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Realistic ReShade – Visions Edition

Please READ EVERYTHING, INCLUDING FULL INSTALLATION NOTES, before downloading or asking questions

CLICK HERE to open Flickr Album with 146 high resolution before and after screenshots. It’s really hard to see the difference in the tiny thumbnails on this site. 

If the screenshots look REALLY dark to you, or if you install the ReShade and it’s REALLY dark, it’s because your monitor isn’t calibrated properly. The look of this ReShade is heavily dependent on your monitor’s brightness and contrast being properly calibrated. If you don’t know how to calibrate your monitor, here is a link showing you how:   How To Calibrate Your Monitor on Windows 10

Having said that, it is suppose to be a little darker in general and nights are suppose to be much darker with this ReShade. You will absolutely need to use your flashlight at night and in most caves. You can see for yourself in some of the before and after screenshots.

Before calibrating,  if you’re using an Nvidia card, open Nvidia control panel, go to “change resolution”, scroll down, click on “Use Nvidia color settings”, change to the following settings and click “Apply” at the bottom.

Desktop color depth – Highest(32 bit), Output color depth – Highest number available, Output color format – RGB, Output dynamic range – FULL

Okay, so, like my previous ReShades, I really just made this for myself to suit my own personal taste and I’m taking the time to upload here just in case anyone else would like to use it. If you hate the way it looks, you really don’t need to tell me. I don’t care.

My primary goal with this ReShade is to give the game a more realistic, cinematic look while being as lightweight as possible.  I average about 5 fps less with this ReShade, although some areas I do see up to 10 fps less. This number will vary based on your hardware. 

You can use whatever graphics settings you want. I recommend that your gamma be turned up to 128. 

I’m using the following visual mods in my screenshots:

Clean Screen

HD Clouds

No Blinding Lights

No High Clouds

No Space Dust

No Space Lines

Nofade FPS Booster

Peaceful Warp

Space Dream (standard version)

True Clouds

You don’t have to use any of these mods. This ReShade works and looks nice with the vanilla game as well, but your game may look slightly different from my screenshots if you’re not using these mods.

What this ReShade does: Sharpens Textures, Reduces over-saturated lighting and colors, resulting in more realistic, less plastic looking textures with more detail and more realistic lighting. Overall, this ReShade brings a clean, clear, crisp, modern sci-fi cinematic look to the game. The screenshots will give you a good idea, but you really have to see it in motion for the full effect. I can’t stress this enough, you really do have to see it in motion to get the full idea of the difference it makes.

This ReShade dramatically changes the look and feel of the game. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you won’t like it. If you’re looking for a more subtle change, you might want to give my last one a try. It still works fine. You can find that HERE.

You can hit the “home” key in game to open the ReShade configuration and turn off any individual fx that you don’t want or if you just want to experiment. Hit the numpad+ key to toggle the entire thing on and off while playing. Hit numpad- to take a screenshot. You can change where screenshots are saved in the configuration tab after hitting shift + F2.


After an absolute ton of experimenting with different settings in the TkGraphicsSettings file found in No Man’s Sky\Binaries\SETTINGS, these exact settings have given me the best performance I’ve ever had in this game. Solid 60+ in space and in stations and 35 – 60 on planets depending on the planet. More importantly, the game is silky smooth with absolutely no stuttering or freezing ever, which makes the dips down to 35 feel and look just as good as 60, and that’s WITH this ReShade running. Without it, I get around 5-10 fps more. So, even if you have no interest in using my ReShade, you may want to read through this if you’re having trouble getting good performance.

My build is an i7 3770, GTX 1050Ti 4GB, 16GB DDR3 RAM. Obviously, I can’t guarantee this is the best setup for your system, but can’t hurt to try it even if you aren’t using this ReShade.

NumHighThreads needs to be the number of threads on your cpu and NumLowThreads needs to be the number of physical cores on your CPU. This is one you can play around with a little bit because people are reporting vastly different results when experimenting with these numbers. Basically, one of them needs to be physical cores and one of them needs to be total threads, you can try it both ways to see which works best for you. Alternatively, some have reported that setting both to zero gave them the best performance. THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SETTING YOU NEED TO GET RIGHT. Literally made a 20 fps difference once I changed it from the default settings.

“FullScreen” value=”true” 
“Borderless” value=”false” 
“UseScreenResolution” value=”true” 
“ResolutionWidth” value=”1920″ 
“ResolutionHeight” value=”1080″
“VsyncEx” value=”Off” 
“GSync” value=”false” 
“ShadowDetail” value=”Normal”
“TextureDetail” value=”Ultra” 
“GenerationDetail” value=”High” 
“ReflectionsQuality” value=”Normal”
“AntiAliasingEx2″ value=”TAA_FXAA” 
“MotionBlurQuality” value=”Off”
“TerrainQualityEx” value=”High” 
“MotionBlurStrength” value=”0.000000″ 
“AnisotropyLevel” value=”16″ 
“FoVOnFoot” value=”100.000000″ 
“FoVInShip” value=”100.000000″ 
“Brightness” value=”128″
“MaxframeRate” value=”160″
“NumHighThreads” value=”8″
“NumLowThreads” value=”4″ 
“TextureStreamingEx” value=”On” 
“TexturePageSizeKb” value=”32″ – (You may have to add this line. The full code to add is: <Property name=”TexturePageSizeKb” value=”32″ /> 
“ShowRequirementsWarnings” value=”true” 
“RemoveBaseBuildingRestrictions” value=”false” 
“MouseClickSpeedMultiplier” value=”0.500000″ 
“AmbientOcclusion” value=”HBAO”
“UseTerrainTextureCache” value=”true” 
“UseArbSparseTexture” value=”false” 
“EnableTessellation” value=”true” 
“UseHDR” value=”true” 
“UseLightshafts” value=”true”

I also have the following settings changed in Nvidia Inspector:

Maximum pre-rendered frames = 1

Triple buffering = on

Vertical Sync – Force On

Power Management Mode = Prefer Maximum Performance 

Shadercache = Off

Multi display/mixed GPU acceleration – Muti display performance mode (put on single display if you only have one monitor)

The next few settings are way down under the “other” section.



OpenGL default swap interval sign = OGL_DEFAULT_SWAP_INTERVAL_SIGN_NEGATIVE

Lastly, I’ve also found that setting the priority for NMS.exe in task manager to realtime seems to make a difference in the smoothness for me.

Again, I can’t promise any of this will change your performance, but I thought I’d post the settings I’m using to get great performance and you can do what you want with the information. 

Natural Lighting

Reduces the games usage of Ambient light and uses the game sunlight as a more natural light source. Makes shadows darker and caves darker the effect on the enviroment is outstanding.

Credits to : – monkeyman192 for mbinCompiler and making modding possible.

Customizable Colorful Cuboid Rooms

Latest game version supported: Atlas Rises 1.38

— Description —

Customizable Colorful Cuboid Rooms is a simple mod that will turn the entire wall and some other parts of a Cuboid Room the primary color of whatever you paint it in the Base Building color menu. I was getting tired of only the seams being colored when painted, leaving you stuck with boring gray walls. There are also alternate versions that will dim the room’s lighting, as well as changing the light FOV to 180 thus creating more of a downward angled spotlight effect.

— Versions: —

_CustomizableColorfulCuboidRooms.pak:            Default lighting
_CustomizableColorfulCuboidRooms-Lights66:    33% dimmer lights, spotlight effect
_CustomizableColorfulCuboidRooms-Lights50:    50% dimmer lights, spotlight effect
_CustomizableColorfulCuboidRooms-LightsOff:   Lights turned off. Allows you to place your own lighting.

— Files Modified —

*Listed in Readme.txt included with download. File paths were too long*


– Note to other texture modders

I add this because even the NMS modding wiki didn’t mention this. When editing the gMaskMap of a texture (*.MASKS.DDS), the blue channel seems to be for determining where primary/secondary colors are applied through Base Building. White is primary color, gray is secondary, and black receives no custom color. I don’t know exactly where the gray threshold is, but as long as you’re in the middle (eg. RGB 127,127,127) it will apply the secondary color. 

– Deceptive Pastry

Dark Warp

Tired of blinding lights smacking you in the face as you attempt interstellar travel? Can’t stand your cockpit lighting up like a Christmas tree as you flip the bird to the speed of light? Never really liked seeing the light at the end of the tunnel anyway? Despair no more! Dark Warp is here to bring some soothing darkness, gently sparkling lights and shimmering clouds to your hyperdrive experience.


Following security concerns I am moving my mods to Nexus Mods. Please follow this link to download: