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Teds Periodic Table Overhaul (2.0!!)

Ted's Periodic Table Overhaul

Now with no corner text!



Have you ever thought that the current icons that are just floating around looked stupid  and ugly? And have you ever wanted the UI to be like it was in that IGN demo so long ago?

Then TPTO is the mod for you!

This mod changes all of the material icons (iron, copper, carbon, plutonium, etc) Into somthing that looks much better, and more simplistic.

To top it off, it even has base unit amount, for getting the most money you can out of the space stations! (I have no idea why I added this, I just sell everything I dont need ? )

It also includes something that removes the corner text, if you ever found it annoying.

Its also in a nifty pak file, so no need for the hassle of unpacking the game and overwriting stuff.

To install this mod, place the .pak file found inside of the .zip into here. /steam/steamapps/common/No Mans Sky/gamedata/pcbanks

Once you have done that, if the game is running restart it, and you should have installed TPTO.

1.0 Release

1.01 Started fixing things like icons and stuff.

1.1 Added a mbin file that gets rid of the corner text (Thanks to spasner for making it).

1.1.1 Slighty redid some icons. Now you can easily tell witch material is from what class. at the top the color changes depending on what class

Red = isotope

Yellow = Oxide

Purple = Precious

Blue = Silicate


2.0: The biggest update yet, all icons have been changed and now use the NMS font!


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