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Tub0Crisco has created an awesome tool for modding nms, check it out!

A little helper for creating mods for No Man’s Sky. This tool was created to ease up the process of putting a mod together. It’s primary aim is to cut down on some of the steps that are currently being done by hand but can be accomplished programmatically.

  • Simple Interface
  • Links to useful pages and other modding tools
  • Setup the tool with directories you already use
  • Unpack game files in a directory you choose
  • Easily copy files into your project with their folder structure
  • Decompile MBINs and Compile exmls with just a click
  • Pack your mod with option to give it a name
  • Smart mod packing. It will only pack the files needed for the mod.
  • Settings for the mods you create for auto naming
  • Version management for the mods you create
  • Copy the mods you create to your PCBANKSMODS folder with a click

Download Now


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