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Fast Shader

This is a mod that reduces the processing of the shader and raises the frame rate per second of the NMS.

This is especially effective for low-spec GPUs. Enjoy a comfortable NMS!
Fast Shader does not support VR. Enjoy VR with beautiful vanilla graphics.

MIN especially disables shadows that are said to be GPU-intensive. Since the shadow function is not deleted, set the shadow setting to MIN.
Also does not perform standard Fast Shader optimization. Use this if you experience display problems. sorry.

MID additionally disables Depth Of Field and Particles. MotionBlur and TAA disable the function because the processing is large even with the OFF setting.
Also disables the effects displayed during UI display and NPC conversation. Optimize the display of galaxies and galaxy maps on the title screen.

MAX additionally disables Bloom, HBAO, LightShafts, SailingWay, SpeedLines, etc. The change in appearance is large.
Reduce the complexity of planetary terrain. If you want a normal display, increase the setting.

EXTREME also erases the display of the planet’s atmosphere and water, but it is light. Also disable some mask functions, such as scanning.
It would be nice if you could play NMS with CPU built-in GPU (Intel iGPU or AMD APU).

Please refrain from uploading the NMS play screen using Fast Shader.



Thanks for the tool psarc MBINCompiler used in the packaging of the MOD!

FPS Booster Without Changing UI Resolution (No Man’s Sky NEXT)

Back again for NEXT! Essentially the same as before but I added a new option: Minimal Vegetation!

LowQualityNEXT: Like before, this one will reduce internal resolution and scale, probably it will hurt your eyes but hey, it’s a 7-10 FPS Increase! Won’t change anything related to UI though.

MinimalVegetation: As you might Imagine, Humanity needs to optimize the land by destroying everything for mobility, so most planets WILL look a bit barren (including Lush, sorry). Some special planets are unaffected (I.E. Crystal, Scorched, or the obvious; Dead) so this one can be a bit unreliable at times. Although it will help remove micro-stutter, if you have it. Not really a noticeable increase in performance except if you need the boost, or use both of the mods because you own a heck of a potato (like mine obv.)

This is optimized for Low-End PC, so I don’t know how well it will perform if you have a $5,000 rig. Don’t blame me if something unexpected happens. Although, you probably won’t need this anyway.

I can’t guarantee this will work for you or older/newer version. It does work for me (v1.59) and my curiosity test on NEXT V1.50. So if it works for you, then Enjoy!

In-case the Downloads button is a bit moody: