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Natural Skies

This mod gives all of your skies a (much) more natural look and feel by softening some neon colours, and darkening upper skies and cloud bottoms.
It also fixes the overly white fogs during rainy weather and storms seen in certain sky colours.

Now also contains an optional add-on mod to give your sunsets and sunrises a more natural look and feel.



This mod is incompatible with other mods that modify DAYSKYCOLOURS.MBIN for the main file and DUSKSKYCOLOURS.MBIN for the sunset/sunrise add-on

Installing Natural Skies:

1) Make sure that DISABLEMODS.TXT file from PCBANKS folder does not exist. If it exists, delete it or rename it
2) Create a folder named MODS in Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS (if it already exists, skip this step)
3) Copy/paste/drag _Natural_Skies.pak and/or _Natural_Skies_Addon_For_Sunrise_Sunset.pak into the MODS folder

v1.5: Updated for Origins

v1.4: Several improvements to yellow sky: less white horizon, slightly lighter upper sky and slightly lighter cloud bottoms. And for sunset/sunrise add-on: lightened upper sky a little and increased light brightness slightly.

v1.3b: Sunset/sunrise: Tweaked sun 'surround' colour a bit.

v1.3a: Added add-on for natural sunset/sunrise.

v1.3: Fixed purple sky fog which was still too white, also slightly darkened cloud bottom for orange sky and lightened fog colour for orange sky a little bit.

v1.2: Fixed teal sky fog color to be less greenish, also improved fog color matching for the blue sky.


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November 14, 2020