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Tweaked Ship Class Probability

This mod adjusts the probability of higher class ships to spawn in. There are other mods that do this that I know of, but it seems some of them are out of date or include a bunch of other tweaks that I didn't want. I made this for my personal use mainly as I am a working adult and don't have hours to spend waiting on that sweet S class to show up. I adjusted the probabilities as follows:

Poor System Default Value Modded Value
C-Class 60% 60%
B-Class 30% 30%
A-Class 10% 10%
S-Class 0% 0%
Average System    
C-Class 49% 40%
B-Class 35% 40%
A-Class 15% 15%
S-Class 1% 5%
Wealthy System    
C-Class 30% 20%
B-Class 40% 40%
A-Class 28% 30%
S-Class 2% 10%

Unzip the file to your No Man's Sky > GAMEDATA > PCBANKS > MODS folder

1.0 - First version


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  1. marry says:

    This mod modifies the likelihood of higher-class ships spawning in. I’m aware of other mods that do this, but it seems that some of them are outdated or contain a slew of other changes that I didn’t like. 

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December 1, 2020