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Save editor init fa...
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Save editor init fail

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So I've had this problem FOREVER. Quest Name list init failed, HC Item/Skill Name failed, but it hasn't stopped me too much in doing what I need to do. Giving my self dragon balls and stuff changing my stats. BUUUT
Recently my brother lost all of his save data somehow, We installed the save editor to do some repairs. However my brother got this problem too. but not just Quest List and Item/Skill He failed to load EVERYTHING
Costume name list init
Accessory name list init
Material name list init
Capsule name list init
Important item name list init
Character name list init
Quest name list init
Agd file init
Stat preset list init
HC item/Skill name lists init
HC Figure name lists init
TtlMasterLevelTable file init
Artwork init
Mascot init
All failed. What is this problem? How can I solve it. I haven't seen anyone solve this, and one other person who has this exact issue hasnt been responded to in 6 months

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Here is the Quest Name one for reference

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May 23, 2024 4:36 pm

@kasai606 Maybe because the Save Editor isn't updated to the latest version of the game yet?

May 28, 2024 7:04 pm

@lilsontom_81 as I mentioned to Apollyon, that's a fair assumption but this is a problem that I had long before the newest update. I've had the Quest name and Hc Item/Skill error for literally years. Maybe it'll fix for my brother once it's updated but me? I'm still stuck with Quest Name and Hc Item/Skill error


I guess that's because of the new update that happened yesterday. The save editor can properly load anything that was changed with the update. story mode, parallel quest, etc. We just have to wait until lazybone, the creator of the save editor updates it.

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May 24, 2024 1:59 am

@jose056 Someone else suggested that aswell, But like I said. This is a problem that I had long before the newest update. I've had the Quest name and Hc Item/Skill error for literally years


Does anyone know if you can use the save editor on a save for online use, I want to play Parallel quest with friends but i had to restart my save due to my previous mods basically corrupting my last save. 

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May 27, 2024 12:58 am

@primetime38 Yes you can, the only thing you cant do is give yourself more attributes than you're allowed, or give yourself skills you shouldn't have
You just gotta be careful with what you do with it

May 28, 2024 1:15 am

@kasai606 So if i just give myself tp medals to level up again faster i should be good and for the skills? do i need to have done the quest for the skills or can i give myself the skills that are resonable 

May 28, 2024 7:02 pm

@primetime38 TP medals and Zeni are completely fine, Hell give yourself a +5 everything QQ bang.
You can just press give skills or individually add the skills you want. it should be completely safe as long as you dont equip any of the skills with a * next to it. Or just like a raid skill. You can give yourself any PQ skills though yes


guys.... did the save editor get taken down?

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Install Guide

Install Guide

Fastest and the clearest Guide I can give you on Installing mods on DBXV PC Steam.Read the description below.

Files required-Lib -xenoverse master by Dariosamo, updated by me

Download mirror 1
Download mirror 2

If you have any questions, or problems do not hesitate to ask me . You can add me on steam and send me a message there, which is my favorite way, but you can message me at our forum or just comment here. But if its regarding mod installing this guide pretty much covers everything. so I recommend watching it again and follow every single step so you wont encounter any issues.

Im using the Steam version , even though this method should fix your issues even if you are using the cracked version . if it crashes, verify your cache from steam and try again or reinstall the game . Trouble shooting guide is down below


**You dont have to extract the cpks ever again unless the game updates again.if it gets updated you ll have to repeat this process.otherthan that it only takes a few secs to pack your cpks.**

Why a new tutorial?
This method is a fast way to install mods on xenoverse.faster than the old method i made the tutorial ll be surprised how fast it is

why not download lib-xenoverse from github?
I have added more files to this version of lib-xenoverse I’m sharing so it will work with you. so my version is the most updated.  Sometimes the antivirus software will delete some files immediately. don’t worry this one doesn’t have viruses . it just gives you a warning because lib xenoverse is not in their database. so disable it when you install the mods. once you activate it it will delete the files in lib xenoverse again . this might lead to files not working as shown in the video . this is an issue for some antivirus softwares only . for me my avast gives me no problems

It crashes when i try to extract my cpks.what do I need to do to fix this?
do a clean install/verify cache from steam
then use my lib xenoverse master. i got your issue earlier. verifying the game cache fixed it

I get an error/it closes when i try to pack my cpk. how do i fix this?
some cpk have the “read only ” checked in the file properties. make sure it is unchecked, and try again . you should be good to go

How do I know which folder goes where?
open your extracted data.cpk folder(data) , it will show you the way dbxv archives are packed. follow the same system when installing a mod

I dont have X folder. what do I do?
You create an X folder and put it in your modded.cpk

I was asked if its okay to replace some files file copying them in to the modded cpk,is that ok?
Yes thats how we install mods. We overwrite original files with our modded files.But do not replace these, .amk , .bai , .bac , .bcs files unless specified. if you do this you are likely to get a lot of errors.

My game got updated again, then I installed the mod like the way i normally do and it crashes/infinite loading screen. what do I do?
First thing to do when you are modding your game after the dlc is to make a backup of your original dont replace them with your old modded can however take the mods seperately from them and install them on your new cpks(you have to repeat the process of extracting them here) . and it will work without any problems

How to Install Mods for Xenoverse 2!

How to Install Mods for Xenoverse 2!

Video Tutorial by The Mad Titan


Hello guests, a lot of you are wondering how to install mods on xenoverse 2. So we are here to answer that question. First and foremost, most file types and structures are back for this installment so modders are currently working hard to provide new modding tools and tutorials to help you out 🙂

You will need to download the Tools

To use the cpk patcher, please follow these instructions:

Simplified instructions for advanced users –

  1. Copy the files to the “DB Xenoverse 2” folder in \steamapps\common
  2. Create a folder named “data” in \steamapps\common\DB Xenoverse 2
  3. Drag any mods you have downloaded into this data folder
  4. That’s it!

Note: if a mod contains both a “data” folder and a “data2” folder, it is safe to assume that the contents are intended to be packed with CRIpack. However the patcher takes priority over all CPK files, so the contents of both “data” and “data2” should be moved to the patcher’s data folder.

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