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NMS Ultratool

I often found myself doing a lot of math when planning production of trade commodities, and was always frustrated that I couldn't find a solid tool online to streamline it for me. So I went ahead and built one myself.

NMS Ultratool has two primary functions: a crafting calculator and a build planner. 

  • Crafting Calculator: Tells you exactly what and how much resources you'll need to craft a target number of a specified product in one go. After calculating, you can push the data to the build planner.


  • Build Planner: Helps you plan a base for production. Features a function for automatic solar configuration to make power less of a hassle to figure out.
    • Also allows for saving and loading of build plans for later use.

Note: I am relatively new to software development, so I'm originally releasing this as a beta. While I am actively working to squish any bugs I find, weird things can happen. If you find any bugs or have any constructive feedback for me, I welcome it.

Just unzip the .exe somewhere and run it. Should run just like that. 

Or don't unzip it. It still works, albeit slower.

Might be some security warnings or whatever. Probably because I don't have or know anything about
Microsoft security certificates/credentials. Like I said, new at this.

16 Jan 2021: Beta 0.1.0

   -Beta release.


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Beta 010
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Credit given to modders
January 18, 2021


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Beta 010
File size
172.62 kB
Credit given to modders
January 18, 2021

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