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Xenoverse 2 Save Editor

All of the following can be edited:

  • Created characters:
    • Name, race and voice
    • Height and body type
    • Level, experience and attributes
    • Skills and equipped (presets)
    • Quest progress
    • Mentors (friendship, customization)
    • Some statistics (such as play trends)
  • Inventory:
    • Costumes
    • Accessories
    • Super Souls
    • Capsules
    • Mixing items
    • QQ Bangs
    • Equipped battle items
    • Artwork
    • Mascots
  • Unlocked skills
  • Hero Colosseum
    • Master experience and level
    • Figure experience
    • Figures
    • Decks
    • Story and free battles
    • Skills and items
  • XV1 Hero
    • Select from the default presets or import a character from either a DBXv1 or DBXV2 save file.


Support for mod skills/items/characters:

Any installed skill, character and quest mods are automatically supported by the editor, so long as the game directory has been set correctly (If it never asks for the directory then that just means the editor found it by itself). Name lists will be generated on the fly by reading the games files.

If the game directory was never set for some reason then the editor will default to using backups provided with the tool (in “SaveEditor/data”). Going this route will mean all mod skills/characters/quests will appear as “Unknown...”.



Q: Why isn't costume X or skill Y included? Can you update it?

A: No skill, costume, quest or anything else is included. I do not make lists of this stuff for it to appear in this save editor. Instead, the editor just loads all of this information directly from the game (which is why it might ask you set the game directory, if it didn't auto-detect it by itself, and why it has a short “Initializing” phase upon start up).

So with this in mind.. if there are missing items for you, then it can be because of the following reasons:

  1. You have a mod installation containing data from a previous game version which did not have these items. Solution: nuke the whole mod data folder (you CANNOT use this mod installation on the new version of the game because of this EXACT issue, so there is literally no reason to keep it).
  2. You did not set the game directory when first running the save editor (selected Skip) and are using an outdated version of the save editor. Solution: Get or wait for a new version, or go into the settings and set the game directory.
  3. Another possibility for skills specifically is that you have not loaded into the game at least once since installing the update or mod(?), and thus the skill ID was never added into the save file. In this case the skill just won't appear in the list at all. Solution: just load the game once and save. In the future, an option may be added to manually add skills to the list.



eternity – save encryption code

The save editor requires .NET Framework 4.7 to be installed. You can find it here.

The save file can be found in “Steam//userdata//{your steam id}//323470//remote//DBXV21” for version 1.17+ or “Steam//userdata//{your steam id}//323470//remote//DBXV2” for earlier versions.

Just load the .sav file directly with the editor. No need for any decryption tool.


  • Support for game version 1.17.01
  • Support for the extended Hero Colosseum figure inventory size in 1.17.01 (600 figures)


  • Fixed an issue saving older save files (pre-1.17)


  • Support for unlocking the 5 new partner keys
  • Added all the new partners to the customization tab


  • Support for game version 1.17



  • Support for game version 1.16



  • Support for game version 1.15.01
  • Support for unlocking the partner keys (Important tab in Inventory)
  • Artwork and mascot unlocking (New tabs in Inventory)



  • Support for game version 1.14.01
  • Fixed a minor bug that showed the imported XV1 Hero name as "NULL" if it was empty



  • Fixed a bug that broke support for game versions older than 1.14



  • Support for game version 1.14
  • Main window is now resizable
  • Added a option to change the Steam ID of the save file (in Tools menu)
  • Added a warning when editing quest progress to prevent a common mistake
  • The relevant flags are now set automatically when raising the level above 80 (thought I done this ages ago...)



  • Fixed a missing .dll error (some stuff got moved around in the last update and I simply forgot to re-include it, opps)



  • If a HC figure has an invalid time stamp it will now be ignored, instead of a time parse error happening
  • Updated the backup name files to 1.13 (the new content should now appear if you didn't set the game dir)



  • Support for game version 1.13 (note: initial loading of the editor may take slightly longer for some users, this is due to some changes Dimps made to the cpks)
  • .NET Framework requirement changed to 4.7



  • Support for game version 1.12
  • Search function added on skills tab


  • Dual Attack gauge added
  • Added an option to unlock all mentor customization options (this wont add new ones, just unlock the already available ones)
  • Added Crystal Raids to the Quests tab
  • Mod skills are now marked with a "+" sign
  • General bug fixing and improvements


  • Fixed a bug that overwrite some of the save data for the new raid mode in DBXV2 ver 1.11.
  • Added the ability to import characters from a DBXV1 save into the XV1 Hero slot.


  • The XV1 Hero can now be edited, including importing any XV2 CaC into the slot.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some costumes to be removed from the inventory when it had a duplicate name.
  • Added an experimental new tool: Flags Validation.


  • Fixed an issue where the max level for UR figures would be incorrect (only affected 1.22)


  • Fixed an issue with the Add All figure buttons which prevented skills from being able to be equipped onto the added figures in-game. (if you have already added all figures then you will need to remove and re-add them to fix the issue)


  • Fixed an issue with setting skills for HC figures


  • Hero Colosseum support added


  • Fixed a bug that caused some data to keep reverting to the original value when the user tried changing it (affected mentors, quests and inventory)


  • Tokipedia routes can now be edited
  • Mentor customization (skills, super souls and stat presets can be edited)
  • Body size editing
  • Added the ability to import and export characters
  • Fixed a bug with the "Reload" button on quests (this would cause it to load in data from the first character in the save file, regardless of the actual selected one).


  • Fixed an issue with unlocking individual skills
  • Fixed a minor issue with editing QQ bangs (quantity couldn't be typed in properly on the edit/add window)


  • Initial release
  • 3uploads
File size
2.90 MB
December 1, 2021


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  1. Hey uh I followed the instructions to use this Save Editor but even when I saved the edits to the right directory nothing has changed in the game, what is it I’m missing?

    1. galaxyxeca says:

      you must close your game correctly and not by pressing the cross or your save will not go well

    2. Unit-M931 says:

      What version of the game are you using, Cracked or Uncracked. I asked this cuz there’s 2 save file locations.

  2. artnovice says:

    the download file keeps downloading as a rar file and doesn’t work

  3. Summickk says:

    hey as next update it will be nice if there was a lock all option for everything, it’s a pain in the butt if you misclick unlock all and have to redo everything, it would be cool too if you can create qq bangs but you can choose the star level 1-2-3-4-5-6.

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      The first thing I agree with, that would be nice, but the QQ bang isn’t really possible, well it is technically possible to change it’s initial ID, but the game corrects it to whatever it should be ex: If I made an all 5 QQ bang and asked it to be marked as a level 1, the game would see that, check what stats it has, notice that it doesn’t fit the criteria and make the correction

  4. elmao18191 says:

    is in the ned of the page

  5. palegihosuts says:

    Heya. I have a pretty long question, but it all boils down to this: How far can I go without giving myself things that are technically invalid to normal gameplay?

    My greatest concern is in the skills section of the Save Editor. I’m worried about any of the skills marked with a * (but don’t have a written reason as for why they are marked like that), though I assume that means it’s bad. Not only that, but there are some duplicate skills that remain unmarked, and I’m afraid of accidentally choosing the wrong one and playing using technically invalid skills.

    I understand that these things are not displayed manually and that the Save Editor collects data on newly added items/skills/characters on its own. However, just to be safe, how would you recommend I go about using this Save Editor safely?

    1. darko2564 says:

      Skills marked with * are just ones that Cacs can’t use because they belong to main characters, for example *Kamehameha is the Kamehameha skill used by Goku for the partner customization, and then there are skills bound to certain characters that only they can use like 1st form Cell with Zetsumei Bullet, or Android 17 with Smile Charge. And then there’s the Great Ape Skills which are bound only to them and then there’s the Villainous Forms which can only be used by boss NPCs. So it doesn’t mean that they’re bad, it just means that they aren’t meant for Cacs to use.

        1. Ghost says:

          even if you select them to unlock you can’t use them and they will not be visible in game you can only use them by selecting them in your presets in save editor and not changing skills from the skill menu in game and don’t ty it they are buggy and might crash the game

  6. palegihosuts says:

    When I edit a score, it won’t remain changed and will swap back to 0.

  7. @lazybone

    First of all, thank your making this! It’s Awesome! It saved me sooo much time that i spent having fun with this game instead of grinding!

    I’m writing this to kinda report a few things that can be improved with the new version if you still work on this, so here we go!
    I found 2 things that i couldn’t do, First one is when you edit the play data tab for hero colosseum the Character List part stays at 99% or goes over if i pick NPC skills only (the ones with * on them), can you recheck if all Player only Skills have been added?

    And the 2nd let’s call it feature xD that i found missing is the option to edit your own play data like the win loss ratio (also all numbers that go above 9999 that can already be edited get set to 65555, but when i use CE they can go above 65555)etc. I found a Cheat Engine table that can do that on this site, from the fearless evolution forums, so if you could incorporate that into this it would be awesome (including adding titles which said table can’t make all permanent, only one at a time).

    The 3rd thing i found is that is kinda nitpicking at this point is when you use the Mentor Unlock Options, all mentors get like 8 free costume slots which don’t contain any costumes for those mentors who don’t have them in the first place, and kind make the save not look legit xD so can it be fixed to unlock only the number of slots that are meant to be open as intended by the game developers? 😀

    For the 4th feature, can you add the option to clear all Hero Colosseum Battles that spawn on the map? The blue ?s that appear?
    And for the 5th one, when i use your Clear All Story option, all the cutscenes stay locked, is there a flag check to be added so they also get all unlocked?

    Ty for your time! That’s all i found! And sorry for the wall of text!

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      The win-loss ratio cannot be edited since its server-based

      The 65536 is only a problem because it’s the highest 16-bit integer (and a lot of things use 16-bit integers to count since it saves time and space)

      The all mentors thing is probably to just save time making this thing (which I don’t blame, he DID make it for free after all)

      I do agree that it would be nice to clear all the Hero Colosseum battles that appear in Conton city but I don’t know where that data is stored so I wouldn’t know if it’s possible or not

      As for 5, I don’t think it’s possible to do that since the game has flags basically inside the mission, then it tallies them up from there, though I don’t know too much about the game’s flagging system either, I just know that clearing the mission off one at a time using the save editor doesn’t do anything except say you cleared it

  8. musashi says:

    its at the very bottom of the page

  9. Summickk says:

    when it is gonna get updated?

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      When LazyBone decides to I guess, also 1v1 nerd

  10. chase1146 says:

    before anyone asks. this still works with the new dlc and update

    1. Dube says:

      I see the options for the artwork and the new mascots, but the outfits, souls, and skills aren’t listed. I unlocked most of the Bardock and Gine outfits, but they’re invisible, with just the id number shown. Any ideas on what to do to fix it?

      1. JewJewKinks says:

        Unless you want to edit the save editor yourself, you just have to wait for him to update it to have better support for newer updates

    2. JewJewKinks says:


      Most things work fine enough in the save editor, but they’re basically listed as unknown so you won’t know what it is unless you know what thing corresponds to the ID it lists

    1. spirothex117 says:

      I download this editor to check something I don’t usual use editor mostly i only edit stat with cheat engine for offline use fun.
      Seem I was right about this 1.16 dont use to edit your attribute my only warning. Because it will mess your character stat and by default your stat change will and makingyou weaker by default. Only safer way do is making the game gave you extra attribute on level up,if not well be happy with your ruin save and pray you not online when that happened.
      So fair warning dont edit attributes,everything else is pretty safe .
      But edit attribute for 1.16 is not safe I confirm it with cheat engine when i search for value spend 3 hours ah well.good thing I’m not online it going to mess me up if it save to cloud….

  11. currito202 says:

    how do u download i dont see a button?

    1. Summickk says:

      u blind or ur site is bugged?
      it’s at the end of the right tab

  12. Will the 1.16.00 version be uploaded anytime soon ?

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      Whenever the dude feels like it, remember he does it for free

  13. Pulss says:

    Is there a feature to unlock the roster characters or no or am I just stupid or something?

    1. Broku565 says:

      go into the patcher and look for unlock characters and set it too true

  14. codeman90000 says:

    Hey Lazybones sorry to let you know but your new transformation’s don’t work anymore cause of the new update and everything. Please fix it. 😭😭 PLEASEEEEE

  15. kadoryan says:

    it says save ver 1.14.1 how do I get it to the 1.16 version?

  16. daimao210 says:

    when will be next update??

  17. Dube says:

    Hey so I downloaded the “updated” file but it’s still not showing any of the skills or equipment from the 1.16 update. Any ideas?

  18. Jerex666 says:

    Will this stats issue be fixed?

  19. Jenik says:

    For some reason on the newest update every skill is marked as * (not usable by CaCs). Even skills like the basic Kamehameha are marked like that. Weird.

  20. daimao210 says:

    1) every skill is marked as *
    2) cant unlock new super souls
    3) still cant customize 10 new partners/mentors

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      1) That’s bugged (but I don’t recommend making builds inside the save editor anyways, easier in-game)
      2) You can but they’re listed as unknown
      3) You can unlock the keys for them but you need to do it in-game

  21. when I go to insert the points for level 99, and I arrive for the attribute points at 125. In the game he does not assign them to me why?

  22. PVGohan says:

    I cant seem to find the skills from the supreme kai of time

  23. artu20789 says:

    me da un error al darle a save acceso denegado a la ruta de acceso

  24. palegihosuts says:

    As of version 2.1, there are some errors. Upon opening, a pop-up says “HC Item/Skill name lists init failed.” Surely enough, the skill names no longer appear.

    Also, when opening a save file in the editor, this appears: “InitSavFile failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

    So… yeah.

  25. Rednaxela says:

    Thanks man. Works fine for me.

  26. 6rexx says:

    After I install, I keep crashing when I reach the loading screen.
    ANY tip to fix?

  27. vhed says:

    muchas gracias por todo

  28. cj4a says:

    Where is download button?

  29. Luna says:

    All of the skills are tagged with an asterisk, is there something wrong that I did?

  30. Broku565 says:

    does this work with the current patcher update

  31. vinhgaq says:

    Hi uhh i have a question i used save editor to save work but in the game the stat look work but when in fighting it just keep like you haven’t put point in any stat the dmg or ki bar or stamina bar is still the same and the stat limit is only 100 not “125” even i already put all quest unlocked but i cant access guru do you guys know how to fix that?

  32. Dratale says:

    Can you add support for customize mentors that can be obtened from keys ?

  33. I has a question. Could you make it so you can change the skills and stats of any base game character? Not just mentors? I think it’d be interesting to give some characters different skills without downloading modded characters and what not.

  34. Elranomc says:

    Where is it downloaded? I do not know if there is any button that I did not see or something like that, please someone help me

    1. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your screen

  35. rico says:

    where is the download file?

  36. Itamsombra says:

    Cuando termino de poner todo en el save mod y abro el juego no se cambia nada porque podria ser ??

  37. Which folder do I put this in?

  38. New version of the game has been released, rendering this editor obsolete. Please update it at your earliest convenience. Thousands of users thank you in advance.

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      Updating it takes a while, you shouldn’t be impatient, he needs to find out what the new content is, where it is in the CPKs, how to edit them without breaking the game etc. not to mention that LazyBone does it for free

      And besides, it works just fine (to my knowledge) without any updates, so calling it obsolete isn’t really accurate, more so rude

  39. Just want to post this. There is an issue with the Save Editor. For whatever reason, every move in the list of Skills (Supers, Ultimates, etc) have an asterisk. Now I do believe only moves not learned by CaCs should have an asterisk. Might want to look into it for the next update.

  40. RubioGT says:

    Where is the download link?

  41. choji says:

    am i just missing the download link?

  42. Raven says:

    Has anyone else had this problem where, if they use an illegal stat layout, their stats get capped?. when I use a level 99 375 point statline, everything is normal, ki and stamina go to 10 bars (withh QQ Bang), all that, but if I add 125 to everything, the stats get capped at 7 bars and by health gets capped, I assume my supers do too but haven’t done the testing yet. Anyone know if this is some kind of new glitch or something? seems weird as it was all fine pre 1.16.

  43. Rose says:

    where is the download link..?

  44. GamerDox says:

    can you update support for game version 1.16.01?

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      That takes a while, he needs to find out what the new content is, where it is in the CPKs, how to edit them without breaking the game etc. not to mention that LazyBone does it for free

      And besides, it works just fine (to my knowledge) without any updates

  45. Loki says:

    dude where is the download button

  46. Salty says:

    Where even is the rar file? all i see on Installation tab is “The save editor requires .NET Framework 4.7 to be installed. You can find it .

    The save file can be found in “Steam//userdata//{your steam id}//323470//remote//DBXV2”

    Just load the .sav file directly with the editor. No need for any decryption tool.”

    1. Salty says:

      NVm found it, Its all the way at the bottom

  47. chry1704 says:

    I can’t find the button to download the save editor as I do it just says “The save editor requires .NET Framework 4.7 to be installed. You can find it.

    The save file can be found in “Steam // userdata // {your steam id} // 323470 // remote // DBXV2″

    Just load the .sav file directly with the editor. No need for any decryption tool. ”
    in the installation section, can you help me?

  48. guzinnsp says:

    nao consigo baixar essa porra,aonde esta o lugar para baixar

  49. AceBeast says:

    I cannot see a download link. can you reply with the link so i can dowload the editor

  50. lukeywd says:

    the download link appeared bottom of comments for me using chrome so if your lost scroll all way down

  51. So, I installed the mod, and when I use the save editor, it can’t find any character files that it can use. How do I fix that?

  52. Anime_WRXLD says:

    it says my game is in a unkown version but i updated my game to 1.16.1 and i own the game on steam???

    1. JewJewKinks says:

      That’s fine, it just means that it doesn’t have any knowledge on the new content (like Toppo’s busted Super Soul)

  53. HanaYuMoon says:

    Where’s the download button? O_O

  54. giccac says:

    i cant find the download button

  55. viberaterz says:

    So I used this to edit my file and now the game crashes when I try to load into Conton City, is it something I may have accidentally tempered with while editing the save, and any recommendations on what to try to fix this?

    1. viberaterz says:

      I figured it out, I had edited some things in without editing in the parts of the game that allow you those thing (ie mentors and advancement tests)

  56. exfase says:

    where is the download at

  57. JewJewKinks says:

    Short Answer: No

    Long Answer: If you can find a way to decrypt then re-encrypt the PS4 save files yes, but we haven’t found a way to re-encrypt them so we can’t

  58. NagiKun says:

    where is the download button for this editor?

    1. its on the right side of the screen man how could you miss it? while looking at the screen shots just look to your right as you scroll down

  59. Thanks for th ehelp everything is working as it should, i played the game legit on my first character then on the others i used the save editor which saved a whole lotta hours of having to replay the game

  60. but I have a question I wanna use the editor on another steam account besides mine and even when I log into the other account I can`t seem to find the saved data for it anywhere video tutorials just tell me what I already know so do you have any idea what I`m missing?

  61. rgvanesso says:

    Does anyone know if this is updated to work with the latest update for legendary pack 1?

  62. Azaliss says:

    I changed my attribute stats in the save editor, but when I check in game the stats haven’t changed.

  63. skagpr0 says:

    When I select my CAC the game crash, why??

  64. donde descargo el save editor ?

  65. hhhhhiikoh says:

    where is the download link

  66. jerry says:

    is this up to date for 1.16.01

  67. jerry says:

    says save version isn’t supported

  68. Yes says:

    The changes i do in the save editor won’t save, they just don’t, is there any solution? the changes don’t save

  69. hexi says:

    how do i download theres no download button

  70. hexi says:

    how do i download this fileeee
    theres literally no link

  71. jaldabaoth says:

    Donde mierda esta la descarga??

  72. ivanr29 says:

    Buenas, queria saber donde se instala el editor, ya que no me aparece ningun botón de instalación o algo parecido, gracias.

  73. jaina says:

    Not all skills in the save editor appear in the game.

  74. charon4 says:

    wheres the downlaod link?

  75. supershadex says:

    It can also be done with ps4 saves? and if this is how I can pass the files to the editor, because it does not detect them

  76. rikkari says:

    why does it always download in html format and can’t be opened

  77. namikion says:

    An unhandled exception was raised during the execution of the application.
    Details: Set connectionid threw an exception

    this error occurs on the launch of the this application a crash log is also created for the same.

    1. namikion says:

      is this error appearing only for me?

  78. robaldocarp says:

    Nothing has changed. I see it says it is version 1.16, but the game is at version 1.16.1

  79. robaldocarp says:

    Está desactualizado. No sirve para la actual versión, que es al 1.16.01. Lo que está subido es para la versión 1.16
    Espero que el creador lo actualice pronto D:

    1. robaldocarp says:

      ERROR! SI FUNCIONA! Leí mal, estaba intentando instalar el mod para el juego original en la carpeta del juego pirata. Todavía funciona!

  80. yudiputa69 says:

    Hey guys, love the save editor helped me out a ton. But lately my game crashed everytime I finish a PQ (and only PQs, never experienced this with expert missions or story quests). ASnyone got a fix?

  81. i cant see download button plz help

  82. matiobcz says:

    donde esta el link de descarga

  83. youth says:

    Hi, i unlocked all skills using this mod but some of them don’t show up in game. When i try to equip them, they don’t appear. Could you fix that? Thank you!
    The skills that don’t show up are: destructive fracture, revenge final flash, handy cannon, Revenge death ball, Destructive fission, Energy barrier and the time skip ones. These are the ones that i noticed missing. I think that there are more.

  84. blipzero says:

    i came across this look ig for a way to unlock all the moves like super god fist and the like … i am new to modding this game . i am not nit picking just would like to know is there a mod to unlock all skills ?

  85. breastmilk says:

    Is there a way to reset the editor cause I was using xenoverse on my cousins steam account and when I try to load it on mine it only pops up his characters and not mine.

  86. adenn666 says:

    I’m trying to find Android 21’s outfit, and the only piece I can find is the lab coat. There are numerous Unknown items on the list of outfits so I assume the other parts are supposed to be there. Is there anyway to fix all the Unknown entries? The editro is also telling me the Save ver is Unknown (21). No idea what that means as my game is up to date and I have the most recent version of the editor, unless the version I downloaded here is not the most recent. If that is the case where can I get the current version?

  87. XayLies says:

    for some reason ALL of the skills are marked with * and I can’t put any Super Soul on CaC or partners.
    I deleted all of my mods and re-installed the game and still NOTHING. did dimps block the way you can get the OP Super Souls (Unknown 226) and Darkness Mixer, Marbling Drop and Peeler Storm?

  88. I can’t find my .sav file lmao

  89. thenightstar says:

    How come this doesn’t do anything? Literally all the exe does is bring up a white box and then crash 5 seconds later. I definitely have the latest .net framework installed but yet, all the exe itself does is be blank and crash.

  90. mehulbhatt2 says:

    where is the download button??

  91. Mahuramaza says:

    Even after saving in the game, all the DLC skills and stuff still appear as unknown in the save editor.

    1. XayLies says:

      you have to buy the DLC to use the skills in the game legit.
      also the Save Editor isn’t updated

      1. Mahuramaza says:

        I’ve already bought the DLC obviously, no shit. And even then, everything still pops up as unknown, even now after its been updated.

  92. When will we get an update for the latest version?

  93. maxildark says:

    How to download this ? Can u help me ?

  94. XayLies says:

    Please Update!!! ;—;
    I play in Asia Server and we can barely reach events globally…
    I couldn’t get Supreme Kai of Time without your save editor or the new partners

  95. kunoviraelvb says:

    Hello I download it and I saw the bar that usually shows the name were totally blanked. When it loaded my save files it said ”InitSavFile failed” and some ‘null’ and some name was ”source” , Hope someone have some ideas to fix this.

  96. icko says:

    Yo bro can you update the save editor ? Because there are new customisation partners (with keys) but your program only shows me max 10 keys (while there is 5 more keys but the newest version of the program doesnt show it or give it)

  97. ginko2517 says:

    Unlocking custom key doesn’t work.

    1. lazybone says:

      The new ones don’t unlock properly because the unlock system seems to have changed form the previous 10. If someone provides a save file with at least one of them unlocked I may be able to add support for them.

  98. I followed the instructions and nothing changes, what do I do?

  99. HMH2004226 says:

    why i can’t unlock the new figures ?

  100. kunoviraelvb says:

    Well I downloaded , but inside of it I didnt see any new item pops up. Its completely blank and no new items were there. For example the new customization key 11-15. Besides I have a little problem about custom partner’s clothing colour. I see the updates but Its still the same so..

  101. i dont see bergamo outfit, yes i looked for a while an it not there to unlock

  102. Joy2901 says:

    How can I unlock the new personalization keys? I put them in the inventory but the characters do not appear

  103. Antodroid says:

    I have a problem, with the save editor i add the new mentors keys and the keys are in the game like the older ones, but when i go to talk to the robot to customize the mentors my last one is Broly and there aren’t the 5 new ones.

    1. lazybone says:

      Should now work properly in the new version

      1. deasehack says:

        Error: An unhandled exception was raised during execution of the application.

        Details: Invalid BaseFile bytes array size. Expected 913912 but bound 722968. Save failed..

        Save ver: 1.16.01

        1. lazybone says:

          Seems like support for old save versions broke but should now work in 1.31.

          1. potato says:

            will it work with 1.02 ?

  104. chase1146 says:

    the save editor seems to think im on 1.16.1 even though im fully updated to 1.17

    1. lazybone says:

      If it says 1.16.01, then you are probably just loading the old save file. The location was changed in the update for some reason (DBXV21 folder, instead of DBXV2).

      1. chase1146 says:

        i guess thats all good and well but no such file exists. even after a full reinstall and file verification

        1. chase1146 says:

          never mind. just installed in the wrong harddrive alltogether

      2. deasehack says:

        when you say (pre-1.17) what do you mean? 1.17.00 bid.911?

  105. HenTiger says:

    Please could you also update new transformations now with the new CaC official super Saiyan god?

  106. slewdry says:

    For what ever reason it can’t load all data wich makes it impossible to add certain missing outfits or accessories also it has trouble recognizing the latest one wich reults in them appearing as blank wich really sucks

    1. lazybone says:

      Make sure you don’t have a bunch of old modded files in the data folder. The save editor will be loading them instead of the ones in the CPK and they obviously wont have the new items added in 1.17.

      1. slewdry says:

        I never used any mod just the save editor

  107. i gave myself the 5 new customization keys and they appear in my inventory but i cant customize the characters

  108. begemotas says:

    why can’t I find the download button?

  109. ammad1610 says:

    Hello Lazy bone are you going to update the save editor so we can get the new costumes, and super souls. Thank you.

    1. slewdry says:

      The save editor should load them from the game directonary but for some reason it dosen’t and worse of all there is no fix for that

  110. Mahuramaza says:

    Even though its been updated, all the new stuff from the DLCs still comes up as ‘Unknown’ in the save editor. What gives?

  111. Ghost says:

    bro i can’t unlock the raid items like dbz trunks set and bergamos set from the editor can you pls fix it or just see if it works for you just tell pls

  112. Kedward says:

    I can’t find customization keys 11-15 and the new skills are appearing as unknown. Is there a fix to this yet? I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the mod already.

    1. slewdry says:

      This happneds when the save editor hasen’t full access to the game files the ONLY fix to this is a “clean” re-installation of the game, what you need to do for that are the following things:
      1. save your save file somewehre else
      2. uninstall DBXV2 in steam
      3. delete ALL remaning data of DBXV2 in your steam folders
      4. Install the game through steam
      5. copy your save file back into “DBXV21”
      6. open the save editor and enjoy

      1. lazybone says:

        You absolutely don’t have to reinstall the game. Just delete the “data” folder from the game directory (this is where mods are installed) or just move it elsewhere.

  113. artu20789 says:

    me da un error al darle a save acceso denegado a la ruta de acceso

  114. pentiumrusky says:

    when you press or “unlock all customisations” or “unlock special costumes” (I pressed both) it picks all new partner slots they’ve added and puts it as a new costume slots for existing partners, can you please add Lock everything back function for that? (or is it normal and I can keep it like that?)

  115. for some reason i cant add final charge, i already own the dlc as well

  116. Guli says:

    I changed my unlocked skills, but it didn’t give it to me

  117. idk says:

    do i need to drag the data from the save editor?

    1. lazybone says:

      No. That is just for the save editor to be able to read names of the skills and items and such if the user doesn’t set the game directory.

  118. op boi says:

    guys i cant save my edited file it says an unhandled exception was raised during the execution of the application

    guys please help me please

    1. potato says:

      i have the same problem do you play the game from steam or cracked ?and what version do you play on ?

  119. Ahlan says:

    Anybody know, why ?
    I use save editor to hack my cacs
    I hack all att except kii and stamina
    All stats : 100
    Except kii and stamina

    But, why my HP is less than before i hack
    Normal HP : 70 stats : +-2,5 bar
    Hack : 100 stats : +-2 bar

    Maybe the order stats dropped too

    Any solution ?

  120. Mesum Abbas says:

    Why there is no tab of gift in inventory section?

  121. Every time I use the save editer it crashes my came and It doesn’t respond like in the game when i want to change my skills it kicks me out of the game.

  122. yexiu12 says:

    when i try to go to the bin section and find the game i cant find it so i cant even choose it how do i fix it

    1. it asks for the file directory, as in the folder that holds all the files for XV2, not the actual .exe file. it should just be called “DB Xenoverse 2”.

  123. benjitrax says:

    yo no entiendo todabia como istalar el programa

  124. Roeeson says:

    Does it work with XV2 version 1.17.1?

  125. mtheking69 says:

    Mine says directory save editor not found, what does this mean and how do I fix it.

  126. hiiampeople says:

    I put 75 attribute points in stamina in my lv3 cac, But it doesn’t work have a solution?

  127. potato says:

    i cant save the changes
    erreur message:an unhandled exception was raised during execution of the application details:offset and length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the end of the source collection

  128. jaleel sims says:

    do some one knows why i keep getting the same old fileds

  129. Itslogan1230 says:

    I’m getting version 2.4, but its still saying its a earlier version

  130. alanzi says:

    Please update to new versions and add pictures
    Like (XV2 Save Editor

  131. SenkuNiola says:

    This has been an issue for a while but it seems there’s an problem with the voices not being correctly listed; in-game there’s 15 voices for a character, the editor only has 12 and seems to be offset by one ex. Voice 1 in the editor is Voice 2 in-game so technically you cannot access the actual Voice 1 in the editor. Voice 14 and 15 are also inaccessible since the editor only goes to “12” aka 13 in-game.

    1. Delita says:

      right side of the page, orange button

  132. Delita says:

    Does anyone know the code for the 6* qq bang by any chance?
    I wanna know what the highest possible QQ bang actually is.

    I’ve used this save editor to give me all of the items needed to craft and after over a thousand attempts best I could do always amounts to 20.
    So 20+ -0 or 22+ -2, etc.
    If anyone else can confirm this as the best possible 6* please reply. Thanks.
    It should also be noted that the 5* QQ bangs had the calculation code released on reddit, but I haven’t seen the 6* code anywhere.
    Working on finding it though!

  133. KarZak says:

    can i take a move from a regular character or a modded character and put it on my cac,i have a jason voorhees character with a modded zetsmei bullet,how can i transfer it or put it on my cac,please get back to me,if you use discord or some way to contack smoothly let me know

  134. oigan el save editor no funciona debe ser por que es 1.16.0

  135. clock649 says:

    everything works good, but when i select unlock all parallel quest or mission for time patrol, doesn’t work, what i can do for that works good?

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