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NMSCoordinates is an app for No Man’s Sky which allows you to view all your discovered space station and base locations between all your saves. You can clear portal interference while traveling through a portal, fast travel to known locations, or manually enter Galactic Coordinates and travel to them. Backup locations to json file and and access and travel to these saved coordinates.


  • Trigger a Freighter Battle.
  • View all space station and base locations discovered across all save slots and see their Glyphs, Galactic Coordinates, Portal Code, and even Voxel X,Y,Z,SSI
  • Fast travel to any selected location in the list of discoveries.
  • Manually enter Galactic Coordinates and Galaxy that you would like to travel to.
  • Save a record of the players current location in a .json and access it later on the Coordinate Share tab.
  • Can Backup all locations to a .json file. You can access these on the Coordinate Share tab or share with others. You can fast travel to these also.
  • NMSCoordinates backs up your entire save folder on startup, the .zip is located in the .backupsaves folder.
  • Manage these NMSC .zip backups in the Save Manager.
  • You can view the last 4 screenshots taken in the game within the tool. It displays 1 on front and all 4 can be accessed in Tools --> Screenshot Page.
  • NMSCoordinates shows all calculation results in the textbox, if you like HEX and DEC.
  • NMSCoordinates Calculator is a useful tool when messing with coordinates. This converts Portal->Galactic, Galactic->Portal, Voxel to Portal/Galactic. Check it out!
  • NMSCoordinates checks for the latest version and shows at the top-right if a newer version is available.

Installation and setup

  1.  (Optional NMSC backups up saves on startup) Backup all you save files at Location: C:Users[Name]AppDataRoamingHelloGamesNMSst_xxxxxxxxx
  2. Download the latest release .zip file.
  3. Extract the .zip to your desired location.
  4. Create a shortcut to NMSCoordinate.exe for your desktop.
  5. Run NMSCoordinate.exe.
  6. Select Save slot, and have fun!


  • Select a Save Slot. This loads all space station and base locations on that slot/save on the Base and Space Station tab.
  • Click a location in one of the Listboxes to view the location info. Glyphs and Galactic Coordinates, Portal Code, and Voxel will be displayed.
  • Move player to that location by clicking the Move Player Here button, then RELOAD YOUR SAVE in NMS.
  • Enable Manual Travel to travel to any valid coordinates. On the Manual Travel Tab, Select a galaxy then enter Galactic Coordinates, then click the move player button.
  • Trigger a Freighter Battle by clicking the "Trigger Freighter Battle" button on the Manual Travel tab, then RELOAD YOUR SAVE in NMS.
  • Go to File --> Backups --> backup ALL discoveries and save all your locations to a json file in .backuplocations. These are accessed on the Coordinate Share Tab.
  • View location files on the Coordinate Share tab by double-clicking the file or the load lockbackup button. Click a location to view a location summary, and click the Move Player Here button to fast travel to the selected location.
  • Right-click a location in the top Listbox on the Coordinate Share tab to create a one record location file to share with others or delete single records.
  • Right-click the lower Listbox on the Coordinate Share tab to delete unwanted location files.
  • Use the Coordinate Calculator by clicking the Coordinate Calculator button and entering (1) coordinate at a time in the textboxes and clicking the button below it. View all converted coordinates at the bottom.
  • On the Coordinate Calculator, clicking the glyphs will populate the Portal Code field. Then click calculate to see the coordinates.


v2.2 (NOV 4 2022) - Update for NMS 4.0 compatibility and save names, difficulty - Added new features for locations management. Merge, delete, open, etc. - Built NMSSaveManager to handle compression plus obfuscate and deobfuscate save file content using class library

v2.1 (JULY 23 2022) - Reworked location json, new naming, added longhex - More calculations, more efficient lookups - Few other validations - Reworked Coordinate Calculator

v2.0 (JULY 21 2022) - Major Rework - Fixed Issue #39 - Save file compression issue - Updates and internal fixes and organization - New Colors - Tested on Endurance

Go to the NMSCoordinate GitHub to see all the current and past releases Kevin0M16/NMSCoordinates/releases

Post issues on the GitHub Kevin0M16/NMSCoordinates/issues

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Credit given to modders
November 7, 2022


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  • 1uploads
File size
2.26 MB
Credit given to modders
November 7, 2022

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