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On The CAC Section Separation & Upload Guidelines

On The CAC Section Separation & Upload Guidelines

As some of you may have noticed, over the past few weeks there has been a new section for mods entitled “CAC section”. This was implemented due to overwhelming demand from users who fall under this growing niche of mod creators and also people who avoid this type of modification. The split is designed to act as a portal for people who like to upload/download these kinds of mods to do so without any further harassment from commentors, and for the people who have a problem with these kinds of mods can browse the site without finding only this content. In theory, stick to your section and everybody wins.

However, this feature has been completely misused by nearly everyone on both sides due to our unintended lack of communication, and only seems to be getting worse with time. No matter what damage control measures we seem to be taking, people keep mislabelling and mixing up mods by ignoring this change, or seeing it as an opportunity to appear on both sections of the site, the latter of which, we can not tolerate.

So, in attempt to resolve this mess we’ve relabelled the categories with hints and added an upload agreement for modders to sign to ensure they do not make these mistakes, and also to remind them of our upload rules before they pull the trigger.

Guidelines involving category selection:

  • If your mod is a custom skill or a set/item of clothing, it does not belong in this section and will be removed if caught.
  • Similarly, if your mod is a player character with custom skills and clothing, it only belongs in this section.
  • The subcategories in Xenoverse 2 are strictly off-limits for CAC2X2M mods, as it is very misleading.
  • If you want your CAC’s unqiue skills/outfits to appear in the Xenoverse 2 category, upload them as separate entities in this section.
  • People caught using false categories or multiple top-level categories will have their work removed from these categories or will not be accepted.
  • If your mod is a large pack that contains mostly new content and also some CAC mods, then feel free to post elsewhere.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post

– Xenoverse Mods Admin Team


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