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No Man’s Sky: BEYOND

Hello again everyone, it’s finally here! The long awaited largest update for No Man’s Sky ever! You can read more about it in the patch notes available here. We are all excited for No Man’s Sky largest update yet, however with so many changes made to the game, nearly all mods will need to be updated to work correctly. It will take some time for those in the modding community to update the tools needed to mod the game, and then for authors to update their various mods. Please be patient during this time. I would like to thank all those involved in this process, from creating the tools, to mod authors, to those who moderate the No Man’s Sky’s various online communities. Thank you for all your hard work. I have also made a No Man’s Sky: BEYOND category for mods. Mod authors, once your mod is updated for BEYOND, please tag your mod with the No Man’s Sky:Beyond category. Mods that have been updated will be available here.

As No Man’s Sky has gained an increased multiplayer aspect with this update, it becomes necessary to discuss modding and multiplayer. We are still unsure of how the updated NMS multiplayer will work with modding. I would hope that all players will consider others when using mods with game changing effects.  Mods that are uploaded with the express intent to grief other players will result in a ban and deletion from the site. Typically Hello Games have been supportive of the modding community and allowed us to self-police hows mods affect multiplayer. All of us should endeavor to keep that trust intact.


Thanks for reading, Now get out there and have fun in No Man’s Sky:Beyond! 


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