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NMS Location Manager (Save/Share Locations and Teleport)

Version 1 Released! Now with auto updates.

Please post feedback and issues in this reddit thread


First things first, a big thank you to by nomansuniverse who's No Man's Save made this even possible (and so it's bundled as a dependency)

What it does: When you are running the application, it will detect when your game is saved. When this happens, the app will read data about where you are located and allow you to save the solar system you are in, and your current exact location at time of the save.

What does this mean? Well, with the saved data (that you can name and filter) you can set waypoints to solar systems or you can teleport to somewhere you have already been! You can also save and import these locations with codes.

You can also generate short codes to share with other people who use the application. That's right, export your saved locations for others to be able to teleport directly to those locations. You can import their saved locations to teleport to those locations.

How does it work? Have the application running and save your game somewhere. The application will detect the save. Alt-tab to the application, give your location a name and save it. That data is saved locally for you independent of the game itself. Go somewhere else, save that spot too if you wish! In the application, right click one of your saved locations and choose "Teleport Here" then reload your current save.. You will spawn at that spot!

Since its working with your most current save, you should not lose anything. Just save your game somewhere, then set teleport in the application and reload that "current" save back in NMS, in that order.

If you want to share a location: Right-click it in your list and choose "Share". You must have a key to interact with the save server. If you don't have one, click the link in the application to "Get/Recover A Key".

If you want to import a shared location: Paste the location code in the "Import A Shared Location" box and click Import. It will be added to your list and you can teleport to it.  

I invite you to come check out the cold and hostile NMSLM Alpha Site in the NMSLM Alpha System using the code: 1-20-zTEt4n It's really not a nice place!

If you want to teleport to one of your locations: First, land somewhere and hop out of your ship to save. Now, right click a location in the application and click "Teleport Here". When you do this, your save data will be changed. Go back inot the game and press [ESC] and select options, then reload "Current" save, and you will spawn at that exact location you set in the application.



Download file and run it (setup.exe).

All needed dependencies will be downloaded if you don't have them.

Notice: All alpha versions databases are cleaned! If you want to import your saved locations from an alpha version, create share codes for them first. The alpha versions will still run, but I would advise not running them side-by-side. - Release

  • Many bug fixes and tighter threading control
  • Some error handling
  • OneClick install
  • Finished the options such as delete/rename for locations
  • Backup management: Backups are taken every time the application writes to the save files


  • Basic API to allow sharing locations is now in place with
  • Importing location codes now possible
  • Logic has been built in to not override local databases when installing new versions
  • Missing database file will be downloaded from the manifest on


  • Fixed directory and file monitor issues.
  • Disabled features that are not ready in the UI.
  • Built a call home ( to check version and get important alerts.
  • Bundled deploy into a setup executable.


  • Temporary deploy only change to add file being checked for, which is the wrong file to be checking for!


  • Temporary deploy only change to add missing directory.


  • Alpha release



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