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Eucli-ea – More buildable decorations (NEXT Edition)

Like building with Eucli-ea?

Want to join in the fun of making beautiful bases with other builders?

Join the Modding Discord and you too can build for Project Facade. See this Reddit thread for details.

If you want to support me as a filmmaker, feel free to watch my latest short film "Blackwhite" and share it with people you know:

Eucli-ea adds 854 new buildable objects that are either already present in the game but were not made available to players, or new flags and emblem with different themes.

This mod currently adds:

  • 385 additional decorations;
  • 179 Structure pieces;
  • 20 interactive decorations, these decorations include crates and boxes that give the player materials or technology;
  • 157 gardening plants and rocks;
  • 15 types of NPCs;
  • 54 new flags and emblems;
  • 70 Miscellaneous Decals;
  • The Direct Unified Materialisation Protocol (D.U.M.P.)Station that can be built anywhere, allowing freighter storage access anywhere! Go to the Tech category to build it;
  • The Bubble Defense Shield Multiplexer (B.D.S.M)™ that can be built to provide environmental protection for a very large area;
  • The Stationed Tropospheric Uncertainty Rectification Motor (S.T.U.R.M.)™ that can be built to stop storms on demand;
  • 168 letters and punctuations;
  • There are rumors lately saying that there is a faint voice penetrating the cosmos, seeking its chosen one... Perhaps one would only find the source of the voice in the most anomalous or places.
  • 2 new valuable products: Niteliosis Chip and Tychronite Crystal
  • Safes spread throughout the galaxy, which when drilled grants player valuable rewards

Available as a standalone mod, or as an addon for  BOTH theFisher86's SimCity 5300 and Kremit's GrowMoar Trevis's Buildable Waterfalls mod. Now also incorporates Kremit DeFrog's Fix BluePrint Vendor. Hello Games fixed the issue in 1.3 after we've addressed this issue in several occurrences, thanks, we've had a good run!

Most of the objects will be present in your build menu when you open the game, to get interactive decorations, go to your base shop and buy the decorations.

Included Flags and Emblems:

  • Main Galactic Hub Flag by morgvom_org
  • Main Galactic Hub Emblem by morgvom_org
  • Main Emblem, inverted colors
  • Galactic Cartographer Emblem by Denjo92
  • Exocraft Racer Emblem by TheMarco
  • Galactic Hub Flag by TheMarco
  • Galactic Hub Flag by tragedyfish
  • Galactic Hub Flag by salaba-red / Kesbet
  • Galactic Hub Emblem by salaba-red / Kesbet
  • 2 Galactic Hub Flags by Elytron77
  • Galactic Hub Emblem by Elytron77
  • Galactic Hub Flag by Qwerty12489
  • 2 Galactic Hub Flags by Korvaccine
  • 2 Galactic Hub Emblems by Korvaccine
  • 7 Alliance of Galactic Travelers (AGT) Emblems
  • Empire of HOVA Emblem by GtaHov
  • Hello Games Logo
  • Yebdishtei Flag and Emblem by Qwerty12486
  • Pandarian Empire Flag and Emblem by A_SavagePanda
  • Arcadia Project Emblem by Axiom1380
  • Deep Thought Collective Emblem by mistakeordesign
  • Amino Hub Emblem by BoidGaming
  • Conure Republic Emblem
  • Nesdorinux Project Emblem and Flag by Acolatio
  • Constitutional Monarchy of Yokoso Emblem by CinnamonMcSwirls
  • No Man's Sky Love Emblem by LawOfEvolution
  • The Chosen Emblem by professorbaibai
  • 4 Earth Flags by various artists
  • BURD emblem by kBurd67
  • Oxalis Emblem by Acolatio
  • The Colonial Fleet Emblem and Flag by Choopsha
  • Eissentam Travellers Foundation Emblem
  • Nation of Samone Emblem and Flag by BaileyJack
  • The Empire of Jatriwil Emblem by WAAM86


Modified file list:


Other files are newly added and should not interfere or be interfered with other mods.

Compatible with SimCity 5300 and GrowMoar with the "SCTree" version.

Compatible with Trevis's Buildable Waterfalls with the "_COMP" version.


Special thanks to:

alexo1001 for making the "Galactic Hub Flag & Emblem" mod;

theFisher86 for making the glorious SimCity 5300.

monkeyman192 for helping me find out many secrets in the MBINs, many decorations would not exist without his help!

Nadalee for the suit model, that really makes the chamber shine!

Both mods inspired me to make this standalone mod, which originally started as just the SimCity addon.

Everyone who created the emblems and flags for the Galactic Hub, you are the ones that make this mod possible in the first place!


Additional details:

This mod's compatibility version uses part of theFisher86's SimCity 5300 and Kremit's GrowMoar Trevis's Buildable Waterfalls, the respective parts of the mod will be removed upon the mod authors' request.

Version number is now independent to SimCity 5300's as the amount of added objects got out of hand.

I personally will not likely update this mod for Darc Tech, as I'm using 40 other mods and therefore don't use Darc Tech myself. However, the process of making any mod that adds buildable objects are rather simple (you literally copy & paste some text and be done with it), so if anyone is willing to make this mod compatible with Darc Tech, I'll be more than happy to share my experience and give instructions.

Permission information:

morgvom_org and 7101334's flag and emblems are licensed under CC-BY-SA, so their flag and emblem textures and the mod itself is released under the same license. However, anyone who wishes to include this mod in their compilation MUST remove all the additional emblems and flags from the mod, as well as the Suit Chamber, as those are the works of other creators and I have no control nor authority over their release other than in Eucli-ea itself. I have the right to take down any mod that includes these files, you have been warned.

Flags and emblems by Denjo92, salaba-red, TheMarco, tragedyfish, Elytron77, Qwerty12489, Korvaccine, Gtahov, Axiom1380, A_SavagePanda, mistakeordesign, BoidGaming, Acolatio, CinnamonMcSwirls, LawOfEvolution, professorbaibai, Choopsha and creators of AGT emblems are used with expressed permission, thank you for helping us help you help us all!

"Visions of the Future" posters are Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. Gallery of the full-sized images of the posters are available at . For details of the JPL Image Use Policy, visit .

One particular Earth Flag designed by Anne Kirstine Rønhede, licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Neon Letters by danny_p3d, NEONSIGN1 by NikiYani, NEONSIGN2 BY Alex Bes, NEONSIGN 3 by mansta9 are used under CC-BY.
NEONSIGN4 by alexbes, NEONSIGNNICE1-11 by custom "Royalty Free License".

  • Download the mod
  • Unzip/open the downloaded file
  • Put "~~MOD_Winder_HubFlag.pak" into your No Man's Sky mods folder;
  • For the Buildable Waterfalls addon version, YOU MUST HAVE THE MOD INSTALLED OR IT WILL NOT WORK. put "~~~MOD_Winder_HubFlag_COMP.pak" into your No Man's Sky mods folder (both"~~MOD_Winder_HubFlag.pak" and "~~~MOD_Winder_HubFlag_COMP.pak" must be installed)
  • (Optional) put "~MOD_Winder_HubFlag_CubeSnap.pak" into the mods folder to enable paving/cube infrastructure to Cuboid Rooms snapping abilities.
  • (Optional) Delete everything in the SHADERCACHE folder
  • Happy times

Plans for update:

Future plans will also include vertical/ wall flags.

If anyone would want to help me on making the mod, find me on discord: @WinderTP#7241 

I welcome anyone in a No Man's sky community to ask me to add their flags or emblems, I'll consider them if they match the game's general aesthetics.

02/05/2019 1.10.1 "Cyber City":

  • Added 115 new decorations
    • 4 Neon Signs in Additional Decorations > Lights > Neon Signs
    • 11 "Nice" Neon Signs in Additional Decorations > Lights > Neon Signs, blueprint available for purchase from Blurprint Analyser
    • 10 Metal Mesh Basic Parts in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Metal Mesh
    • 2 Window Frame Wall pieces in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Ruin / Rust
    • 1 Rust Railing Basic Part in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Rust
    • 1 Dark Glass Floor, 1 Dark Glass Wall in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Glass
    • 1 Half Glass Wall, 1 Glass Door Window Piece in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Glass
    • 1 Metal Scaffold Railing, 2 Metal Scaffold Bridges, 2 Metal Scaffold Pillars, 1 Metal Sign Scaffold in Eucli-ea > Structures > Large Rooms > Other Structures
    • Rust Platform in Eucli-ea > Structures > Large Rooms > Other Structures
    • Air Conditioner, Bar Stool decor in Additional Decoration 6
    • 26 Large Neon Letters in Additional Decorations > Lights > Neon Lights > Large Neon Letters
    • 26 Extra Large Neon Letters in Additional Decorations > Lights > Neon Lights > Extra Large Neon Letters
    • 6 Hexagonal Lights, 9 Fluorescent Tube Lights, 5 Small Dome Lights in Additional Decorations > Lights > Light Fixtures
    • Korvax Ascendency Emblem by HakuokiX
    • Black Hole Suns Emblem by Husker
  • Moved 2 lights into Additional Decorations > Lights > Light Fixtures
  • Fixed the Declaration of Independence
  • Praised Sean

Update to Tesseraction:

  • Allows Basic Triangle Floors to be snapped at an angle of 15, 30, 45 and 60
  • Allows Basic Floors / Walls to be snapped to infrastructure shapes without Eucli-ea
  • Added 16 guide lines on the side of Infrastructure Pipe decoration

03/04/2019 1.10.0 "Trinitium":

  • Added 84 decorations
    • 2 Long Cables in Additional Decorations 5
    • Bar Table, Circular Wall and Pillars in Additional Decorations 6
    • 2 Ceiling Beams, 3 Thin Pipes, 4 Hanging Cloth in Additional Decorations 6
    • 3 Alternative Small Industrial Decorations in Additional Decorations 6
    • 2 Circular Ruin Tower pieces in Eucli-ea > Structures > Ruins
    • 7 Double-sized Ruin Tower pieces in Eucli-ea > Structures > Ruins
    • 10 "Small Ruin" pieces in Eucli-ea > Structures > Ruins
    • 21 Stone/Ruin Basic Parts in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Stone
    • 16 Rust/Crashed Freighter Basic Parts in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Rust
    • 2 Glass Basic Wall and Floor in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Glass
    • 6 Vertical Blastdoors in Eucli-ea > Structures > Decorations > Doors and Ladders
    • 2 Sliding Doors in Eucli-ea > Structures > Decorations > Doors and Ladders
    • Circular Staircase in Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts
  • Expanded Custom Indoor Door Snapping so that they snap in the middle of basic doorway parts
  • Enabled Colour Options in various Vykeen, Gek, Korvax, Freighter, Crashed Freighter and related pieces
  • Expanded infrastructure shapes snapping capabilities to allow basic walls to snap onto them
  • Allowed unlimited amount of beacons to be built on a planet
  • Fixed collision in Blastdoor 2
  • Improved Chroma Wall/Floor parts to eliminate small gaps in the pieces
  • Allowed tech pieces to be snapped into the center of vanilla rooms in 45 degree increments
  • Praised Sean

Update to _CubeSnap:

  • Allowed paving pieces to be able to snap to infrastructure shapes

New Mod - Tesseraction

  • Allows Basic floor and wall pieces to be snapped at an angle of 15, 30, 45 and 60 (choices vary in different snappoints)


03/02/2019 1.9.3b:

  • Minor table adjustments

02/02/2019 1.9.3a:

  • Deleted an old file in the .zip, a reinstall of Eucli-ea is advised.

02/02/2019 1.9.3 "Project Facade: Ruins / Vykeen":

  • Added 30 new decorations
    • 6 Vy'Keen Outpost and Corridor pieces in Eucli-ea > Structures > Vykeen // Eucli-ea > Structures > Corridors and Landing Pads
      • Main Outpost piece is available for purchase from Blueprint Analyser
    • 21 Ruin parts in Eucli-ea > Structures > Ruins
      • 4 pieces are available for purchase from Blueprint Analyser
    • 2 Fuel Pumps in Interactive Decorations, providing hypercells every 1800 seconds
    • S.T.U.R.M. in Special Decoraion, available for purchase from Blueprint Analyser
      • This device is still in its experimental stages, while it won't cause any instability, the results from the machine can be inconsistant
  • Made D.U.M.P. Station interactable more than once
  • Optimised Outpost roof snapping
  • Made _COMP version contain only the necessary files overriding the normal version, making the normal version mandatory for all installs
  • Praised Sean

18/01/2019 1.9.2 "Big Letters, 🚲🚛🚢":

  • 73 new decorations
    • 3x, 6x and 8x length infrastructure pipes in Adornments
    • 2 Billboards in Eucli-ea > Structures > Decorations > Exterior Decoration
    • 4 Vehicle Models in Additional Decorations 6
    • 2 Thin Large Pavings in Eucli-ea > Structures > Corridors / Landing Pads
    • 2 Freighter Doors Eucli-ea > Structures > Decorations > Doors and Ladders
    • Nada and Polo NPCs in NPCs, available for purchase from Blueprint Analyser
    • 58 Extra Large Letters
  • Slight reorganisation to Eucli-ea > Structures
  • Moved custom doors and blastdoors to Eucli-ea > Structures > Decorations > Doors and Ladders
  • Made B.D.S.M. a lot easier to place and bubble larger
  • Made model car placable on any surface cos why not I guess
  • Tweaked Infrastructure ladder so that it can be snapped upwards / downwards when not attached to anything else
  • Renamed pak to counteract some suspicious file inclusions
  • Praised Sean

28/12/2018 1.9.1 "Project Facade - Rushmore":

  • Added various categories under Eucli-ea > Structures
  • Added 34 new decorations
    • 3 Outposts in Eucli-ea > Structures > Big Structures > Gek / Korvax, available for purchase from Blurprint Analyser
    • 10 Outpost Roofs in Eucli-ea > Structures > Big Structures > Gek / Korvax
    • 7 Walkway Corridors in Eucli-ea > Structures > Corridors / Landing Pads
    • 2 Giant Pavings, 2 Ramps, 2 Landing Pads, Ship Summoner, Railing, in Eucli-ea > Structures > Corridors / Landing Pads
    • "Concordia" celebratory piece for Unification Day in Special Decorations
    • Holo-Teleporter in Sepcial Decoraions, available for purchase from Blurprint Analyser
    • Underwater Treasure Chest in Additional Decorations 6
    • 3 Trading Post Shelters in Eucli-ea > Structures > Other Structures
  • Made corridors able to be snapped onto all 8 sides of the 2 cylindrical rooms
  • Moved Chroma Walls and Floors to Eucli-ea > Structures > Basic Parts > Chroma Parts
  • Enabled some unused base pieces for building
  • Fixed various models
  • Updated some icons
  • Praised Sean

14/12/2018 1.9.0 "Project Facade - Cuboid Rooms":

  • Updated to 1.77
  • Added Small Rooms Category under Eucli-ea
  • 43 new decorations
    • 39 Wood, Metal and Concrete Cuboid Room pieces under Eucli-ea > Small Rooms
      • These are available for purchase from the Blueprint Analyser
    • Eissentam Travellers Foundation Emblem
    • Nation of Samone Emblem and Flag by BaileyJack
    • The Empire of Jatriwil Emblem by WAAM86
  • Updated Calypso Travellers Foundation and Arcadian Republic Emblems
  • Made more vanilla pieces available for building
  • (New pieces in Creative Mode are WIP, not counted towards total decoration count and are prone to crashing)
  • Praised Sean

04/12/2018 1.8.10 "Remains (is the name of the mod that probably inspired these bones)":

  • Added Gardening - Rocks 3 category
  • 55 new decorations
    • 1 Radio decoration in Special Decorations, purchase the blueprint from the Blueprint Analyser
    • 16 in Additional Decorations 6
    • 5 in Gardening - Plants 2
    • 10 in Gardening - Rocks 2
    • 14 in Gardening - Rocks 3
    • 9 in Gardening - Marine
  • Fixed Ship Hologram decor model
  • Added Compatibility version for Trevis's Buildable Waterfalls ("_COMP"), you must also install the Waterfalls mod for them to function
  • Praised Sean

30/11/2018 1.8.9 "The Exceedance (more than what HG has to offer)":

  • Updated to 1.76
  • 84 new decorations
    • Single Framed Monitor, Model Car, Backpack decor in Additional Decorations 5
    • 7 Sentinel pieces in Additional Decorations 5
    • 2 Meat Chunks in Additional Decorations 5
    • Standing Sign in Additional Decorations 5
    • Square Wall Panel in Decoration > Interior Decoration
    • 34 in Decals > Miscellaneous Decals
    • 8 in Decals > Faction Decals
    • 12 in Decals > Object Decals
    • 16 in Decals > Portal Glyphs
  • Made the Gas Harvesters buildable anywhere
  • Removed most Tech Plus integration as HG has changed how the mechanic works... again, thanks for nothing, HG

08/11/2018 1.8.8 "Enter Trashman":

  • Added Additional Decoration 5 and Gardening - Marine category
  • Added 12 new decorations
    • 9 Abandoned Building related decor pieces in Additional Decoration 5
    • Clam and Fish Eye in Gardening - Marine
    • Unused vanilla Open Corridor in Structures - Large Rooms
  • Made vanilla doors snappable to indoor doorways
    • Also turned RemovesAttachedDecoration to false for em
  • Made all doors snappable to corridors already snapped onto other stuff
    • I know they snap weirdly to freighter corridors but I don't have time to make doorways
    • Vanilla doors resets attachment mesh when removed, not really something I can fix in a whip so I won't bother
  • Moved some decor in Additional Decoration 4 to Additional Decoration 5
  • Made Submarine Garage pickupable, buildable on land
  • Made ball reset for the Football Garage functional
  • Fixed indoor doors not snappable to indoor doorways
  • Fixed various interactions

2/11/2018 "Get Schwifty":

  • Updated to Experimental on 1/11/2018
  • Added 9 new decorations
    • Football Summoning Pads in Special Decoration
      • This is still in testing stage, while there is no danger to using it, it does not sync in multiplayer, and summon-resetting doesn't work
    • Walkway decoration in Structures > Doors and Ladders
    • 2 double-sized and 2 triple-sized blastdoors
    • 5 armor piece decoration in Additional Decoration 4
  • Added vanilla Shutter Door and Linking Post back to default known products because HG doesn't seem to be competent enough to do so themselves nor explain why they took it out
  • Removed the limits on vanilla Robotic Companion, Cube and Sphere Decoration because why HG
  • Kinda Improved the animations of the blastdoors

23/10/2018 1.8.6 "Basement and Storage":

  • Added new Storage category under Additional Decoration
  • Added 24 new decorations
    • The Unified Small-Scaled Repository (U.S.S.R), a compact, snappable container system in Eucli-ea - Storage:
      • The U.S.S.R Router, the base for the U.S.S.R. Devices to snap onto
        • Also lets the player access the freighter inventory
      • 10 U.S.S.R. Devices, the actual containers
        • The first one must be snapped onto the U.S.S.R Router
    • 10 portable containers that can be placed anywhere in Eucli-ea - Storage
    • 2 Blastdoors only snappable with basic wall/floors in Basic Components - Small Adornments
    • Knowledge Stone decoration in Interactive Decoration
  • Fixed more scenes

19/10/2018 1.8.5a:

  • Updated for experimental 19/10/2018

15/10/2018 1.8.5 "FIDGET SPINNER":

  • Added 6 new decorations
    • Fidget Spinner and Floating Monitor decoration in Additional Decorations 4
    • Ladder Tube decoration for jetpacking indoors in Structures > Doors & Ladders
    • "Pumpkin" cactus plant in Gardening - Plants 2
    • Quicksilver shop NPC Guild Mission NPC in NPCs, available for purchase in blueprint analyser
  • Made the Suit Chamber use the vanilla scene, now with 100% more sword and shield
  • Re-added ladders to the three watchtowers since I finally figured out how ladders work
  • Updated to exp. 12/10/2018
  • Fixed minor icon and model stuff
  • Tweaked some interaction to show text

03/10/2018 1.8.4a:

  • Updated to experimental of 03/10/2018

03/10/2018 1.8.4 "Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things":

  • Updated to experimental of 01/10/2018
    • Also fixed some scenes after the new update
  • Added 11 new decorations and technology station
    • The Bubble Defense Shield Multiplexer (B.D.S.M) in Special Decorations, which upon activation will project a shield bubble, protecting a very large area from environmental hazards
      • Due to the way the building system works, please ensure you and your starship is outside the visible shield before placing or removing the B.D.S.M
    • 10 decorations in Additional Decorations 4

27/09/18 1.8.3b:

  • Fixed what I missed in experimental
  • Fixed Tychronite Crystals and Niteliosis Chips not being craftable in the inventory screen, my bad
  • Fixed ITE so it is actually usable, and works as protection from environmental hazard
    • Also made it pickupable

25/09/18 1.8.3a:

  • Updated mod for experimental of 25/09/18

14/09/18 1.8.3 "Robotic Companion Came Out 12 Months Ago":

  • Fixed some models again
  • Tweaked some recipes
  • Added new decorations and objects
    • Base Blueprint Shop in Specialist Terminals
    • Container Storage Terminal in Interactive Decorations
    • 21 new decorations in Additional Decoration 4

13/09/18 1.8.2b:

  • Fixed Space Anomaly Model
  • Fixed models of Daaicyu and Kingtin
  • Tweaked some models
  • Added icons

13/09/18 1.8.2:

  • Updated to Experimental 13/09/18
  • Added 3 decorations which I forgot the icon of in Additional Decorations 4 
  • Added an emblem back which was accidentally removed
  • Tweaked a few more scenes
  • Tweaked newly available values so that NPCs now spawn in Abandoned and Uncharted systems, thanks HG
  • Tweaked exocraft platforms placement parameters further, please stop complaining
  • Re-enabled Big Containers in Freighters cos why the fuck not

08/09/18 1.8.1 "The Old, The New, and The Chroma Key":

  • Incorporated Homesick's Tech Plus ( with a few tweaks, love u bb
    • Also tweaked Exocraft Terminal placing mechanics so they can be placed regardless of collision (not mesh)
  • Fixed minor issues with multiple models
  • Added 4 new Emblems and Flag
    • Oxalis Emblem by Acolatio
    • The Colonial Fleet Emblem and Flag by Choopsha
    • Arctifices Caeli Emblem by yours truly, Master of the Dookie Tent
  • Added 45 new decorations
    • 1 new Globe Projector in Special Decorations, available for purchase in Blueprint Analyser
    • 4 new Chroma Key Walls and Floors in Special Decorations
    • 17 new plant in Gardening - Plants 2
    • 23 new decorations in Additional Decorations 4
  • Tweaked vanilla Worktop collision cos it was annoying me
  • Tweaked some recipes

Notes: from the experiments of my fellows and I, I am proposing that NPC will not spawn in Uncharted or Abandoned systems.

03/09/18 1.8 "Ahh fuck":

  • Updated base HubFlag and _CubeSnap to game version 1.58 compatible
  • Disabled ladders on three watchtowers due to ladders working weirdly
  • Known issue: NPCs spawning unpredictably, this is a game mechanic and not my doing, blame HG
  • reorganised building categories
  • disabled drill mechanics because the game cannot handle the complexity, you're welcome
  • Changelog for _CubeSnap:
    • added snapping for big paving
  • Special thanks to Hennesy for helping me update the mod, to other people, t h a n k s f o r h e l p i n g

20/10/17 1..7.2c:

  • Updated _SCTree version so it is compatible with GrowMoar 2.1

12/10/17 1.7.2b:

  • Adjusted mission canceling parameters so that playing being inside their ship (even when landed) is considered quitting mission, preventing players from exploiting sentinel behaviours
  • Recompiled MISSIONTABLE with newest MBINcompiler

09/10/17 1.7.2a:

  • Recompiled Mission Table, hopefully fixes crashing issues

30/09/17 1.7.2 "The Thermal Drill, go get it":

  • Added 2 new categories
    • Gardening - Plants 2
    • Gardening - Rocks 2
  •  Added 38 new decorations
    • 7 plants in Gardening - Plants 2
    • 25 rocks in Gardening - Rocks 2
    • 1 Thermal Drill decoration in Additional Decorations 3
    • 3 mission shop decorations in Additional Decorations 3
    • 2 circular Atlas Altars in Special Decorations, blueprints needs to be purchased
  • Added safes in Drop Pods, Waypoints and Crashed Freighters
    • Safes have a individual low chance to spawn in the mentioned locations
    • Safes give players rewards of high values, the higher value, the lower chance of receiving
  • Added door and safe drilling to specific doors and safes
    • Doors in Manufacturing Facilities and Operation Centers now requires 15 seconds of drilling
    • Safes in the wild now requires 60 seconds of drilling
    • Players will gain wanted levels from drilling
    • Abandon drilling by flying away with spaceship or driving away with exocrafts
    • (Note: Please refrain from drilling more than one safe at the same time, and open the safe once drilling is finished to complete the mission)

_SCTree changes:

  • Re-enabled GEKSTATUE

22/09/17 1.7.1 "Guys...":

  • Updated for NMS 1.38
  • Added 2 craftable products
    • Niteliosis Chips, base price 1.5 million
    • Tychronite Crystal, base price 3 million
  • Added 22 new decorations
    • 17 new decorations in Additional Decorations 3
      • 10 Bank related decorations
      • 1 Bar table decoration
      • 6 Valuable decorations
    • 4 cuboid room walls in Cuboid Room
    • 1 Declaration of Independence in Posters
  • Updated _SCTree compatibility version with SimCity5300 1.37.1
    • Temporarily disabled "GEKSTATUE" for further testing

12/09/17 1.7 "Finally Stable":

  • Updated for NMS 1.36
  • Fixed all entity files, making Eucli-ea a stable release
  • Fixed vehicle scanner not being able to be built, thanks to Forkinator for letting me know the issue
  • Updated _SCTree compatibility version with SimCity5300 (also makes it usable in 1.36)
    • SimCity's TECHPANEL object has been removed due to it conflicting with vanilla TECHPANEL object
    • Kremit's Grow Plants is not updated to AR due to him being tired of whiny bitches, can't say I'm surprised. Be better people and he may come back

02/09/17 1.6.B6:

  • Updated to NMS 1.35
  • Don't ask why it's still in ?️lpha but I'm not doing anything new, the the creators of the tools has decided the files I use that needs updating aren't of priority, then I will respect their decision and Eucli-ea will stay in ?️lpha

25/08/17 1.6.B5:

  • Updated reward table so that the interaction in anomalies will now give the greatest gift again
  • Added 4 new decorations
    • 1 new NPC Null in NPC category
    • 2 new oversized garage doors in infrastructure
    • 1 new community emblem in Miscellaneous Decorations

25/08/17 1.6.B4:

  • Updated files for NMS experimental 1.34
    • 1.33 version is now named _Alpha_1.33 and will not be updated further (this update inclusive, which means the following changelog does not apply to _Alpha_1.33)
  • Added Sceptic NPC into NPC category, available to buy in base blueprint vendor
  • (Remind me to add the emblems and oversized garage doors I promised thanks)

24/08/17 1.6.B3:

  • Added 5 new NPCs in NPC category
    • Generic Fourth Race Traveller
    • Unique "Explorer" Traveller
    • Mission Giver NPC
    • Generic Trade NPC
    • Tech Shop NPC
  • Re-added default known blueprints, now all blueprints are accessible to users

23/08/17 1.6.B2:

  • Added "Cyunsunghei" Small Portal in Special Decoration, purchasable in player base vendor
  • Removed "Saicyunsung" functionality because of crashing issue
  • Updated all building ingredient requirements so that all objects are buildable again

22/08/17 1.6.B1 "Uhh... ?️lpha?":

  • Updated all existing scenes
  • Tube Suit Chamber has suit missing because of outdated geometry and tools
  • Updated 6 icons
  • Stable release, nothing should crash unless otherwise specified
  • Certain non-essential tables from 1.2 not included to improve stability
    • Because of this, new users will not be able to receive many of the blueprints at the moment, tough titties
  • Some data in entities missing because of MBINcompiler issues, causing some objects not reacting, or some objects switching modes back and forth (e.g. Disco objects becoming epilepsy inducing-fest), they will be updated after the compiler has been updated
  • New small stargate function - interactions with it should be identical to an actual portal
    • Issue: possible crash upon selecting the option "activate portal" for currently unknown reason, but if you don't touch it, the game should not crash

21/08/17 1.6.A3:

  • Over half of scenes updated
  • Added a previously not added Rock Slate into Gardening - Rocks
  • Changed out two medium rocks as the previous ones disappeared from the vanilla files
  • Korvax spawning in non-Korvax systems is still bugged, therefore the previous circumvention method will not be modified for now
  • Icon update to follow after all scenes have been updated

20/08/17 1.6.A2:

  • Updated files in DISCO, ATLASSTATION, BANK and TAPEDECK folders
  • many entities are broken for now as per MBINcompiler issue, will be updated after most/all scenes are updated
  • Added Additional Decoration 3 category, moved some objects to said category
  • Added 2 CCTVs and 1 green monitor in Additional Decoration 3
  • next update plan: more complicated objects while my voluntary associates work on simpler scenes
  • Updated _CubeSnap as per a collision issue of the doorway

18/08/17 1.6.A1 Update Alpha:

  • Only updated standalone non-compatibility version as mods for _SCTree has not been updated yet
  • 1.6.A Alphas are has the suffix "_Alpha", and 1.2 Versions now have the suffix "_1.2Legacy"
  • Updated All community emblems and flags for Atlas Rises
  • All other files deleted from release for now as they are not updated
  • Reward table removed because of current MBINcompiler bug and lack of necessity
  • Next update plan: update letters
  • Updated _CubeSnap for Atlas Rises, no issue

09/07/17 Minor Bug Fix:

  • Fixed Gardening - Rocks category not appearing on _SCTree version.

09/07/17 1.5 "Road to the Lost Times":

  • Added 18 new decorations
    • 8 Doors in Additional Decorations 1
    • 1 Campfire in Special Decorations
    • 8 Scorched Plants in Gardening - Plants
    • 1 Scorched Rock in Gardening - Rocks
  • Added one huge conspiracy - remember to talk to more people
  • Separated Gardening category into Gardening - Plants and Gardening - Rocks to reduce menu lag

28/06/17 Minor Bug Fix:

  • Fixed the ultimate gift not obtainable

15/06/17 1.4.2 "Watch and Listen Update":

  • Added 28 new decorations
    • "Cinangsin" Vintage Tape Deck in Special Decorations
    • 15 "Visions of the Future" Posters, designed by creative team of visual strategists at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, located in the new "Posters" category
    • 3 Watchtower/Watertower in Additional Decorations 1
    • 3 "Half" Paving / Cube in Infrastructure
    • 6 Community Emblems and Flags
      • Conure Republic Emblem
      • Nesdorinux Project Emblem and Flag by Acolatio
      • Constitutional Monarchy of Yokoso Emblem by CinnamonMcSwirls
      • No Man's Sky Love Emblem by LawOfEvolution
      • The Chosen Emblem by professorbaibai
  • Tweaked Disco Floor Panels so they look extra shiny
  • Reorganised build table categorisation list per user request
  • Updated compatibility with Grow Plants to v2.1

Changes to _MOD.Winder.HubFlag_CubeSnap.pak:

  • Tweaked Paving and Cube snapping capabilities, allowing snapping without creating a hole in the cuboid room wall
    • To achieve this, first snap the object to the cuboid room, then look at the TOP of the cube room and rotate the object. On the other hand, to create a hole, snap the object, then look at the BOTTOM of the cuboid room and rotate the object

30/05/17 1.4.1 "Part Hard Update":

  • Added 13 new decorations
    • 2 Disco Balls which can be placed under ceilings
    • 2 multi-spot lights
    • 3 colour-changing fill lights
    • 4 beam lights
    • 2 coloursiable Disco floor panels which can be placed in Cuboid Rooms
  • Added functionality to the two Pavings and Cube infrastructure to allow them to snap to cuboid rooms and capsule rooms, released in "_MOD.Winder.HubFlag_CubeSnap.pak"
    • Landing Pads can also snap to cuboid rooms
    • Also edited cuboid room connection part to hide see-through edges
  • Fixed "Sai-Cyunsung" Tiny Stargate and "Mongjyun" Mini Turret can't be built

22/05/17 1.4.0 "Technological Advancement":

  • Added 19 new decorations in Additional Decorations 
    • 3 "Server Stack" objects with snap stacking capabilities
      • The "Zyugeibaan" Server Stack Base needs to be built before servers can be stacked
  • Added icons to all added objects
  • Modified many object names into Ikea-esque names, also changed discriptions of some objects
  • Modified the tall hologram projector so that it actually touches the ground
  • Modified Korvax Traveler to make it spawn Korvax in non-Korvax systems, this is a temporary fix which only spawns one single particular Korvax
    • The bug is likely to be a vanilla one which cannot be fixed by modders
  • Fixed Large Rock 6 having the model of Large Rock 5
  • Updated "Grow Plants for Farming" compatibility to 2.0

16/05/17 1.3.5 "For Use in Hazardous Environment Conditions":

  • Added 6 new decorations
    • 1 Standing screen in Additional Decorations 2
    • 2 Hologram projector in Additional Decorations 2
    • 2 Exosuit chambers in Special Decorations
    • 1 ITE in Tech
  • Modified Machinery decoration and the tall Recipe Stand so that they touch the ceiling in pod rooms

15/05/17 1.3.4 "Spend Nanites, buy friends":

  • Added 4 buildable NPCs
    • One of each race, one for current system which will change race depending on the dominant race of your current system
  • Added "NPCs" Category
  • Added "CREATEHOLOGRAM" in compatibility version, as per Kremit's request
  • Fixed Amino Hub Emblem not showing up in creative mode (normal version)
  • Fixed one of the Globe Projectors' globe not spinning

14/05/17 1.3.3 Cost Balancing:

  • Balanced building costs for all objects
  • Fixed material icons
  • Changed Amino Hub emblem image

11/05/17 1.3.2 "Gardening Update":

  • added "Gardening" category
  • added 59 new buildable objects
    • 2 Emblems
      • Deep Thought Collective emblem by mistakeordesign
      • Amino Hub emblem by BoidGaming
    • 57 Gardening plants and rocks
      • 14 normal small trees
      • 13 normal shrubs
      • 20 rocks
      • 1 Navada tree
      • 1 Navada shrub
      • 3 Rainforest trees
      • 4 Rainforest shrubs
      • 1 Rainforest rock
  • added snap points to Sandpit for farming plants
  • incorporated Fix BluePrint Vendor, thanks Kremit DeFrog!
  • added Grow Plants for Farming compatibility
  • removed Buildable Custom Trees compatibility as no one seems to be using it

08/05/17 1.3.1 "Words":

  • added 84 new buildable objects
    • 58 large letters and punctuations
    • 3 decorations in Additional Decorations 1
    • 13 decorations in Additional Decorations 2
    • 2 decorations in Sepcial Decorations
    • 1 decoration in Interactive Decorations
    • 6 decorations in Miscellaneous Decorations
      • Federation Emblem by morgvom_org 
      • Yebdishtei Flag and Emblem by Qwerty12486
      • Pandarian Empire Flag and Emblem by A_SavagePanda
      • Arcadia Project Emblem by Axiom1380
  • fixed junk crate, now they have junk in them
  • fixed positioning of Medbay Beds so that they can be placed closer to walls
  • attempted to fix added decals so they are removed when they are floating, not sure if fix is working
  • changed a few object descriptions

03/05/17 1.3.0 "The Sky, Earth, Man Update":

  • Added 13 new decorations
  • Added 2 emblems
    • HOVA by GtaHov
    • Hello Games Logo
  • Renamed every added object, will be renamed again after adding icons
  • Fixed positioning of several decorations, allowing them to be placed closer to walls
    • Medbay Beds cannot be fixed because their animations would look trash
  • Fixed two wall lights so that actually give out visible light
  • Fixed the circular planter with screen so plants can be placed in it
  • Recategorised decorations
  • Restructured decals and flags file structure, greatly reducing file size
  • Pressed X

23/04/17 1.2.3 "The Ball Shacks Update": Added 6 decorations, 2 custom decorations, and 2 flag and emblem by Luminari.

21/04/17 1.2.1: Added 7 AGT emblems, changed categorisation, name and descriptions of the Hub and AGT decorations.

20/04/17 1.2.1: Added the blueprint of Direct Unified Materialisation Protocol (D.U.M.P.)Station into the base shop that was forgotten.

20/04/17 1.2: Added 42 decorations, 3 flags and 2 emblems by Qwerty12489 and Korvaccine.

15/04/17 1.12c: Added 3 flags and 2 emblems by alaba-red/Kesbet and Elytron77

15/04/17 1.12b: Second version, changed file structure slightly, added 2 flags and 3 emblems made by 7101334, Denjo92, TheMarco and tragedyfish

13/04/17 1.12a: First release version 

  • 10uploads
Credit given to modders
WinderTP, Nadalee, Kremit DeFrog, DemiGoD, Hennesy
May 1, 2019


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  • 10uploads
Credit given to modders
WinderTP, Nadalee, Kremit DeFrog, DemiGoD, Hennesy
May 1, 2019

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