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ADVANCED Guide— From Clone to Distinct Character (by changing sound)

ADVANCED Guide— From Clone to Distinct Character (by changing sound)

Disclaimer: This guide assumes you have already begun or are nearing completion of your character, and are moving towards giving them a distinct ID.

This also assumes you once again, have replacable sound files, have knowledge of ThreeWorkTool, hex editing and more.

The audio files are always tied to a character for everything, and this doubles for English or Japanese files in their character (or just Marvel being English only).

These need to be changed in the following manner:


As you’re aware, some files tend to be .sngw— much like character themes in the BGM section.

They have to be exported and imported in the same manner, but in order for them to not be overwritten by the base roster, a few things need changing:

  • the sound ID
  • event folder location
  • Characters.ini (Clone Engine directory)
  • new sound files and folders accompanying it


Updating the Event Folder for sound files.

In the example given by Voltaic (if you’re in the UMVC3 EX Discord, you can see it here and skip this part of the talk), Dante has a folder in the event section listed: event/dan/dan.stqr.

For this as an example, we would be changing this to DMC1 Dante. For DMC1 Dante’s case, dan becomes dm1 and the result should become this:



Updating the changes in Clone Engine

Within Characters.ini, you should scroll down to your character in order to reflect their newly distinct sound banks in sound/se/chr/archive. Your cloned character should be using whatever the code was

for whomever was cloned. Open up ThreeWorkTool, open your cloned character’s sound file, and scroll down to the bottom until you find xxx_vo_en as

we will be working from the bottom up. Using Dante again as the example, it should be: dan_vo_en.sbkr and dan_vo_en.srqr.

Click on the file and press F2, or Right-Click the file and hit rename. Change those files to represent your character’s first three letters (refer to up above for DMC1 Dante as an example).

Next, rename the folder to reflect your new ID (dan>dm1).  Then hit Save and then exit.


To test to see if it worked, make sure you have a clean English audio for the cloned character ready to go.

This way you can test to see if their English audio loads up alongside your new character ID!


Afterword/Extra Notes:

Character Voice lines are not to be confused with their event counterpart. In ThreeWorkTool, they are listed as .xsew and require MTFSoundTool for conversion.


Special Thanks: Voltaic, EternalYoshi, Xeno and more!


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