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Eternity Tools

NOTE: 4.0 requires clean installation. The installer will auto-detect and old installation and offer to do the cleaning.

(May 31) Update 4.1: it fixes incompatibility with some bac files. (No need to clean if updating from 4.0, it's just a bugfix update)

The patcher doesn't need update and it stays at 4.0

(May 31) Other tools such as Cycit, Cac2x2m, genser, xv2savdec, and the Quest Importer have been updated to support new x2m (new bac) and/or new DBXV2 save format.

If you like my tools, you can support their development at:

This is a series of tools to mod Xenoverse 2. The patcher, the installer and all the other tools will be moved from animegamemods to here from now on.


xv2patcher: a tool that includes a series of patches for Xenoverse 2, such as allowing files to be loaded from data, allowing more character, skills, stages, etc

Xv2 Mods Installer: A program to install new characters, skills, stages, costumes and quests.

genser: "generic serializer", a program that can convert several Xenoverse 2 binary files into .xml and back.

Cycit: ("Customize Your CITizens"), a tool to customize the npc citizens of Conton City. It is also able to convert them into x2m clones.

Cac2X2m: a tool able to get a custom character from a save file and turn it into a clone that can be installed with XV2 Mods Installer. It also includes X2m2Cac, a tool that does the reverse operation.

Xv2 Quest Importer: A tool that can import/export quests in the x2qs format. You will be using this while developing x2m quests aswell. It includes all vanilla decompiled quests, and also a syntax highlight file for Notepad++ (for x2qs files).

xv2savdec: a tool that decrypts/encrypts DBXV2 save files. It also includes xv2savown, a tool that allows to change "SteamID ownership" of the save. Always backup your save file before using these tools.

yace: ("Yet Another Cpk Extractor"). Just a cpk extractor with a gui. You can also just drag and drop one or more .cpk files directly into it.

iggy_as3_test: a tool to extract the actionscript blob from .iggy files and save them either in .swf or .abc files. It can also insert the actionscript fro ma swf or abc file into an existing .iggy.

dual_tool: A tool to give bac/bcm support for dual skills.

Pack of internal stages: a pack that contains stages that are usually non-selectable/non.playable, and which can be played upon installation. I think this one is to big for the site, so download here:

Sample quests: a collection of quests that were meant as samples for developers when x2m quests were added, but they can be installed by anyone.


Source code can be found in  (WIP, there are still some projects missing)






xv2patcher :


- Fixed compatibility with game version 1.20.1, which is now the only supported version.



XV2 Mods Installer


- (Common) Bugfix: previous version didn't support some .bac files of 1.20+ (bac types 28-30)


- (Common) Updated xv2patcher requirements to 4.0 and game requirements 1.20.1

- (Common) Support for new psc format of 1.20

- (Chara Editor) Some fields in PUP tab have been renamed.

- (Costume editor) Some fields in IDB have been renamed.

- (Installer/Quest-Editor) Support for new update and dlc constants

- (Installer, x2m quests) Fixed a rare bug in which DialoguePart from InteractiveDialogue in dialogue.x2qs could get the "debug_actor" value corrupted. (The occurrence, scope and severity of this bug were minimal)

- (Chara-Editor) The "behave as" in SEV/TTB/TTC tabs wouldn't show characters from latest two dlcs.

- (Common) A bug of same nature as above could have happened in the common lists used by all the editors and has been fixed.


Genser (3.8):

- Support for bac types 28-30





- Support for x2m mods made with the tools version 4.1

- Support for save files of 1.20+





Cac2X2m & X2m2Cac


- Support for x2m mods made with the tools version 4.1

- Support for save files of 1.20+




Xv2 Quest Importer


- Support for new update and DLC constants (1.20/1.20.1)

- Fixed incompatibility with psc file 1.20+

- Fixed a rare bug in which DialoguePart from InteractiveDialogue in dialogue.x2qs could get the "debug_actor" value corrupted. (The occurrence, scope and severity of this bug were minimal)

- "Vanilla" updated with data from game 1.20.1.

- The "Syntax Highlight for Notepad++" updated with new DLC constant.




- Updated to support the new save file size in 1.20+. Still compatible with old saves too.











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May 31, 2023


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  1. Hey Eternity, I have this problem with the tools every time I open the vins it said this program needs xv2pathcer 4 or greater.
    and I’m using version 3.51 and I was wondering if an update coming soon?

  2. Cobjay says:

    Hey, XV2 Patcher is causing the game to crash immediately upon loading my character in. Tested by deleting only that folder. Do you know of a fix? Was working fine just a couple hours ago.

    1. Cobjay says:

      Update: Uninstalled and reinstalled XV2 and the issue persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated, was having a lot of fun with the UE cac transformation until the game decided to stop working

      1. Cobjay says:

        Update again: Narrowed it down to the loose files document in the Epatches folder. Deleting it stops the game from crashing immediately but no installed mods even appear and the game runs as if it were vanilla.

  3. can someone help me? i got a error that says

    “a instance of xv2 patcher already exists.
    you probably mixed xinput.dll and dinput.dll”

    1. Cobjay says:

      This typically means that Steam is trying to run the vanilla game in the background. Press “stop” on its Steam page or shut it down in the task manager and then launch from .bin and it should work

  4. Can someone tell me what this error means and how i can fix it?:

    bool__cdecl X2mFile::InstallCustomAuraSkill(void): Internal coding error.

    i get this error when trying to install Lazy bones transformation mod.

  5. Praise says:

    Is there a new patcher or no? Since whenever I try to install any new clothing mod nothing works?

  6. Sapito says:

    Hi! I have recently reinstalled my mods after I completed de new DLC: super: super hero missions. I wonder if the XV2INS mod is updated to the current version of the game (guess it’s the 1.20) or the mod only runs the 1.19 (so I won’t have the in-game Beast Gohan / Orange Piccolo without using other mods). Hope I was clear, waiting for response!! Thanks!!!!

  7. Gigastorm says:

    Fixed it, but now I have another issue. When I start the game with the mods I installed it gives me four errors:
    xgcore wasn’t found,
    steam_api64 wasn’t found,
    iggy_w64 wasn’t found and
    render_pass_x64 wasn’t found.
    How can I fix this?

    1. Sapito says:

      Have you tried verifying xenoverse data integrity in steam? Xenoverse 2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity… After a few minutes every file that should be there that is not there (maybe it was deleted) will be reinstalled and it should work!

      1. Gigastorm says:

        I’m trying to use it, but it’s still not working… Also, all the files that it isn’t finding are .dll, I forgot to mention.

        1. Gigastorm says:

          I did it! Thanks for the help.

  8. Gigastorm says:

    When I try to start it says “Update MAINSYSTEM_SIZE”.
    How can I fix this?

  9. Edric says:

    Nao consigo ahar o jogo no endereço do game (mesmo que estaja no lugar )

  10. Lion says:

    they tell me version 1.201 or greater is required you have version 1.200 and when i start my game it says version 1.20.1 (patcher 4.00) so it’s good idk why it doesn’t work how to fix it? did i miss something or what?

  11. ssjMartin says:

    still can’t play the latest mods

  12. Darkgeaz says:

    I could also upload the xv2ins of version 1.19 since the one to download doesn’t work with that version

    1. HonestBoy says:

      do you have it ? if yes, please upload

      1. Darkgeaz says:

        I don’t have it, I’m also looking for it

  13. ljames875 says:

    i get an error where xv2ins won’t work it keeps telling me to fix my xv2patcher.ini it says: Failed to load xv2patcher.ini

  14. zeel32721 says:

    -Una volta avviato xv2ins, mi esce l’avviso con scritto di avere la versione del gioco 1.20.00, invece io ho la versione 1.20.01, quella che mi viene richiesta dal patcher.. come potrei risolvere ?
    -Once xv2ins is started, I get the warning that I have the game version 1.20.00, instead I have version 1.20.01, the one requested by the patcher.. how could I fix it?

    1. Lion says:

      I have the same problem they tell me version 1.201 or greater is required you have version 1.200 and when i start my game it says version 1.20.1 (patcher 4.00) so it’s good idk why it doesn’t work

      1. zeel32721 says:

        -ecco.. potete aiutarci?
        -here.. can you help us?

  15. ZGuy87 says:

    My installer is being weird. It’s saying I have 1.16.01 but I have 1.20.01 installed when I open the game. and it’s showing I have the patcher installed. On top of that, the installer isn’t picking up the DLL when I have it in the folder. I don’t know what to do. I even tried the other one. Nothing. I even reinstalled the game, and, again, got nothing.

  16. DrakeX says:

    where i can found the 3.91 version of the installer?

  17. Leoo says:

    Damn, I don’t have the original game. And I can’t use this bc the version is 1.200 and this tool is only for version 1.201

    1. Lord Khronos says:

      then update it? you clearly have it pirated, then look for pirated updated version..

  18. WiseGuye says:

    It won’t let me find the games directory even though I’m inside the game directory lol!

    1. Sapito says:

      In my case i went into DB Xenoverse 2 folder, then “bin”, and i found an executable there you can choose.

  19. jyov says:


  20. megadigi says:

    eternity can you please update because some of the files are damaged.

    1. megadigi says:

      never mind got it working.

      1. Cobjay says:

        yea how? ik for sure the loose files xml is damaged but idk how to fix it

  21. Tomarot says:

    The cac 2x2m says a valor thta supposed to be zero isn’t it, can someone help me?

  22. JackChanlol says:

    Please tell me how do i increase of the character slots, because it says “number of max slot is already at max” so please respond im waiting

    1. Sapito says:

      Maybe it’s too late, but i had this issue too. in XV2INS, you have to choose “tools”, character list, then select a character and merge it with another. For example, 2 different goku characters. That way you will have one more slot. In the game, you will see it when you press RB in controller over the character you merged both of them (in the character choosing menu).

  • 1uploads
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108.73 MB
May 31, 2023

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