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Fixing the Z-Saber Hitbox Issue for Moveset/Animation on a Cloned Zero

Fixing the Z-Saber Hitbox Issue for Moveset/Animation on a Cloned Zero

DISCLAIMER: This guide assumes you have knowledge of AnmchrEditor and ThreeWorkTool


Zero is a very iffy character to be working with if you are creating a character over him. If you wish to use his character with Z-Saber in tow, Zero’s saber fundamentally functions different from the character.

In the image below, you can see a swapped animation where Zero swings, yet the saber trail points downwards. This is because there is no angle attached.

Zero is using a swapped animation without a fixed weapon prop angle.

In the Anmchr Editor, Zero uses both of the commands, 1_F3 and 1_F7— Weapon Prop Spawn and Play Prop Animation.

In addition to 1_F3 (Weapon Prop Spawn), it also uses 1_F7 (play prop animation), changing the LMT animations that tie into saber normals will change

the concept of their hitboxes in terms of where it will hit and the length.


This was tested when the normal was swapped from Zero to Dante (next to no change), and Zero to Haggar (drastic change).


When using the new normal off of something like buster charge or a link, the normal property will change ALL saber normal hitboxes to the new animation. This can be seen in the following first half of the video.

This spreads to other special moves and messes with their hitboxes, namely Shippuga, Ryuuenjin, Sentsuizan to name a few.

As a direct result of this, the solution to fixing it, is the saber must be adjusted for any and all normals that are being swapped using a combination of the type of saber trail (for clarity’s sake),

and a 1_FB (Weapon Prop Angle) parameter of 0000.


Video Demonstration of both the problem and the solution:



In addition to this, all non-changed saber normals must also use 1_FB that same parameter in order to counteract any changes made to all the non-edited saber normals in Zero’s movelist to avoid

those hitboxes breaking at all. This affects: Standing L, M H, S, any saber special move excluding Genmu Zero Crouching/Air M, H, S, any saber special with a saber trail’s hitbox (except lightning loops).


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  1. Heyo, Alucard here. I’m the creator of this guide and I may understand that it’s a bit over the place. However, if you have a general understanding of the tools, this should make sense to you.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up in the UMVC3 EX Discord, or here if you’re not in there and I can address any problems in this guide or revise it. Thank you!

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