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Extended Photo Mode

The mod modifies several properties for the camera in Photo Mode, bringing separate files you can pick from:

Increased Camera Distance
This increases the limit to maximum distance allowed between the camera and the player character. It comes in 2 versions:
1) 150-300: max distance of 150 on planets and 300 in space (instead of 100-200 in vanilla)
2) 500-1000: max distance of 500 on planets and 1000 in space (instead of 100-200 in vanilla)

It also modifies these parameters:
Camera Collision Radius reduced to 0: The camera will not collide with most of the surfaces, allowing to get as close as possible of any obstacle.
Camera movement speed slightly increased from 11 to 15.

Hide Photo Overlay
Allows to permanently hide the planet coordinates that were added with the BEYOND update.

Camera Roll Fix
Sets the Keyboard inputs for the Cameral Roll back to Left and Right arrows as in previous versions, instead of 1 and 3 since the BEYOND update.

I decided to make the 150-300 as it is the maximum distance where the grass is displayed on screen with my current graphics settings, over this limit, the grass starts to disappear. If you run the game with a high end PC, please feel free to try the 500-1000 version and tell me how far the game displays details for you. As you can see in the screenshots, 500 on planets is already quite far.

Also, if you happen to know how I could modify the minimum and maximum values for the Field Of View (FOV) in Photo Mode, please let me know. I would change the minimum, for example to go to 25 instead of 50 to allow more zoom.

Compatible with BEYOND 2.12
Check my other mod More Photo Mode Filters

- remove or rename DISABLEMODS.TXT file from PCBANKS folder (I rename it into ENABLEMODS.TXT).
- create a MODS folder into SteamsteamappscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS folder.
- copy/paste included .pak file into the MODS folder.

Increased Camera Distance will not be compatible with other modifications to the Camera Globals, more precisely, any other mod that modifies:

Hide Photo Overlay will not be compatible with other modifications to the Photo Mode UI, more precisely, any other mod that modifies:

Camera Roll Fix will not be compatible with other modifications to the Keyboard inputs, more precisely, any other mod that modifies:


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