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Eternity Tools

NOTICE: Installer 3.81 fixes an important bug in 3.8 regarding handling of IDB files that could have caused some corruption on skills/costume mods installed by 3.8. The installer 3.81 will apply a fix to solve said corruption. To modders that saved costume/skill mods in 3.8 of editors: review the value of IdbEffect to check if they are correct. The following tools also need to be updated: Cycit, Cac2X2m&X2m2Cac, genser and XV2 Quest Importer.


NOTE: 3.8 requires clean installation. The installer will auto-detect and old installation and offer to do the cleaning. The IDB format has changed in  game 1.18, any mod that may have included an idb file on its own (if any) cannot work unless updated.


If you like my tools, you can support their development at:

This is a series of tools to mod Xenoverse 2. The patcher, the installer and all the other tools will be moved from animegamemods to here from now on.


xv2patcher: a tool that includes a series of patches for Xenoverse 2, such as allowing files to be loaded from data, allowing more character, skills, stages, etc

Xv2 Mods Installer: A program to install new characters, skills, stages, costumes and quests.

genser: "generic serializer", a program that can convert several Xenoverse 2 binary files into .xml and back.

Cycit: ("Customize Your CITizens"), a tool to customize the npc citizens of Conton City. It is also able to convert them into x2m clones.

Cac2X2m: a tool able to get a custom character from a save file and turn it into a clone that can be installed with XV2 Mods Installer. It also includes X2m2Cac, a tool that does the reverse operation.

Xv2 Quest Importer: A tool that can import/export quests in the x2qs format. You will be using this while developing x2m quests aswell. It includes all vanilla decompiled quests, and also a syntax highlight file for Notepad++ (for x2qs files).

xv2savdec: a tool that decrypts/encrypts DBXV2 save files. It also includes xv2savown, a tool that allows to change "SteamID ownership" of the save. Always backup your save file before using these tools.

yace: ("Yet Another Cpk Extractor"). Just a cpk extractor with a gui. You can also just drag and drop one or more .cpk files directly into it.

iggy_as3_test: a tool to extract the actionscript blob from .iggy files and save them either in .swf or .abc files. It can also insert the actionscript fro ma swf or abc file into an existing .iggy.

dual_tool: A tool to give bac/bcm support for dual skills.

Pack of internal stages: a pack that contains stages that are usually non-selectable/non.playable, and which can be played upon installation. I think this one is to big for the site, so download here:

Sample quests: a collection of quests that were meant as samples for developers when x2m quests were added, but they can be installed by anyone.


Source code can be found in  (WIP, there are still some projects missing)


xv2patcher :


- Fixed compatibility with game version 1.18, which is now the only supported version.

- Added a patch to disable "controller disabled" message, so that the CPU vs CPU hack can work again.

Note: this patch is NOT enabled by default, to enable set "stop_controller_not_connected = true " in the Patches section of the .ini.

- Possible fix for the patcher not running under Wine and derivatives (untested, and will still require dll override)


XV2 Mods Installer


- (Common) Fixed incorrect handling of 1.18 IDB file. - (Installer) Because of above, there may be some minor corruption in in some values of the IDB of skill/costume mods installed by version 3.8 Installer 3.81 will apply a fix to all installed skill/costume mods to solve said corruption. This is done automatically without user prompt, and only once.



- (Common) Updated xv2patcher requirements to 3.8 and game requirements 1.18

- (Common) Support for new idb format of 1.18

- (Skill/Costume Editor) Added new entries to idb tab and idb effect dialog for the new -and unknown- fields in the format

- (Installer/Quest-Editor) Support for new update and dlc constants, and condition opcode 52

- (Common) Notice: the character slot file (XV2P_SLOTS.x2s) format has slightly changed due to the "32 bits dlc overflow". (new field added at the end for the higher 32 bits of the dlc key)



Genser (3.51):

- Fixed incorrect handling of 1.18 IDB file.




- Fixed incorrect handling of 1.18 IDB file.


- Fixed incompatibility with idb files of 1.18

- Support for latest version x2m.


Cac2X2m & X2m2Cac


- Fixed incorrect handling of 1.18 IDB file.


- Fixed incompatibility with idb files of 1.18

- Support for latest version x2m.


Xv2 Quest Importer


- Fixed incorrect handling of 1.18 IDB file.


- Support for new update and DLC constants (1.18)

- Fixed incompatibility with idb files of 1.18

- Support for QED condition 52.

- "Vanilla" updated with data from game 1.18.

- The "Syntax Highlight for Notepad++" updated with new DLC constant.






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July 15, 2022


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  1. Liv says:

    LividCourage was here 👀

  2. KarZak says:

    is this the newest patcher,i still cant run the game,help please?

  3. Kiidou says:

    Thank you for all your hard work on these!

  4. uber_gaming says:

    I did what you said, I opened the old installer once before adding the new one and I still got no names on my character selection screen

    1. eternity says:

      You have to open the new installer, not the old one.

    2. TheGreat says:

      watch sloplays recent video for how to get it working properly, It’s titled how to mod and it was uploaded yesterday

  5. eternity says:

    A small update to the installer, 3.711: fixes stage names not showing in the stage selection screen. Just run installer 3.711 one and it will update stagesele.iggy for
    the fix. Small update to patcher (3.711): removes unneeded debug message that were added in 3.71 that were trashing the log file with lots of useless message while css loads.
    Also uploaded the remaining tools.

    1. Eternity I hope you answer me. Unfortunately with the new patcher update I can’t do CPU VS CPU fights. There is the message saying “reconnect the controller”. I have never had this problem. I have talked to other people and actually from this latest patcher we have this problem. Do you know what it is due to?

  6. KarZak says:

    im having crashing issues starting a mission,it doesnt get to the character select screen,any solutions? or is it the patcher

      1. Figured it out do not have Revamp installed its not compatible with the current version of xenoverse 2 yet

        1. RebornNova says:

          this did not work for me im not sure why this is happening but i can’t seem to fix this issue at all

    1. r00swell says:

      try to uninstall the game and install it again to be clean and then install the mods if you don’t want to uninstall the game and install it again you remove all files from mods folder and etc after that go to steam and check the integrity of the files and install xv2ins and xv2patcher and mods

  7. zitro says:

    Stage names are not showing in the stage seletion screen. Using 1.17.02 with latest patcher 3.711

  8. SLING06 says:

    What does version 1.170 or greater of the game is required you have version 0.000 mean?

  9. moth says:

    you’re amazing my guy! hope life treats you well.

  10. ikilam24 says:

    I am currently having issue with my game crashing when trying to enter into a PQ, story mission or any kind of battle. I had REVAMP installed when I downloaded your update, but I uninstalled everything and am still having issues. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  11. @Legend says:

    how to find version 1.0 of Cac2X2m ?

  12. Tolnin says:

    When I try to direct it to the DBXV2.exe file, the errors in this Reddit post show up. Here’s the Reddit post showing the errors:

  13. @Legend says:

    how to get version 1.16 of cacx2m

  14. Solace2K says:

    This was anticipated for quite some time

  15. SaiyanMX says:

    Hey guys how can i use the take ally control, i just changed to true and i have the ui menu, but it disappeared thats weird. Thanks for reading me 🙂 and thanks for your Work Eternity!

  16. for some reason with some mods it seems some English and Japanese voice thing is not working so I cant install that mod its telling me

  17. Asura says:

    whenever I try and down load the it says file could not be downloaded virus detected and when I ran the version of the file I already had on my computer I got a message my computer had blocked a file with the name “Trojan:Win32/AgentTesla!ml” I don’t know why that is in there but or if there’s some explanation but I don’t like having possible viruses on my computer and for the record I’m sure it came from that file because every time I tried to run it I would get a new error message from that specific file

    1. account says:

      Late but whatever, It might be your PC/Antivirus false flagging the download as a virus, I have not ran into that issue.

  18. WILDMAGNUS says:

    plz make a mod that makes the hud invisible

  19. Haitsam says:

    hallo, pls help how can i download game version 1.172 cause i use crack for dbxv2

  20. Mahuramaza says:

    Hope this gets updated soon. Trying to run this right now just brings up an error saying the CHARASELE.iggy file is no longer compatible with this version.

  21. ludwyna says:

    Had no problem installing it. My old mods seems to work. BUT for my cac, some clothing (mostly moded) don’t appear in game. And some created super souls for cac2xm characters are not the ones i had put for those characters.

    Any idea how to fix these two problems? I’m totally clueless as the clothes are listed.

  22. spoukies says:

    Hi, I’m trying to modify a mod I installed (which is a character mod) by modifying the awoken skill of this character. However, this awoken skill is an embeded skill so I don’t have a direct access to it. With its id, I tried to find it in the .xml skill file obtained with genser. Yet, I cannot find the skill (pretty sure because it’s an embeded skill). Is there a way to find and modify an embeded skill from an external mod or not ?

  23. SFD09 says:

    question; whenever i get to the character select screen it doesn’t show the sets to the characters, like all of them and not just the modded ones. is there any way that i can fix that?

  24. Karylleine says:

    Anyone got the xv2patcher of 1.17.01?

  25. eternity says:

    I updated the description with link to source code.
    (Nothing has changed in the files)

  26. nguemegne says:

    please how to have old versions?

  27. oscartricky says:

    were is the download then

  28. eraclesheart says:

    Thank you very much for always supporting the modder community, you’re great, by the way, do you think there is any method or mod to unlock the “titles” that they give to those who participate in tournaments and events?

  29. i cant use the xv2ins it keeps showing configure screen and when i click the 3 dots it doesnt help

  30. wxew says:

    Whenever I click on xv2ins, it says initskillsname failed, does anyone have a fix for this?

  31. davidepuzza says:

    hey i have this problem that says “Initselport failed” and i cannot open xv2ins can someone tell me what do i have to do please?

  32. CptTesla says:

    Genser doesn’t seem to open for some reason. Anyone got any ideas as to why?

  33. Renee Basley says:

    Xinput 1_3.dll is not working for me

  34. Nas00 says:

    Please help Easy Anti Cheat refuses to let me start the game. I installed everything correctly.

  35. Nas00 says:

    For the love of God, any of you please help me. I’ve downloaded XV2 from Steam yesterday and copied the latest patcher ( and its files in the right folders. Yet Easy Anti Cheat keeps on giving me the error “suspicious xinput1_3.dll” and refuses to let me start the game. I’ve tried every trick on the net to no avail.

    I don’t give a fuck about playing online. After putting the game away for more than 2 years, all I want is play XV2 modded as I always did.

    Thanks in advance, people.

    1. omartwo says:

      just uninstall anticheat that is the only way to play with mods

  36. Hleo there says:

    can this be used for 1 .16?

  37. GKCSMAS says:

    And today we got 1.18.0 update

  38. robbie12378 says:

    Came back to Xenoverse 2 modding for a new playthrough 2 days ago and download a bunch of fucking mods and edit the character slots around so it looked more organised. Then today they release 1.18 and now I can’t even fucking play it. When the hell will they stop updating this fucking game its 6 years old!!!!

  39. bubbleman says:

    My game updated and now i cant open it cuz its not compatiable anymore, so is there any way to revert back from 1.17.2?

  40. is the patcher for 1.17.2 not out yet?

    1. robbie12378 says:

      its not 1.17.2. 1.17.1 and .2 used the same patcher. The game updated to 1.180 today so we either have to find a way to downgrade or wait a month and a half for the patcher to update.

  41. SZ101 says:

    I recently tried to open the game and a pop-up for the XV2 Patcher appeared stating: “This game version (1.180) is not compatible with this version of the patcher. Min version required is: 1.172.”

    It appears that the patcher is now outdated due to the new update. Is anyone else having the same issue?

    1. robbie12378 says:

      Find a way to downgrade or wait a month and a half for the patcher to update.

  42. zkiller00001 says:

    Just to let you know, Xenoverse 2 has updated again, so if you could update your patcher again, that’d be great, thanks!

  43. cheesequuake says:

    of course the game updates versions as soon as i get all my mods downloaded 🙁

    1. cheesequuake says:

      also in case I can get help for this here, Im trying to downgrade the version with depot downloader through cmd but its saying connection timed out while chunk. Should I just wait and it’ll fix itself?

      1. cheesequuake says:

        also in case I can get help for this here, Im trying to downgrade the version with depot downloader through cmd but its saying connection timed out while chunk. Should I just wait and it’ll fix itself?

        edit: nvm it fixed itself

        1. Geeman says:

          how did you downgrade the updated version

      2. did you get it to work? i downgraded my but when i start the game it cant find my saved data and says i need to update

  44. zxaleb27 says:

    Needs updated to 1.180.

  45. Ation says:

    When I run the game, I have this message:
    “This game version (1.180) is not compatible with this version of the patcher.
    Min version required is: 1.172”
    What does it mean and what should I do?

  46. Owen says:

    does this need an update?? cause my game tells me that dbxv2 1.18 doesnt work with the patcher

    1. ssj5sano says:

      Unfortunately yes it needs updating. And who knows how long it will take. Really sucks cuz some sick new content dropped today 🙁
      Starting to wonder if playing this game with mods is even worth it at this point…

  47. mansour99hd says:

    hi eternity please can you update the patcher from 1.172 to the new version 1.180 .

  48. Shadow says:

    It says Incompatible with game version, so does it need to be updated?

    1. I get it too. It’s because he hasn’t updated the patcher yet, it only runs on version 1.17. Our game version is 1.18. Give him time to update the patcher, then you can mod the game again. 😉

  49. R3D_44 says:

    Is cominga new update? The Game just get a new patch.

  50. Putrid says:

    It says that I have 1. 180 and need 1. 172 please help

    1. Toahno says:

      Your game version is at 1.18.00 but the tools currently only work with game version 1.17.02.

      This means that you have to wait for an update of the tools.

  51. Putrid says:

    are there any other patchers?

  52. Putrid says:

    How long does it usually take to update

    1. Alex Knight says:

      Last time, it took 3 months. So get ready to wait.

      And spamming at them to update isn’t gonna make them work faster.

      1. miki468 says:

        tu as une solution pour au moin remettre la version ultérieur ?

  53. supermtia says:

    when you do the version for 1.18.00?

  54. when is this getting updated again?

  55. when will this be updated for the new dlc?

    1. Revan384 says:

      At least give him a week.

  56. Mahuramaza says:

    Hope this gets updated for the new game version soon

  57. blue says:

    xv2patcher 1.172 plz

  58. wesker233 says:

    we need the 1.18.0 updated version of the game

  59. DragonSyo says:

    It says that the version isn’t compatible and i’ve put in everything that i put in last time is there something im doing wrong?

    1. timothy91 says:

      no he needs to update It

    2. It’s because he hasn’t updated the patcher yet, it only runs on version 1.17. Our game version is 1.18. Give him time to update the patcher, then you can mod the game again. 😉

  60. LaLiLuLeLo says:

    Any chance this’ll be updated for version 1.180?

  61. JJS234 says:

    Does The Patcher Need an update for dlc 14 cause it doesn’t want to launch for me

    1. cheese says:

      is there anyway to get the dlcs for free?

        1. cheese says:

          damn cause to buy them all its like 200$

          1. zxaleb27 says:

            yes koalageddon

  62. Jakou says:

    Keep up the great work Eternity. were would the PC DBXV2 community be without you 🙂

  63. Calfox says:

    Update? for xenoverse 2 version 1.8 ? thanks

    1. Matillo says:

      i think in the next days

      1. next months, last time it took almost 3 months to update it takes some time.

  64. Matillo says:

    when the patcher for 1.18?

  65. blue says:

    need a new version plz

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      It’s rude to demand an update when he’s probably already working on it

  66. cheese says:

    im getting error dlc key 2 not 0 fok 1 idk what to do no vids on it

    1. I get it too. It’s because he hasn’t updated the patcher yet, it only runs on version 1.17. Our game version is 1.18. Give him time to update the patcher, then you can mod the game again. 😉

  67. Zumori says:

    Normally when does new patcher comes out after the new game update?

  68. Manbebe says:

    when will a new patcher be released

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      Be patient, it takes a while to make a new patcher every update

  69. sondragon66 says:

    when i try to open the application for the XV2INS, it keeps saying that the game data is from an older update, and cannot run because of that, is this purley because i have a older verison of the game ( which i dont believe i do ) or something else? im quite confused really, anyone mind offering their impressive expertise?

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      Basically XV2 Patcher has not been updated to support 1.18 yet, usually it takes about a month for it to update, so just be patient

  70. wouter1 says:

    Not Woking, I have installed the latest DBX2 (form steam), I have followed the video ( to the T and then I get a msg saying ” The game version (1.180) is not compatible with the version of the patcher. Min version required is: 1.172″ can anyone help to fix this. Thank you

    1. Quincy says:

      Eternity has to update the patcher to be compatible with the latest version of XV2. It might take them some time so I’d give them at least a week.

      1. JewJewKinks says:

        Usually it’s more like a month, and it depends on whether or not eternity wants to wait for a 1.18.1 or not

  71. PsyKoPat0 says:

    so how do i know if this works in 1.18 or not…?

    1. this is for version 1.17, when the updated row on the sidebar changes from may to something else, this has been updated and should work with the new version

  72. PsyKoPat0 says:

    Oh right…. this needs to be updated…. Just great.

  73. alonch says:

    Can you update the VERSION it doent work anymore

  74. alonch says:

    Can you update the VERSION it doent work

  75. antonidgb says:

    sirve para la version 1.18 ? XD

  76. mimum says:

    when will it be updated to 1.18? or is there a way to downgrade to 1.17.2?

  77. Lonchi says:

    Folks, maybe he is busy at moment. Just be patient, when he’s available, probably he will update the tool

  78. actualizado ala 1.18 de xenoverse 2

  79. Is it up to date or do I have to wait for the time being

  80. ngocpui says:

    Please update to version 1.18

  81. sadie.ciccia says:

    when do you update? it’s been a long time 🙁

  82. Quincy says:

    Y’all I scanned through the source code and saw that Eternity updated a few files and they even say “for 1.18”. So yes it is happening. They are working on it. I don’t have any idea how long it will take them cause I don’t know squat about coding but just have some patience because it is happening.

  83. Owl Milk says:

    Literal God send to the XV2 modding community.

  84. eternity says:

    The update for 3.8 is up.
    The following changed: xv2patcher, XV2 Mods Installer, genser, Cycit, Cac2x2m&X2m2Cac, and XV2 Quest Importer.

    A clean installation will be needed.

    1. Picardy III says:

      I have been checking this page daily and regularly for an update and it is finally here! Thank you so much!

    2. SpxhtZ says:

      im having problems any help??

    3. xv2ins.exe is a virus according to Windows Defender. It is not launchable and automatically deleted

      1. eternity says:

        I can’t control false positives of antivirus. To begin with, the installer code didn’t even change much compared to the previous version (most changes were the idb and slots code). I wonder what change in concrete made them do that.

        1. No idea, it seems like others are having the same issue though. Looking into it it said it was a trojan and no matter what I do it’s considered so dangerous that it must be deleted. I can’t even stop it. the installer is the only one like this. I would guess you have a line of code somewhere that windows associates with trojans, and it only works on your computer because you made it. On anyone else’s computer it’s automatically removed because its from an unknown developer.

          1. eternity says:

            And xv2characreat and the others aren’t detected? That’s weird, because all of the updates in code are shared between these programs, and the only change that is specific only to the installer was adding the string “Dlc_14” to the slots editor combobox.

        2. Replying to this messsage since I guess I can’t reply to the latest one:

          It says that there’s something called “Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml” and even though I trust that it isn’t intentional I’m not going to trust something with trojan in the name from a website called lmao
          It might be that you have a virus and you’ve spread it unintentionally but I honestly have no idea!

          Edit: Looking into “Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml” is showing that this is a common problem, I’ll keep digging!

          1. I found a very temporary solution by whitelisting it while it’s in my downloads folder before it’s auto deleted but I recommend trying to find out what’s causing this for the sake of everyone else’s sanity lol

        3. Sarix says:

          The Trojan Message Is Bogus Its A False Positve Just Make Sure To Exclude XV2 INS From Your Antivirus. Let The People Know Eternity Include It In A .txt File

          If It Really Was Malmare All The Tools I Ran it Through Would Have Seen It In Other Files Not Just In The XV2 INS Because It’s Supposed To Spread Which It Clearly Isnt

          Microsoft Defender Is Good At It’s Job But It Can Be Dumb Sometimes
          Just One Of Those Rare Instances Where Code Is Similar Enough To Trigger A Response

          1. jsward says:

            it’s not bogus. It has a TROJAN VIRIS

  85. gostroyer says:

    When i try to start the xv2ins. Then i get a Pop Up with This Progamm needs the Patcher v3.8 but i have the Patcher v3.8. What can i do ?

    1. Update your installer as well smfh

      1. alonch says:

        Are you talking about the XV2PATCHER? if you are so I downloaded the 3.8
        if your not talking about that so how can I update the installer?

  86. cipolla63 says:

    nel esce che c’è un file trojan e non lo fa avviare potete risolvere?

    1. eternity says:

      Damn, I deleted your comment by accident, while trying to reply, sorry.
      Anyway, you mentioned something about resaving costume x2m mods will update the IDB entry. That’s true, but anyways old costume x2m mods are supported out of the box, since the installer will assign the new fields the default values in those cases.

      1. I see. Skills seemed to install just fine as well

  87. I can’t open xv2ins it gets a error and it says that it has a virus

  88. Calfox says:

    Hii, Good Day thanks for the update but the XV2ins has an error my computer detects it as a trojan virus is it safe to use?

  89. hey so i have windows defender active and its not allowing me to use this patch but it allowed me the previous one do you know how to fix it

  90. Ayaka says:

    really thanks for your hard work on this evry patch

  91. Updated today but still not working with the new update?

    Edit: XV2ins contains a virus according to windows defender…

  92. BlueDeluxe says:

    it says xv2 installer is a virus trojan

  93. Sarix says:

    Keeps Saying That The XV2 INS File Has A Trojan And Wont open

  94. KreditsDue says:

    i downloaded new files but i get 4 errors. 1. dlc key 2 not found. 2. a long one i wont type fully but it starts like.. class std::basic. 3. failed on character FOK. 4. initial charalist failed. please help.

    1. KreditsDue says:

      couldnt find out how to edit but first error is actually Dlc 2 not 0: FOK 1

  95. Jamoku says:

    hi, I downloaded it but when I open up xv2ins it said I need configure requirements, but I don’t have the file for it is there a way to get the require files?

  96. bubbleman says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the tailism_item not showing up cuz my game keeps giving me an error for it.

    1. KreditsDue says:

      do you know how to fix the four errors that pop up with xv2ins?

      1. Alex Knight says:

        I got it working. Delete absolutely everything of Eternity’s, from the old version. It needs a fresh install. So delete xinput, all the mod .exes, the Internal folder, the data folder, the XV2PATCHER folder, all of it, then copy the new stuff over.

        1. Alex Knight says:

          I also ran the game with no mod files installed, Idk if that helps, but do that too.

        2. antivirus18 says:

          but the installer wont download tho

          1. Alex Knight says:

            That’s on you. I can’t help you there.

  97. r00swell says:

    I received a message from my anti virus about a possible threat every time I click on XV2ins it appears that it has detected a trojan

    1. Alex Knight says:

      False positive. Just restore it and move on.

  98. jaleel sims says:

    yo your xv2sins have a virurs

    1. Alex Knight says:

      False positive. Restore it and move on.

    2. jsward says:

      do not believe the people saying it’s false. it’s a virus Your computer doesn’t lie

      1. Alex Knight says:

        … You’re an idiot. False positives happen ALL the time. Anti-Virus software is PROVEN to lie all the time.

        Ignore this guy; it’s a false positive, and it’s safe to use.

        Quit scaring people, and fuck off.

  99. jsward says:

    this file has a virus in it

    1. Alex Knight says:

      False positive. Just restore it and move on.

  100. Identified as a virus and trying to fix the false positive has left me in a situation where now windows defender will eternally yell at me unless I allow all trojans to exist on my device or reinstall windows.

    1. Alex Knight says:

      Don’t use Windows Defender lol

      1. SpxhtZ says:

        My gallery_item.idb isnt up to date supposedly.. know how to fix this??

        1. Alex Knight says:

          Update the patcher. BanCo did something that changed some file structure, but Eternity fixed it. ALWAYS do a clean install of the patcher/installer, and ALWAYS run the game without any mod files first.

  101. aj6007471 says:

    For anyone with a virus problem with xv2ins I have a simple fix!
    Just go to your windows virus setting
    scroll down and click “manage settings”
    scroll down once more and click “add exclusions”
    select “Folder”
    make sure to select the XV2INS Folder ONLY!!!
    ^ This worked for me and I hope it works for you 🙂

  102. Namekian says:

    Ok so I allowed the trojan thing hopefully this doesnt bite me back

    1. Alex Knight says:

      It won’t. It’s a false positive.

  103. eternity says:

    To the attention of modders: avoid saving skill and costume mods with an IDB entry in the new editor (3.8) due to a bug in my code with the new IDB format. Wait for 3.81. Characters, stages and quests are fine. (and skills without IDB section).

    To the attention of mod users: skill/costume mods may currently have small bugs in their effects when installed in 3.8. This will be fixed in upcoming 3.81, the installer will apply a one-time fix for any skill/costume mod already installed.

    1. adude1999 says:

      Thank you so much for your hard work, Eternity, any time frame of when update 3.81 is coming? Take your time and take care of yourself have a good day

  104. Userblaze says:

    the xv2ins contain a virus can you make something about that ?

    1. eternity says:

      There is no virus. I’d like to live in a world where antivirus vendors would explain their users that in a scale of 0-100, where 0 is superstition, and 100 is science, the methods they use sit around ~30 (e.g. closer to superstition than science).

  105. antivirus18 says:

    The installer wont download because its a threat to my windows program

    1. Alex Knight says:

      False positive. IF it had a virus, it wouldn’t be on the site at all.

  106. Jay says:

    Whenever I launch the game it says battle_item.idb material_item.idb radio_item.idb talisman_item.idb isn’t compatible with xpatcher1.18. Does that mean Lazybones New Transformations and other mods that install these items are unusable til they are updated?

    1. s4int4m0ds says:

      I’d say so since I only choose to install some clothes and a few movesets. I got in the game. So far so good, right? Then I try Lazybones New Transformations and there’s an error. Till this point, it didn’t need an update. Guess that and other mods are gonna be in the works for a while.

  107. voyde6 says:

    The new version of XV2INS keeps getting deleted by my Windows Security, saying there’s a virus in it.

    1. Mine too, what could we do about that?

      1. Alex Knight says:

        Whitelist it. It’s a false positive.

        1. jsward says:

          explain how it’s a false positive?

          1. Alex Knight says:

            Because the file wouldn’t be allowed on the damn site if it had a virus, and Eternity is the CORNERSTONE of modding the damn game. Wake up, sheep.

            Plus if your lazy ass scrolls up, Eternity HIMSELF said there’s no virus.

  108. eternity says:

    Updated to version 3.81 (the installer, the patcher doesn’t need update) to solve a problem of minor corruption of idb files if skill/costume mods were installed in 3.8.

    The following program also were updated: Cycit, Cac2X2m & X2m2Cac and XV2 Quest Importer.

    1. Popemaster says:

      Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to update the IDB files to remove the corruption even on a clean install. It’s also xv2ins.exe is also being flagged as a trojan.

      1. Alex Knight says:

        How clean are you doing? Because if you clear the installation with the installer, then deleted every mod file, THEN run the game without mods, there shouldn’t be anything remaining. So that tells me it’s not as “clean” as you say. Also the virus is a false positive. Ignore it/whitelist it.

        1. Roccos says:

          I tried as well and when we install lazybones installer the same error message pop up, but at this point i think it’s lazybone that needs to update it

          1. Popemaster says:

            @Alex Knight, It was a literall full uinstall from steam and then removing all remaining files completely.

            But as Roccos said it did eventually come down to installing New Transformations from Lazybones breaking it again.

  109. fantastic job as always but having a wee problem am getting the file ‘data/system/item/accessory_item.idb’ is not compatible with this version of the game (idb format changed in 1.18).

    thats what i get when i replaced the old ones with the updated one? am guessing i screwed something up this time?

    1. eternity says:

      Have you cleaned installation?
      Also, it is possible that some mods that include .idb files (?) have put those files, but the .idb format has changed for the first time since 2016, any mod that includes a .idb file needs update.

      1. JodiF says:

        same problem here, cant use custom super souls : “data/system/item/talisman_item.idb”

        1. eternity says:

          Does those custom super souls come from a mod or from a tool? If it is a mod, it needs to be updated. IF it is a tool… well, the same.
          The format has changed in 1.18, that was not my thing, it was Dimps. Old format .idb files in 1.18 would either crash the game or cause unpredictable things.

          That said, if they come from a mod (and not a tool), this is how you can fix it. Grab genser 3.51. Drag and drop the talisman_item.idb file to it, so that it generates talisman_item.idb.xml. Now drag and drop talisman_item.idb.xml to genser, it will generate a new talisman_item.idb that is compatible with 1.18.

          1. jsward says:

            hey, what do I do about the trojan virus? I checked virus total and it says there’s a trojan virus on the x2vins file.

          2. Does this work for more than just super souls or are mods released previously to 1.18 no longer working without any way to fix?

      2. I THINK i found out why it wasnt working i was using the old xv2ins so got too rearrange that and should be good

  110. matthew says:

    im having a accessory error

  111. Aelred Lykos says:

    So Im able to load the mods and purchase the transformations and skills from the store as well as equip them but when I start up a PQ or a pvp with my brother it just throws up the loading screen for a while and doesnt load. we did a clean install for the new update but it wasnt doing this in the last update was wondering if there was a fix we could do?

  112. StarLight says:

    Is the 1.160 version of the patcher still around?

  113. joco213 says:

    When I try to open “xv2ins.exe” I just get a spinning wheel for 1 second, and then nothing happens. It worked just fine for me last night and now it refuses to open. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it, restarting my PC, and opening/closing the game a couple times. Any advice?

  114. Anime_WRXLD says:

    Hi, Eternity Idk If I’m The Only One Having This Problem But Every Time I Install A Character Mod The CHARASELE.iggy Breaks The Character Select Screen I’ve Had This Problem Last Update But I Some How Fixed it Through Trial And Error. If You Could Get Back To Me That Would Be Very Apricated…

  115. By the way, does the patcher section of Skillcreate support the newest CUSAura IDs? Tried using God forms’ ones and they were just integers on the pre-baked, and even manually changing them to hex didn’t seem to do the trick

    1. Tried doing so on 3.7 versions of the patcher/Ins btw

  116. drobin95 says:

    Ok so far, the only issue that I’m having is that I keep receiving a message saying that I need to download the 3.8 update for the mod application. Which is weird because I downloaded here. any advice or should I just wait patiently for a new download update?

  117. chrysler 909 says:

    help when i open the XV2INS its says game path configuration failed but I got my game on my steam pls help

  118. chrysler 909 says:

    Whenever I try to open the xv2ins.exe application, I get a “Configure requirements” menu asking for a game path, but no matter what I put in there, nothing works

  119. hi says:

    help xv2ins says the program needs to be 3.8 or greater or greater (your current version is 3.62) i downgraded the game, and i deleted all my mods and now i cant even use xv2ins for months

  120. grecomedina says:

    every time i open xv2 there’s always an error saying “The file “data/system/item/talisman_item.idb” is not compatible with this version of the game (idb format changed in 1.18)” I don’t know if the xv2patcher and xv2ins is fully compatible with 1.18 because mod with animation doesn’t work

    1. Anime_WRXLD says:

      just delete the the talisman_item.idb and only install the mods that have been updated

      1. grecomedina says:

        did that already, and by the time i run dbxv2.exe the error always pops up

  121. Whenever I try to start up XV2INS, it just gives me four errors, being;
    1. Dlc key 2 not 0: FOK 1
    2. class std:: basic_string<char,struct std:: char_traits , class std::allocator > cdecl DlcToString (unsigned int): Unknown dlc 0x00000000
    3. Failed on char “FOK”
    4. InitCharaList failed.
    Is there a way to fix this?

  122. lilkek says:

    i reinstalled everything but i still get the data/system/item/accessory_item.idb error

  123. P says:

    All the characters and even mine doesnt have clothes i cant even buy any from the store cuz some are gone can someone help me

  124. Sassagawa says:

    Is there a way to change the file destination for the mod installer? ever since I’ve had to reinstall the game, none of my mods will load .

  125. hey eternity how would i be able to start the freezer serge without crashing? any tips? I did everything right and the possibility is at 0.25

  126. Kiers says:

    It says that I have version 3.711 and i need 3.8 but how do I donwload 3.8 (Using Steam)

  127. So the game is saying all IDB files are invalid when the only mods I’ve downloaded with 3.8 were released after the update, so no problems should be caused there. If I boot the game no clothing or skills are present. Is this what patcher version 3.81 is supposed to fix? All of my other mods were from 3.7, to see what the issue is I’d have to wait for 3.81 to see if it’s corruption from 3.8, correct?

    1. Would a simple reinstall work or are all mods that do not update prior to July 7th no longer able to be used?

  128. webby99 says:

    no need to rush but any idead when the patcher will be released?

  129. Iso says:

    I keep getting an error:

    “The file “data/system/item/accessory_item.idb” is not compatible with this version of the game (idb format changed in 1.18)”

    Any way to fix this?

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Delete the ‘system’ folder,
      Directory: DBX2/data/system.

  130. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

    The choice of colors is not working in Skill Creator (BCS Hair Color and BCS Eye Color), please help us

  131. KanonXV says:

    Has the “Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml” problem been fixed or it has been confirmed if it’s a false positive?

  132. finsrevenge says:

    I’m new to modding (computers in general actually). I’m having weird issues with being unable to enlarge the windows that pop up when I open the slot editor and all of the creators. I can full screen the windows but all the contents of the page don’t enlarge at all…and I can’t read half of it because its all condensed and cut off. Anyone have any clues as to whats causing this? I’d be grateful for anyone’s insight.

  133. Jwolf says:

    on my laptop. I was able to half ass get xenoverse 2 to work the other night. now I can’t get the Installer to work. I have cleared the installation. I have verified the files 5 times. I have an up to date version of the game. bought the new dlc and all. why am I having trouble. why does this pop up.

    DLC key 2 not 0: FOK 1

    class std::basic_string<char.struct std::char_traits.class std::allocator >__cded DLC To String ( unknown dlc 0x00000000.

    Failed on char FOK

    InitCharaList failed

  134. Giovany says:

    Where can i found the patcher from game version 1.17.02?

  135. bikadave7 says:

    where is xv2patcher 3.81 ? cuz I downloaded this one and I have an error message ” The file “data/system/tailsman_item.idb” is not compatible with this version of the game (idb format changed in 1.18) abort load ? if you press no, a crash or undefined behavior can happen in game”

    Help me plz if you know how to solve this problem.

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Delete the ‘system’ folder,
      directory: DBX2/data/system

      1. grecomedina says:

        not an actual fix cuz the mods you just installed will be deleted as well so it just reverts everything back to normal

  136. jazzyb says:

    hey i dont see cac2 file to edit my cac any help ?

  137. kesaway says:

    for whatever reason my cac won’t auto dodge. I’d appreciate some help or a little guidance

  138. ZelicLSS3 says:

    I’ve been having trouble with my copy, the game is refusing to save Data and deletes everything every time I restart the game

  139. MarshallXeno says:

    I’m getting an error whenever I try to boot the game up, specifically the “data/system/item/accessory_item.idb” error. Is there anyway to fix this?

    1. grecomedina says:

      sadly there’s no fix, some mods might not work properly and it’s very unfortunate, feels like xv2 1.18 isn’t for mod

  140. Hey I’m not good with computers yet and I’m new to modding but I keep getting an error “Failed to load xv2patcher.ini. Fix your xv2patcher installation” can anyone help a brother out?

  141. Meganz says:

    i have an error in the installer that when i locate dbxv2 game path it says “Failed to load xv2patcher.ini , Fix your xv2patcher installation”
    i have dbxv2 1.18

  142. Hello, I don’t know if you can help me, but my dragon ball xenoverse 2 (without installing x2m and without Bin, Patcher) I can play it with my controller, but when installing x2m, Bin and Patcher, the game doesn’t recognize the controller properly. What I mean is that when I move the movement lever of my controller up it doesn’t recognize it only down, and I want to play dragon ball xenoverse 2 with mods but with my controller, do you know what I can do to fix it or does someone know please that I don’t I find some solution. 🙏

    1. Tej Joshii says:

      Use the alternate xinput dll file provided in the zip

  143. Djxkage says:

    Wjat do i do if i get the error pop up “InitSkillNames Failed”

  144. Nysaur says:

    Hey guys! I need help does anyone have an outdated version of XV2INS? I need the 3.711 cuz I accidentally deleted it and i dont want to update, i have a lot of mods that im not sure will work on the next update, thx!

  145. danny says:

    everytime i try to open XVins it says xv2patcher

  146. Lock says:

    This is amazing, but it could really use some clarification.

    1. Either add a confirmation for removing mods, or have it say what mod was removed in case someone accidentally clicks the button.

    2. When errors pop up, PLEASE bring up the name of the mod as well. Otherwise if I’m reinstalling a batch of mods, and it says “Hey, there’s a problem”, I don’t know what’s causing the problem and it slows things down exponentially.

    3. More transparency in general, really. It’s an amazing tool, but when something goes wrong, it gets incredibly frustrating.

    4. The character slot editor menu would be aided with making it easier to move characters around, such as through batches, easier/smoother scrolling, and being able to resize the window that pops up.

    If you implemented all of these, the Mod installer would be SOOO much better.

  147. CrazyMaxx says:

    I want to Update my tools to the newest version but the last times i do that my custome roster was gone… How can I update installer and patcher without losing my entier roster??? Thx in advance

  148. I’m really confused. You said 3.81 fixes the idb issues, but after wiping everything and using the new installer, I’m still getting an error for “gallery_item.idb” saying it isn’t compatible. What am I supposed to do? Then when I load into the game, all my SS’s are gone lol. Like even from the Roster characters.

  149. skull says:

    great tools, but I recently tried using genser without success. Genser just wouldn’t open. An idea?

  150. Valdi says:

    Hi eternity, one question i’m still getting the error of talisman_item.idb is not compatible, i just put the patcher in the folder as always, only that and when i start the game it tells me that, its supposed to be the patcher the version 3.81? or the xvins? (I did it in Clean install)

    And if it has to be the patcher in the download appears the version 3.8 (in the xvins if u press in about it tells the patcher is 3.8 but the installer is 3.81).

    Reading the changelog

    – (Installer) Because of above, there may be some minor corruption in in some values of the IDB of skill/costume mods installed by version 3.8
    Installer 3.81 will apply a fix to all installed skill/costume mods to solve said corruption.
    This is done automatically without user prompt, and only once.

    But at least for me it is not doing that

    Thanks if u reply me man and thx for the patcher!

    1. Valdi says:

      Ok, i think i fixed it guys, eternity was right, u should remove ALL DBXV2 from your directory, ALL, and redownload from steam, if u do a fresh installation and not an update from the old version to the new one should work, for me at least it worked and i dont get anymore an error, so you should redownload xenoverse2 and install the patcher, for me it worked

      Again Ty Eternity for your tools man, u are big

  151. EdmondDracul says:

    i have a problem my mod loader can’t register the x2m file it does all the process but it doesn’t save the type of file to the app

  152. silverx567 says:

    Hi, i have the error “version 1.180 or greater of the game is required. you have version 0.000” and I have the correct version of the game and the tools and patcher, can someone help me?

  153. Hey, I have a problem with the CAC2X2m, its a error saying something about being unable to read the forehead or something, how can I fix this?

  154. Is there a limit? I got to around 500 mods and everytime i install any mods now it just goes “not responding” and bugs

  155. The latest xv2ins installer says it has something called Program:Win32/Beareuws.A!ml. What is it?

  156. I found out that Program:Win32/Beareuws.A!ml steals your bank card information

  157. @Legend says:

    plzz help me i need older version of cac2x2m

  158. I need help, the “Cac2X2m” keeps giving me an error 🙁

  159. ZAMN says:

    For some peculiar reason, Windows detects the xv2ins tool as a “virus”. Scanned it on virus total, also said it has a virus. Dont know what to do, can anyone help me?

  160. royalcash says:

    when i install a mod there an error that says overflow error

  161. Hugo_Lovi says:

    when I install xv2patcher the rendering of my game is very slow, is there any way I can solve this?

  162. devmarick says:

    I just downloaded this for a clean installation of XV2.

    “This program needs xv2patcher 3.8 or greater (your current version is 3.7). Update xv2patcher
    Download latest xv2patcher from ”http://anime…/tools-eternity” ”

    So first of all the animegamemods site ain’t working, there is nothing in regards to an updated patcher or xv2installer on the original site…

    Is anyone else facing those problems, or am I just being too much of a pleb to fix this? Or are we waiting on yet another update from Eternity??

    1. SurrealKid says:

      im having problems too dont worry I have an error tht says “data/system/gallery_item.idb is not compatible with this version of the game (idb format changed in 1.18)” there’s another one too tht I have to remove to get my controller working for some reason

  163. Zandertf says:

    Eternity, I downloaded everything but it keeps telling me that im at version 3.7 and the latest version is 3.8. How could I fix this?

  164. Aixant says:

    failed to load xv2patcher.ini. fix your xv2 patcher installation, who do you fix that

  165. Ankh says:

    I tried installing and running the game but received a message saying failed to apply patch NewStage:OverrideFarClip. Is there a way to fix that?

  166. VegetaDarker says:

    Hi eternity, i would like an option to extract a character from a slot of the game into an .x2m file. i need it to extract some character i have in game and re install it later. after all the tools you make this one would be super easy for someone expert like you

  167. jimbimbum says:

    this is more of an additional step for linux users. after installing, go into game properties on your steam (it launches the normal start exe regardless so it doesn’t matter which for me) and there’s an arguement that should fix it. type

    Without controllers: WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”xinput1_3=n”

    with controllers that use Directinput (playstation controllers and higher(do not use alt dll)) : WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”dinput8=b”,”xinput1_3=n,b”

    with controllers that use Xinput (xbox 360 and higher(use alt dll but delete xinput1_3 from xv2 game bin)): WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”dinput8=n,b”,”xinput1_3=b”

    n means native as in native to the game folder, b means built-in as in built into wine itself. i hope this helps. :3 if you remove the b it won’t be able to check wine’s/proton’s system prefix for the original which it does seem to use anyways. i thought maybe only using “xinput1_3n,b” would work with controllers, not for wine/proton so don’t bother.

  168. supermee says:

    How to fix xv2ptcher.ini fail to load? Please help

  169. G119 G110 says:

    Thanks I was lost trying to get this right

  170. LionWolf59 says:

    Sorry for sounding like an idiot, but I have absolutely no idea how to install this… and I can’t find a readme regarding this…

  171. LionWolf59 says:

    O.K. I learned how to install the installer and patcher, but i need to set the path for the mods to be installed. Help Please.

  172. Yes says:

    When I try to log open the file where you put your mods in it says “error fix your xv2inspatcher” how do I fix this?

  173. Yes says:

    When I try to log open the file where you put your mods in i says “error fix your xv2inspatcher” how do I fix this?

  174. tsukiyomi89 says:

    Eternity can you update your files for the new update today pls

  175. ByrdieB318 says:

    My game updated and mods aren’t working. Will there be an update to the patcher soon?

  176. swazieshanie says:

    I keep getting “ConfigureRequirements Failed” message within the xv2ins folder. If your able to assist I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.

  177. Mike Chaos says:

    thank so so so so much for your work . can u pls make an orginizer for the mods? i struggle to find my buggy movesets because i cant even search for them by word search in the mod. or maybe have categories in the tool like movesets,charecters,super skills,ultimate skills,maps,pqs,charecters, game mods,trasformations,stances,outfits,races and more. thank u again for the tool

  178. Jwolf says:

    The game had an unannoced update. the game can still be played with mods. but the save editor im using is telling me that the build version is unknown. may want to look into an update.

  179. Sharod0730 says:

    The only problem im at is the configurtion requirment

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