders the distant objects before replacing them with the actual 3d model when you come into a certain range. At this time, I can't increase the draw distance but I will see if it's possible to increase the quality of the LOD's. 

There maybe some major clipping issues with some objects and WILL take a little hit on FPS, so anyone with a beast machine will have no trouble running this but I don't unfortunately.

Any Issues please let me know and what type of planet you were on.

*Is also compatible with Diverse Environments, Shaidak's Generation, Megaliths and many others.*


Known Issue: Foilage stops swaying when very close and in the crosshair.


And if you fancy buying me a beer:


For anyone having performance issues, follow this fellas guide:


This mod is compatible with everything that doesn't edit the biome scene mbin files within models.


*PLEASE NOTE - I do NOT give permission to add this mod or any files included to be added to any mod packs.* 


To Do:

Tweaking further


Drop the"_BigThings4.3pak" or "_BigThings4.3-Smaller.pak" into your PCBANKS dir and load it up.



Updated for VISIONS


Changed plant and flower scaling
Adjusted frost tree scale


Updated for NEXT
Revised scaling
removed wind effect for the time being


Completely redesigned from scratch
Added wind effects
added larger varying plants


Added size variations

Adjusted sizes


Now works with Atlas Rises

Lowered some sizes

Few tweaks


Size tweaking

Added optional mod "Sparse Environment". Spaces out trees and plants further to create a more unique environment.


Fixed a LOD for one of the cactus models

Removed 25% less probability (for now) as it caused a few issues

Added a 75% size and a 50% size version


Fixed an issue with a few rocks on barren planets not showing the correct LOD

Added a 25% less probability that a Radioactive, Scorched and Toxic planet will have those gigantic plants. (Extra searching for those huge things).


Fixed certain distant LOD's not rendering the leafs

Added a smaller version


Fixed the pop-in (LOD) problems 

Re-added larger plants


Reduced crystal size slightly as there was terrible clipping issues


Reduced some sizes

Tweaked certain trees

reduced the size of certain cactus

fixed a few floating trees


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