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This mod affects “Distress Call” events. It does not increase the frequency at which they occur – you will still have to wait for one to trigger. It increases the number of freighters in a group to between 10 and 20 & increases the number of pirate attack ships to between 50 and 100. Make sure you stock up on resources before looking for a fight!

Note that this version includes all changes from “Busier Space” including increased pirate attacks. This mod takes that and increase freighter groups to 10-20 in tighter groups and increases pirate attack ships (in “distress call” events) to between 50 and 100.

*Due to popular request there is also a version that does not increase the number of pirates in an interception/scan event.*.
*Due to popular request there is also a version that does not have any pirate interception/scan events.*
*Due to some users experiencing crashes I have included “BigSpaceBattles” which should reduce the number of attack ships to between 25-50*

Huge shoutout to DeckyDoodles for the “Busier Space” mod which is the basis of this: