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Easy Base-Building

Now the time is over for players having difficulties building in pending terrain or missing a flattening tool. Easy Base-Building will address construction and snapping flaws of the game and allow you to build your base on a dedicated terrain that has been prepared for that purpose. Especially recommnended for beginning base builders!

This mod will add a big flat terrain with a base computer in the middle as a Point Of Interest in the game that can be found with the help of the Cartographer. This POI is added to the Cartographer's "Secure Site of Interest" map category.

How it works:

Buy your map charts at the Cartographer in space stations. All of them are specialized for a specific map category, but if you buy 10 maps for 10 Navigation Data, then he will give to you a mix of all possible charts, also charts in the category "Secure Site of Interest" with which you can find Manufacturing buildings, Depots, Operation Centers, and now with this mod also: Habitable  Bases, a big flat terrain with a base computer in the middle waiting for you to be activated by claiming the territory.  Fly to the surface of a planet, use your map chart to scan for POIs and you can find these planetary base terrains to start building. If other locations are found, continue the scan with other map charts of that type, eventually a "Planetary Base" will be found. If you get the message "Nothing found", you must first visit the other locations found by the scan and then repeat the scan afterwards. If the scan locates a Planetary Base on another planet, then chances are that your current planet doesn't have such a location (the scan gives you the nearest location).

Once the scan is positive, fly towards the Icon marked as "Habitable Base", land on the location, find the base computer there and activate it to claim the territory. After that you are ready to start building.




How to install mods / this mod:

Navigate to the PCBANKS game folder

Create a folder MODS in the PCBANKS folder


Unzip the mod *pak files in the MODS folder.


Uninstalling mods:

Remove a *.Pak file from the MODS folder to remove a single mod, revert all the above to remove all mods.


Mod Compatibility and other stuff:

This mod will not be compatible with any mod changing the 'reward' values in Metadata / reality / tables, as well as  the files changing the scanning values and the planet building values in the SIMULATION folder. If you install this mod together with other mods, then it may not work for you and the game could even crash.

My newest mod version will only work with the BEYOND Update 2.12 and later patches, although I may have to update my mod on request. This mod will not work with future main updates, unless I release a new dedicated version for them.

I make no guarantee that this mod will work, you use it at your own risk and As Is. This mod is not related to Hello Games in any way. Please be aware that mods are not officially supported by Hello Games.



Version 1.01 - update for Beyond 2.13


Version 1.0

Initial release for BEYOND v.2.12


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