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Xenoverse 2 Save Editor

All of the following can be edited:

  • Created characters:
    • Name, race and voice
    • Height and body type
    • Level, experience and attributes
    • Skills and equipped (presets)
    • Quest progress
    • Mentors (friendship, customization)
    • Some statistics (such as play trends)
  • Inventory:
    • Costumes
    • Accessories
    • Super Souls
    • Capsules
    • Mixing items
    • QQ Bangs
    • Equipped battle items
    • Artwork
    • Mascots
  • Unlocked skills
  • Hero Colosseum
    • Master experience and level
    • Figure experience
    • Figures
    • Decks
    • Story and free battles
    • Skills and items
  • XV1 Hero
    • Select from the default presets or import a character from either a DBXv1 or DBXV2 save file.


Support for mod skills/items/characters:

Any installed skill, character and quest mods are automatically supported by the editor, so long as the game directory has been set correctly (If it never asks for the directory then that just means the editor found it by itself). Name lists will be generated on the fly by reading the games files.

If the game directory was never set for some reason then the editor will default to using backups provided with the tool (in “SaveEditor/data”). Going this route will mean all mod skills/characters/quests will appear as “Unknown...”.



Q: Why isn't costume X or skill Y included? Can you update it?

A: No skill, costume, quest or anything else is included. I do not make lists of this stuff for it to appear in this save editor. Instead, the editor just loads all of this information directly from the game (which is why it might ask you set the game directory, if it didn't auto-detect it by itself, and why it has a short “Initializing” phase upon start up).

So with this in mind.. if there are missing items for you, then it can be because of the following reasons:

  1. You have a mod installation containing data from a previous game version which did not have these items. Solution: nuke the whole mod data folder (you CANNOT use this mod installation on the new version of the game because of this EXACT issue, so there is literally no reason to keep it).
  2. You did not set the game directory when first running the save editor (selected Skip) and are using an outdated version of the save editor. Solution: Get or wait for a new version, or go into the settings and set the game directory.
  3. Another possibility for skills specifically is that you have not loaded into the game at least once since installing the update or mod(?), and thus the skill ID was never added into the save file. In this case the skill just won't appear in the list at all. Solution: just load the game once and save. In the future, an option may be added to manually add skills to the list.



eternity – save encryption code

The save editor requires .NET Framework 4.7 to be installed. You can find it here.

The save file can be found in “Steam//userdata//{your steam id}//323470//remote//DBXV21” for version 1.17+ or “Steam//userdata//{your steam id}//323470//remote//DBXV2” for earlier versions.

Just load the .sav file directly with the editor. No need for any decryption tool.


  • The editor will now set the proper flags when raising the level above 99, fixing the issue where the game would force characters back to level 80 and reset attribute points (you do NOT need to use the Validate Flags option, this is always done automatically when saving)


  • Raised max attribute points to 200


  • Added support for levels above 99


  • Support for game update 1.21


  • Fixed an issue when modded OSQ quests have been installed (Infinite History), and the save was no longer able to be saved in the editor.


  • Fixed a bug when saving some old sav files (1.07 and below)


  • Added missing Time Patrol quests
  • Added the "Give Partner Keys" option to the Tools menu. This will add all the keys to your inventory and set the flags required for them to work. (As far as I can tell it works, but since I don't have all the DLC some are missing for me)


  • Support for game version 1.20.01 (2.8 works fine - this just gets rid of the unknown version warning)


  • Fixed issue when saving


  • Support for game version 1.20


  • Support for game version 1.19


  • Added option to exclude modded quests when using the "Complete All, Z-Rank All..." buttons. On by default.
  • Fixed "Edit Paths" on the Infinite Story tab
  • Added new partners from 1.18


  • Support for game version 1.18


  • Support for game version 1.17.01
  • Support for the extended Hero Colosseum figure inventory size in 1.17.01 (600 figures)


  • Fixed an issue saving older save files (pre-1.17)


  • Support for unlocking the 5 new partner keys
  • Added all the new partners to the customization tab


  • Support for game version 1.17



  • Support for game version 1.16



  • Support for game version 1.15.01
  • Support for unlocking the partner keys (Important tab in Inventory)
  • Artwork and mascot unlocking (New tabs in Inventory)



  • Support for game version 1.14.01
  • Fixed a minor bug that showed the imported XV1 Hero name as "NULL" if it was empty



  • Fixed a bug that broke support for game versions older than 1.14



  • Support for game version 1.14
  • Main window is now resizable
  • Added a option to change the Steam ID of the save file (in Tools menu)
  • Added a warning when editing quest progress to prevent a common mistake
  • The relevant flags are now set automatically when raising the level above 80 (thought I done this ages ago...)



  • Fixed a missing .dll error (some stuff got moved around in the last update and I simply forgot to re-include it, opps)



  • If a HC figure has an invalid time stamp it will now be ignored, instead of a time parse error happening
  • Updated the backup name files to 1.13 (the new content should now appear if you didn't set the game dir)



  • Support for game version 1.13 (note: initial loading of the editor may take slightly longer for some users, this is due to some changes Dimps made to the cpks)
  • .NET Framework requirement changed to 4.7



  • Support for game version 1.12
  • Search function added on skills tab


  • Dual Attack gauge added
  • Added an option to unlock all mentor customization options (this wont add new ones, just unlock the already available ones)
  • Added Crystal Raids to the Quests tab
  • Mod skills are now marked with a "+" sign
  • General bug fixing and improvements


  • Fixed a bug that overwrite some of the save data for the new raid mode in DBXV2 ver 1.11.
  • Added the ability to import characters from a DBXV1 save into the XV1 Hero slot.


  • The XV1 Hero can now be edited, including importing any XV2 CaC into the slot.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some costumes to be removed from the inventory when it had a duplicate name.
  • Added an experimental new tool: Flags Validation.


  • Fixed an issue where the max level for UR figures would be incorrect (only affected 1.22)


  • Fixed an issue with the Add All figure buttons which prevented skills from being able to be equipped onto the added figures in-game. (if you have already added all figures then you will need to remove and re-add them to fix the issue)


  • Fixed an issue with setting skills for HC figures


  • Hero Colosseum support added


  • Fixed a bug that caused some data to keep reverting to the original value when the user tried changing it (affected mentors, quests and inventory)


  • Tokipedia routes can now be edited
  • Mentor customization (skills, super souls and stat presets can be edited)
  • Body size editing
  • Added the ability to import and export characters
  • Fixed a bug with the "Reload" button on quests (this would cause it to load in data from the first character in the save file, regardless of the actual selected one).


  • Fixed an issue with unlocking individual skills
  • Fixed a minor issue with editing QQ bangs (quantity couldn't be typed in properly on the edit/add window)


  • Initial release
  • 3uploads
File size
7.25 MB
Credit given to modders
October 19, 2023


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  1. wnrandom says:

    it worked for me now, i had to use the savegame inside the steam folder, not the one inside the appdata folder

  2. Morphast says:

    I tried to save the file with all the clothes in the game, unfortunately when I entered the game it did not work

  3. aaaaaaaa says:


  4. aaaaaaaa says:


  5. Metagolen says:

    So any way you can upload this to unlock special artworks? Cause like 70% require you to grind in Breakers and the rest are literally impossible to unlock unless you had the game at the right time. Thanks.

  6. SUKUNA says:

    ei man what is the game directory at the start?

    1. Just go to your C: drive, go to Users, open the folder with your user profile name, go to AppData → Local → BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment → DB Xenoverse 2 → Saved → SaveGames, then open the folder with the 10-digit number, go to DBXV21, and it should be the file called DBXV2.sav

      I hope this helps.

  7. XK13 says:

    Until the Festival is over the Save Editor won’t work. Are save are now being backed up on the cloud. Due to Festival being pure online Content.

    1. Really? That’s actually good to know. I just wish Lazybones could’ve told us instead of making us all wonder what the hell’s going on.

  8. WhatPiX says:

    So no intention to fix no? just wait to see if have luck in next version or 2 more versions no?

  9. jjabela says:

    The save editor doesn’t work first it says ‘guest name list init failed’, i press ok than i open file, open and my save game and it says ‘The file could not be opened. The reason given by the system is; Unsupported save version, Load failed.’

  10. greninjasn says:

    I have a problem in regards to festival skills. I’m able to set them as unlocked, however when trying to equip them in game, they’re not present. Is this a known bug that will be fixed in the future or am I the only one with this issue?

    1. SABURO06 says:

      no se pueden tener para el personaje de uno querido @greninjasn

    2. WhatPiX says:

      is the editor issue until fix is not working

  11. Elpiterpaul says:

    Me podrían decir si es que tengo el juego en steam y modifico los archivos, podre seguir jugando online?

    1. WhatPiX says:

      sobre todo ahora que no funiona

  12. kvenom says:

    Yo, I have a problem: Customization keys 16-20 don’t work and can’t be removed from the inventory for some reason. Whenever I toss them out, the game re-adds them as soon as I boot up the save. How can I get the characters those keys were supposed to unlock, if I can’t re-add them??

    1. HaruKoma says:

      Check the “tool” tab on the top left corner

  13. 12/21/2000 says:

    Hey LAZYBONE can u please fix this beacuse its not working it reverts every time i go in game ;-;

    1. WhatPiX says:

      Thats it bro, and when this happenned in past, he take the same way is taking now, dont do nothing, dont say nothing, and just you wait to next game version or 2 more to get working again.

  14. KingKhai says:

    This is currently not working when I edit my stats n stuff it doesn’t transfer over to the game even though I saved all changes please fix.

  15. WhatPiX says:


  16. DC123 says:

    I know you’re getting a lot of comments asking “when festival attacks” and what not, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween!

  17. claudiochhj says:

    Me banean el online en steam si hago este hack para conseguir todo los ítems y muchas medallas TP y zeni?

    Will they ban me online on Steam if I do this hack to get all the items and many TP and Zeni medals?

  18. It Just won’t mess with my saves, comes up with some odd popup then it doesn’t let me pick my cac.

  19. TheAlfaR100 says:

    Hello, can we obtain the special artworks with this? 🙂 thankss

    1. DC123 says:

      You can obtain all artworks that are currently in the game’s files.

      1. TheAlfaR100 says:

        okay but i dont see the section from special artworks, only the regular

  20. hypeerzin says:

    bro, the festival attacks don’t appear, only the clothes appear

  21. Shosh says:

    im having a issue with the 2.9.3 varsion its bugged my max lvl that i can put is 85 and the new transformation is unkown and saying its a mod

  22. snakeerik says:

    So just a quick thing to mention the updated version of the save editor has a problem of the quests list not loading at all.

    1. saiyansnake says:

      yea im having the same problem it will be fixed soon i hope.

  23. SABURO06 says:

    Will there be a way to unlock all of the comradery stuff without grinding? for festival of universe Also, thank you for all that you do!

    Hey man, can you please upgrade this tool to unlock the festival stuff @lazybone updated version 1.21.00

  24. jackson748 says:

    Does anyone know what the star next to a name (e.i Rakshasa’s Claw*) mean?

    1. DC123 says:

      It’s a move or a version of the move that is not normally accessible to CaCs. For instance, take Blue Evolved Vegeta’s Final Explosion. His variant does not turn him to stone, but the version that CaCs can get does. Same name, different move. You’re better off not giving yourself * moves when using the editor.

  • 3uploads
File size
7.25 MB
Credit given to modders
October 19, 2023

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