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No Suit Tech Recharge

No Suit Tech Recharge version 1.55.01
a mod for No Man's Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240)


This mod eliminates the recharge requirements of all the exosuit environmental hazard upgrades. "Upgrades" should result in less, not more, micromanagement during gameplay, don't you think?

Beta: I have tested this enough to confirm the absence of recharge requirements, but am uncertain if the full benefit of the combined upgrades remains. Please share your experiences with it.

Multiplayer impact: untested, but in hostile PvP environments you will likely enjoy a distinct advantage over anyone not using this mod.

Compatibility details: This mod alters the following file:

where four properties near the end of the file, one for each enviro tech, are edited to read
<Property name="Chargeable" value="False" />

Any other mod that also alters that file will not be compatible.

  1. Locate your installation of the game, its root directory;
  2. from that directory navigate to .\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS;
  3. if a file named DisableMods.txt exists, move, rename, or delete it (preferably delete);
  4. if a folder named MODS doesn't already exist in PCBANKS, create it now;
  5. using 7-Zip or your favorite Zip decompression program, extract the file NoSuitTechRecharge1.55.01.pak into the MODS folder just created.

v1.55.01, 2018-08-14: initial release for NEXT


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August 19, 2018