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Weather God

Weather God is a complex mod that allows you to control five different dimensions of weather and sky coloring. Options include:

  • default time, always daytime, always nighttime
  • default weather environments, always clear weather
    Hint: if you want to avoid hazard weather and weather that drains hazard protection, choose the clear option.
  • default sky coloring, always blue skies
  • default clouds, no clouds
  • default storms, infrequent storms ( every 40-60 minutes ) or no storms at all

Every single combination is within the download and each option uses a naming convention similar to:


The lowercase letter "d" that precedes some options stands for "default".

I've assembled them into an easy-to-use folder structure that should help you find the mod variation you want.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters:


This mod also includes the removal of visual debris that flies around in the air. 

This was a very tedious mod to assemble - it's likely I missed something somewhere so if you find something that's no quite right, please let me know.

First, download and unzip the files.

Second, if you do not have a MODS folder yet, find the PCBANKS folder in your installation path do the following:

  1. Delete the file named disablemods.txt
  2. Create a folder within PCBANKS named MODS

Third, choose only one variation .pak file from the download and copy it to your MODS folder.


1.3 Coming Soon! Rainbow Skies

I'm working on a palette of 40 more atmosphere gradients that include both clear and murky skies. These, and the all blue sky palettes will be refined for hyper realism. HG really did a great job with atmosphere lighting.

1.2 Refinements

  • Removed two more air debris textures
  • Removed extraneous files from paks that didn't need them
  • Refined cloud cover to make it more realistic
  • Adjusted blue sky coloring a bit
  • Removed combinations that weren't logical i.e. storms when there are no clouds in the sky. I attempted to have the clouds appear when storms begin - and this can work - except that there are two groups of variables in the GCSKYGLOBALS file that govern storm and non-storm skies and they can flip-flop every other planet. You can't simply set one for no clouds and the other for storm clouds as you won't know which will be which on any new planet. You could technically remove those two variables and let the game fall-back to the weather files, but I'm unsure of the impact on the game in that case.

1.1 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a texture file name that caused the smoke texture to appear when it shouldn't
  • Fixed some non-blue sky colors for the blue skies only option

1.0 Initial Release


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