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Eternity Tools

EXTRA NOTE: Hello all, this is Yagi, the XV2 VGM Manager. Let me be clear: The Patcher is not malicious and it is NOT a virus. It is completely open source on GitHub, and if there were anything malicious inside of it then it would be really fucking stupid for Eternity to have that public facing.

The reason why the Patcher keeps getting flagged as a virus is because the Patcher edits memory data while XV2 is running. That is how the mods work. The same sort of system is used for other popular cheating/hacking tools such as Cheat Engine.

If you are having troubles downloading or using the Patcher, then you need to do some personal investigating to figure out which anti-virus is blocking the Patcher and then look into how to add personal exceptions for the Patcher.

Alternatively, if you would like to get direct assistance with getting the Patcher/Installer/Tools to work, you may join the Citadel to ask questions:


NOTE: 4.2 requires clean installation or the new (experimental)  "Port over mods". The installer will auto-detect and old installation and offer to do the either the cleaning or the "port over".

Update 4.22: (only patcher, installer remains at 4.2), compatibility with game 1.21.2 (only supported version).

This is a very small update, no need to clean anything.

If you need support for 1.21/1.21.1, I leave the older 4.21 for that.

If you like my tools, you can support their development at:

This is a series of tools to mod Xenoverse 2. The patcher, the installer and all the other tools will be moved from animegamemods to here from now on.


xv2patcher: a tool that includes a series of patches for Xenoverse 2, such as allowing files to be loaded from data, allowing more character, skills, stages, etc

Xv2 Mods Installer: A program to install new characters, skills, stages, costumes and quests.

genser: "generic serializer", a program that can convert several Xenoverse 2 binary files into .xml and back.

Cycit: ("Customize Your CITizens"), a tool to customize the npc citizens of Conton City. It is also able to convert them into x2m clones.

Cac2X2m: a tool able to get a custom character from a save file and turn it into a clone that can be installed with XV2 Mods Installer. It also includes X2m2Cac, a tool that does the reverse operation.

Xv2 Quest Importer: A tool that can import/export quests in the x2qs format. You will be using this while developing x2m quests aswell. It includes all vanilla decompiled quests, and also a syntax highlight file for Notepad++ (for x2qs files).

xv2savdec: a tool that decrypts/encrypts DBXV2 save files. It also includes xv2savown, a tool that allows to change "SteamID ownership" of the save. Always backup your save file before using these tools.

yace: ("Yet Another Cpk Extractor"). Just a cpk extractor with a gui. You can also just drag and drop one or more .cpk files directly into it.

iggy_as3_test: a tool to extract the actionscript blob from .iggy files and save them either in .swf or .abc files. It can also insert the actionscript fro ma swf or abc file into an existing .iggy.

dual_tool: A tool to give bac/bcm support for dual skills.

Pack of internal stages: a pack that contains stages that are usually non-selectable/non.playable, and which can be played upon installation. I think this one is to big for the site, so download here:

Sample quests: a collection of quests that were meant as samples for developers when x2m quests were added, but they can be installed by anyone.


Source code can be found in  (WIP, there are still some projects missing)







xv2patcher :


- Fixed compatibility with game version 1.21.2, which is now the only supported version.



- Bugfix: ultra instinct (for cacs) wasn't displaying aura due to missing initialization data.

- Bugfix: if file pre-baked.xml didn't exist, some aura-bpe initialization data wasn't being initialized.



- Fixed compatibility with game version 1.21 and 1.21.1, which are now the only supported versions.

- Bugfix: fixed a bug that could have caused a crash in Freezer Event offline.

- Bugfix: (Custom awoken skills) the patch for behaviour11 was overwriting one of the 2 uses for behaviour10.

Note for modders of awoken skills: after this bugfix, behaviour11 is only related to stance, and behaviour10 only related to dyt. (Behaviour11 is not longer connected to dyt, that was a bug)

- Changed some stage patches to allow the total maximum number of stage go from 127 to 2147483647.

- The patches to allow awaken skills to set hair/eyes color can now set any material (skin, clothes color, etc). This can be used with the "More bcs colors" in the Skill Creator.

- Added a patch to allow the use of "Cell Max" - like characters (use along with the new "Character Type" setting in XV2 Chara Creator, Mod Info tab)

Technical details: the list "CELL_MAXES" in the pre-baked.xml file hold the list of CMS entries that will be recognized as Cell Max-type by the game.

In the eventuality that a character were in both OZARU and CELL_MAXES list at the same time, the game logic assumes ozaru by default.

- Added patches to allow custom auras to set additional data that is normally hardcoded in the exe: a bpe effect id (and a couple of boolean values of currently unknown purpose, but related to bpe)

- The log will now show timeline relative to start of game.

- The hair/eyes color (and the new additional colors) can now work regardless of value of BH10 (previously it may have been BH11)

- Added a patch to allow custom awaken skills to set "Behaviour 64", related with detransform on ki/stamina depletion.



XV2 Mods Installer


- (Common) Updated xv2patcher requirements to 4.2 and game requirements 1.21

- (Common) Support for new cus/qxd formats of 1.21

- (Installer/Skill-Editor) Support for new blast skills.

- (Installer) Upon detecting an old installation, the installer now also gives you a "Port over mods" option besides the "Clear installation".

The "port over mods" will transfer all current existing x2m mods and slots to work for the newer game version.

Please note that this feature is in experimental/alpha stage. Make sure to read all warnings and limitations when the installer gives you the option.

- (Installer) Limit of stages that can be installed has been raised from 127 to 2147483647.

- (Installer) The number of costume mods (and some kind of awaken skills) that can be installed now are more than 300x times than before.

Technical notes: the installer will use bcs partsets in the range 2000-65535, except for 10000-10099.

- (Installer) Support for "agnostic skill id" in skill bdm files. It works just like with bac/bsa files: skill id with value of 0xBACA/47818 will be replaced with id2, and value 0xBACB/47819 with id1.

- (Installer) After a clean up, the installer will restart itself (no more manual restart needed)

- (Installer) Bugfix: one of the two bugs regarding character update failing when the number of aura/custom auras was different to the previous version is fixed.

- (Chara-Editor) The checkbox in the Mod Info tab to set a character as Ozaru has been changed to a list: "Normal, Ozaru, Cell Max", which now allows character mods to be based on Cell Max.

- (Chara-Editor) In the HCI tab, the "Get entries from game" would miss some of latest DLC characters. The implementation has been changed to not ever miss any future character.

- (Skill Editor) Bugfix: since 3.9 there has been a bug in the CUS tab in which the value "U_44" was getting the value of "Num of transforms" when saving.

To avoid any potential unknown problem: it's recommended that all skill mods saved in 3.9-4.1 get resaved in 4.2 after setting the value of CUS:U_44 to -256.

- (Skill Editor) Added new entry to cus tab for the new U_48 field in the format

- (Skill Editor) The skill import will now handle "ID1" mapping to "agnostic id 0xBACB". This feature has been supported by the installer since 2.5, but it wasn't added to the skill creator.

These will be done to BAC, BSA and (see below: BDM) files.

- (Skill Editor) The import skill functionality will now translate skill id in BDM files to the agnostic ID2 "0xBACA/47818" or ID1 "0xBACB/47819". Currently the bdm ID2 translation is not supported for these two skills: 000_GOK_KMH and 000_GOK_CKM.

- (Skill Editor) The "Transformation" tab now has a "More bcs colors" that allow to set additional materials colors (skin color, clothes color, etc).

- (Skill Editor) In the "Transformation" tab, Patcher section, when copying a vanilla skill, the program will now ask if you want to copy behaviour 66 (previously default option was to not do it), along with a short explanation.

- (Skill Editor) Slight rename of behaviour 10, 11 13 and 66 in Transformation tab, to reflect what they do (previously, a patcher bug caused confusion between BH10/BH11)

- (Skill Editor) Transformation tab: the values of BH10, BH11 and BH13 can now be -1.

- (Skill Editor) Added BH64 in the transformation tab. This can allow modders to implement thing like the "Detransform if ki or stamina" depleted.

- (Skill Editor) x2m skills can now use the new 1.21 "how" (where to find, how to obtain) messages (optional)

- (Installer/Quest-Editor) Support for new update, constants, conditions, actions and the new values in "Quest" and "QxdCharacter/QxdSpecialCharacter"

- (Stage-Editor) Support for new GBB (cross battle) gates, and also the two new unknown fields in each gate.


Genser (3.9):

- Support for 1.21 cus format. Old format is still supported.




- Compatibility with game 1.21 & 1.21.1

- Support for latest version x2m.





Cac2X2m & X2m2Cac


- Compatibility with game 1.21 & 1.21.1

- Support for latest version x2m.


Xv2 Quest Importer


- Support for new qxd format (1.21). Old format is not longer supported, due to this, the program can't longer work with previous versions of the game.

- Support for new update, constants, conditions, actions and the new values in "Quest" and "QxdCharacter/QxdSpecialCharacter".

- Added support for the following type of quests: "PRD" (Crystal Raid), "RBD" (Extra Raid), "RBS" (Million Raid), "GBB" (Cross Versus), and "EVT" (Festival of Universes).

- "Vanilla" updated with data from game 1.21

- The "Syntax Highlight for Notepad++" updated with new update constant.





- Updated to support the new save file size in 1.20+. Still compatible with old saves too.











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February 13, 2024


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  1. anhto says:

    Where can I find older versions? because I crack the game

  2. Assassin says:

    can u make it work for old game versions aswell???

  3. Koutetsu-_- says:




  4. Michael says:

    What’s the password for the ZIP file?

  5. JFlenwar says:

    pourquoi je ne peut pas remplacer mon fichier bin sur mon fichier du jeu sa me demande une autorisation requise alors que avant sa me demander pas ca peut être a cause de la nouvelle maj je ne sais pas mais a cause de cela je ne peut pas jouer avec des mods

  6. please any solution for NewStage:ProtectIsGbbMode error

    1. KLEAR says:

      Go to XV2PATCHER, open the xv2patcher.ini file with notepad (or whatever you use), find new_stages = true, replace true with false. boneappletea.

  7. Zonnt says:

    Greetings and congratulations to the team behind this project, I would like to consult a bug of the xv2ins when installing a stage because it crashes and closes when you want to install any .xv2 that contains a stage mod, I would like to know if it is a bug of the current version or if it is something that I installed wrong in the tool.

  8. KoyMcCloud says:

    For anyone s till having trouble downloading the zip, use Microsoft Edge to do so, once I did that, it downloaded no problem.

  9. Rimas says:

    I keep running into a Problem where when I have AIextend or NewStages enabled, it won’t open the game. for AIextend it says, Failed to apply patch “AIextend:CheckBattleMobAlign6” and for NewStages it’s, Failed to apply patch “NewStage:ProtectIsGbbMode”. I tried looking at multiple Tutorials and Sites on the Subject but none of the Methods worked, Can anyone help me on this?

    1. Crypto722 says:

      ever find a fix that works for this?

  10. SolitarySage says:

    I have downloaded the latest version and scanned it through my virus and malware protection programs (Avast & Malwarebytes). The file is safe and has the same flags as Cheat Engine does, a.k.a “false positive” flags. It is ok to download.

    1. Klissta says:

      I thought this was the case, thanks for confirming that.

  11. jamesadams says:

    Hey sir
    So, I’ve been having a major problem updating my xenoverse 2
    I recently downloaded it
    And since it’s version 1.13
    I’m not able to use the new xv2 mod installer
    Because apparently i need version 1.210 or higher
    Please could you please drop a link for the 3.2 xv2 mod installer and patcher
    Please,I’ve tried everything
    But I’m not ready to give up

  12. Does anyone know what day they will update eternity tools? Since this latest version the mod is saying it is a virus

    1. considering the susposed admin somehow posted on a mod description that was posted by a user**confused as hell noises** the answer is no one is sure…tbf if chrome and other browsers are saying it’s a virus I’m inclined to believe me no anti virus needed my own browser says no

  13. Tmany4 says:

    if anyone downloaded the new version, is it safe? I’m not really tryna risk downloading a Trojan.

    1. WiseGuye says:

      Has anyone downloaded the updated version yet?

  14. pinhani61 says:

    Could you please update the XV2 Mods Installer to the last version 1.21.2 too because it doesnt work thanks in advance.

  15. Arby 627 says:

    Eternity. Thank you for the tools and I hope you have a nice day.

  16. kail says:

    since people disrespects Eternity

    1 go to settings on ur pc

    2 go to privacy and security

    3 go to windows secruity and click virus and threat protection

    4 turn off virus and threat protection

    and there u have it

    1. IVEL says:

      Nodoby is disrespecting eternity, we just want them to address this because google never identified eternity tools as a virus before, specifically a backdoor trojan so

    2. Johta says:

      uh and where else do i go? I’m in virus and threat protection and what do i click to turn it off

    3. asks people to turn off anti virus when its not the issue and its chrome and other browsers including edge stoping the downloads itself due to backdoor trojan which has been seemingly ignored and it seems this inst updated properly it seems dude.

      1. But it is a Windows thing? at least for me anyway, my browser lets me download it. It’s just Windows auto-deletes it when I try to extract it. Still hella sus tho.

  17. IVEL says:

    Alright, I’ve been modding for a few years now ever since I didn’t even have a computer good enough to render xenoverse 2 properly, and I have never came across a problem like this. I want to download and use mods with your tool but I don’t feel safe and I believe many other people feel the same, so please adress this issue thoroughly so we can understand if it really is a false positive or not.

  18. “anti virus..” dude its chrome and every browser its nothing to do with anti virus but the browsers themselves…yall need to sort that out not us. fix it?

  19. DragoKey says:

    what it look like it going download you have to be fast to extract

  20. Iso says:

    I appreciate the hard work you put into making these tools. Thank you so much, seriously.

  21. JustaGabe says:

    Is this virus false positive even something you can fix? I’m not really computer smart but I’d assume with how its described it isn’t really something that can be fixed like how a developer could fix a bug in a game..

  22. Timothy669 says:

    it not leting me get the update patch it keep blocking say it a varise

  23. theres a thing blocking me from starting the game its said failed to apply patch for NewStage:protectlsGbbMode

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February 13, 2024

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