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Freighter Control – Allows Multiple Player Freighters in System


This mod changes GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL and anything that modifies that file will be incompatible with this modification.


This tweak allows you to spawn your freighter in a system with other player freighters in the system. This tweak has been tested with two freighters but I do believe it should work on more than that.


  • My friend doesn’t have this mod, can I still warp multiple freighters in the system?
    • Yes! To do this through your friend must load their freighter in first then you can drop yours down!

No Mans Sky: Base Builder for Blender

A plugin for Blender to help build bases in No Mans Sky.

  • Build bases for No Mans Sky using proxy representations for building parts.
  • Complete freedom of movement when placing building parts – use Blender manipulation tools to translate and rotate base parts wherever you want.
  • Define presets to build complex items quickly. Share or download presets online.
  • Save and Load bases.
  • Import and Export base data compatible with the No Mans Sky Save Editor.

The Amazing Mod Toggler

Amazing Mod Toggler

AMT is used as a tool to quickly manage your mod-files. yes you could do it through Explorer etc , and have multiple windows open and drag -n- drop facilities and so-forth and so-on I guess.. sure.

*All AMT does really is provides a bit of a lazyman’s quick and easy approach to handling your mod files. from normal .pak files to No Man’s sky Extender and Injector files.

With AMT you basically set your NMS folder path in the Settings and click save.. the rest is pretty much done for you. If you have NMS(E) or NMS(I) installed , AMT will detect these automatically and setup relevant paths for your DISABLED MODS etc.


  • Quick File/Folder Management > input your folders and the files are seemlessly routed with the click of a button
  • Move , Copy , Delete , Rename & Open Files Quickly all through 1 Window.
  • Manage multiple directories with ease, no need to open up 5 explorer windows just to move mods from folder to folder. Allow AMT to speed you through this process without any effort at all.
  • Quickly access your favourite NMS modding Websites , even customize them for your own purposes.
  • AMT is Portable no need to install.

Extra’s and Goodies:

  • Customizable Icon’s & Links.
  • Manage any Set of Folders (not neccasarily just NoMan’s sky Mod’s)
  • Drag Mouse over selection and press <space> to quickly select multiple files at once.
  • Double-Click individual files to Open them up, ie;
  • Click and Press Enter in Path(s) Bar at top to Open current mod’s folder
  • Click on the file Counter(s) to set new paths for files/Mods
  • Bulk Rename File’s quickly.
  • Display speciffic filetypes using the custom file-filter.

Things to maybe come in the Future:

  • We’ll see..
  • Perhaps a youtube clip with the next version.
  • Enjoy.
  • Customisable Templates perhaps for front-end
  • Mod Downloader / Installer (Tricky)
  • Drag and Drop facilities.
  • More info displayed for files (may move to a different system all together)
  • Resizable windows/panes.
  • Detachable toolbar
  • Black/white-listing of files (only display non standard files)
  • Mass renaming Selected all > Rename *.blah (next version)
  • mod order management.
  • more.

Known Bugs:

  • Progress Bars Nerfed 😛
  • Help File(s) need sumarising.



Spaceflight Overhaul, Pathfinder Edition.

This mod presents my personal take on what spaceflight both outside and inside of the atmosphere should be like:

• It is more “involved” and allows a higher top speed.

• You can turn your ship in space and as long as you arent throttling, you can look around without your direction changing at any speed.

• It features lower acceleration than the original pulse engine, but in turn you are able to reach a much higher top speed, allowing much more precise control of your speed.

• When you release the boost button, you no longer lose your gained speed, so you can finally cruise in space at high speeds.

• Turning is no longer instant, so you will have to plan your destination ahead of time, or risk hitting asteroids/space stations.

• There’s an actual point to using your brakes now.

• The ability to hover on planets.

• The ability to go in reverse on planets.

• The ability to fly low on planets.

• Reduced planetary thrust, increased planetary boost forces. (25% reduction to normal engine, 75% increase to booster) to better control your speeds

NMS Mod Manager

* I’ll be fixing bugs / releasing 1.4 very soon along with adding requested features. Sorry about the inactivity, I’ve been busy with a few things.

Mod Manager

  • Easily install / uninstall mods with a single click
  • Built in multi-selection to mass uninstall mods
  • Download the latest mods directly from ( Auto installation will be supported in 1.4 )

Launcher Features

  • Automatic updates
  • Offline mode

Upcoming Features

  • Backup files
  • Save manager
  • Community tools

If you run into any issues feel free to PM me.

This tool uses ConfuserEx by yck1509

Hello Mods – A community title to replace ‘Hello Games’ in the start menu

Since a lot of the game has been improved on by Modders (improved is subjective, of course.), I have decided to put together a loading screen gimmick for those who are passionate about their mods, or just hate Hello Games (I don’t hate HG but still, why not make a mod, since it’s adapted by modders, right?)


I didn’t know what to actually put on the icon circle, since people might not like what I put there. I stuck with the classic spanner design (stereotypical mod logo, right?) and used ‘Hello Mods’ as the text.


Obviously this isn’t official and doesn’t represent the community as a whole – just those who wish to use it. After all, this is a mod.


Also this is not against any EULA, since the mods I, we, have made modify the game which *technically* means I can change the Hello Games logo. i hope. Anyway, enjoy the mod!

No Man’s Sky Mod Manager

This is a simple mod manager I created.

If needed, all you need to do is locate the No Man’s Sky folder (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky).

It should work with both the Steam version and the GOG version but has only been tested with the Steam version.


Harambe Decals

Harambe Decals is a mod which adds a variety of decals from the common “Original Harmbe” to the ultra rare “Rainbow Harambe Party”, even the numbers features a Harambe or two! The decals spawn on ships and generated structures. I would advise you to download this mod as it improves happiness while playing by 16% and it was made as a tribute to the mighty Harambe, may he live in our hearts forever!


Have fun!

Bigger Creatures

This mod changes the various creature sizes in the game. Specifically:

Big version has creatures from small to Huge (but less small than Vanilla NMS) so that bigger creatures are more common,
Bigger version has creatures from Medium to Huge and
Huge version has all huge Creatures.

Unlocked Sizes (As requested):
The Unlocked Sizes version tampers with maximum sizes so that tiny creatures are still possible (Same as Vanilla) but just gives the possibility for some to be Huge. (E.g. Butterflies, Fish, Rodents etc can now be huge.)

Pick the file that you like best. Also currently there is a global limit to how big creatures can get so don’t expect Godzilla sized creatures (Yet)

For questions, problems, requests etc add me on discord: pamehabai6 #5480