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Ground Snakes



Added ground snakes that move around, using the flying snake textures and models as a base.
I removed their Wings, Fin tails and Eel Heads to make them look like snakes.
This doesnt replace any other creature or remove them. It just adds to the game.
The snakes have a 15% and 25% probbability to spawn, on Medium and Full planets respectively.


Thanks to Virakotxa the mod now has an additional file with HD worm Textures which look really cool and creepy.
Check the screenshots. 

-Snakes cannot be killed as the flying snakes which are their base also cannot be killed. Making them shootable seems to cause the game to crash…
-Snakes cannot be predators(for now atleast).
-Due to the flying snakes having practicly no animations apart from idle and walking, snakes don’t do anything else than walk (e.g. attack, pose, etc).
If anyone knows how to create animations compatible to NMS please message me. (Editing by hand would be a nightmare and would take weeks).

For questions, problems, requests etc. add me on discord: pamehabai6 #5480.

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Huge Flying Snakes

This mod tweaks Flying snakes and makes them gigantic… Like Godzilla sized.
There are 3 versions to pick from, Bigger, Huge and Godzilla.

Flying snakes can bypass the current creature size limit which is about 7 meters. In the screenshots you can see a 55m Flying Snake…

Enjoy ?

There is a bug in the Godzilla versions where the Flying Snakes have a really wiggly wacky tail…