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New 3D models for Vegeta (Remodel V1-test-)

I don't think it looks good... so i'll try to improve it sorry ): here is my twitter if you want to see some updates from mods and... drawings c:



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  1. HenTiger says:

    i think regular armor vegeta should have a lighter blue colour, and for the rest I think it’s perfectly fine, what you’re doing is just incredible

  2. What do you mean by “dont look so good”? Actually it is a fantastic mod!! You dont have to ask sorry, because you did something amazing!!

    1. PedroTx says:

      your comment made me happy, thank you very much ^,^

  3. XxDS10xx says:

    I love your faces they look way better than what the devs gave us! Just wish there was a goku one out.

  4. Dude!! Vegeta looks just like in Z not even joking!! You’re doing some amazing work! Keep it up!

    PS: I’m really hyped for Goku πŸ™‚

  5. I really love how this looks! Looks a lot more expressive than vanilla Vegeta to me

  6. Looks great pedro! Been looking forward to more of your remodels.

  7. Choppy Z says:

    damn this looks so good
    great job!!

  8. I didn’t expect Vegeta releasing this early. Your work is sexy as fuck and very much appreciated πŸ™‚
    I will definitly keep track of your future work on other models

  9. ssjMartin says:

    wow fantastic i mak it good work

  10. I love the work you do with these models. The quality is really something else, in regards to Vegeta I’d really only say maybe the shading & colors could be improved here and there but aside from that maybe just proportions a bit on Super Vegeta. Fantastic job overall Pedro!

  11. aaaaand that’s another fellow xenoverse modder I’m gonna follow…

    This b lookin’ nice.

  12. goldmass says:

    is the face model only on base vegeta or is it for all the vegetas.

    P.S. this is the best face remodel I have ever seen

  13. Djergostar says:

    will this be compatible with revamp xenoverse?

  14. Ngl this “rework” looks like something that could be in the Revamp Team’s new update. This looks absolutely incredible!

  15. ssjMartin says:

    wow vegeta and goku you did well
    I like it 50/50

  16. Unit-M931 says:

    bro don’t be harsh on yourself this looks bloody amazing keep it up! πŸ˜€

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July 22, 2021