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Anime Accurate Aura Colors (V1.2)

I always disliked the base form auras in Xenoverse 2 being the blue that it is, so I changed a lot of them to white like it is in the anime. Probably went overboard and added it to characters that in fact did NOT have white auras. I'm gonna be honest:

I haven't watched the series all the way through in like 10 years. I probably got some of the auras wrong, or forgot to change some that needed to be changed. If that's the case, please let me know below so I can adjust the mod properly.

This mod doesn't replace any auras, and will be compatible with all custom auras. The way this works is instead of modifying any existing auras, I simply changed what aura the CHARACTER uses. This will be pretty much future-proof, if for whatever reason something happens to me and I wouldn't be able to update it.


The characters affected in this mod are:

  • Male/Female Saiyan CaCs (white aura)
  • Male/Female Human CaCs (white aura)
  • Namekian CaCs (white aura)
  • Goku (white aura)
  • Vegeta (white aura)
  • Bardock (white aura)
  • Goku (GT) (white aura)
  • Vegeta (GT) (white aura)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan 4) (SSJ aura)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan 4) (SSJ aura)
  • Gohan (Kid) (white aura)
  • Gohan (Adult) (white aura)
  • Gohan (Future) (white aura)
  • Goten (white aura)
  • Trunks (Kid) (white aura)
  • Trunks (Future - both Z and Super) (white aura)
  • Piccolo (white aura)
  • Krillin (white aura)
  • Tien (white aura)
  • Yamcha (white aura)
  • Raditz (white aura)
  • Nappa (yellow aura)
  • Android 17 (Both Z and Super) (white aura)
  • Android 18 (white aura)
  • Super 17 (white aura)
  • Imperfect Cell (SSJ Aura)
  • Perfect Cell (SSJ Aura)
  • Super Perfect Cell (SSJ2 Aura)
  • Videl (white aura)
  • Gotenks (white aura)
  • Vegito (white aura)
  • Pan (white aura)
  • Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4) (SSJ aura)
  • Appule (white aura)
  • Raspberry (white aura)
  • Majuub (white aura)
  • Pikkon (white aura)
  • Zarbon (white aura)
  • Dodoria (white aura)
  • Gogeta (Base) (white aura)
  • Nail (white aura)
  • Cabba (white aura)
  • Fused Zamasu (white aura)
  • Tapion (white aura)
  • Dyspo (white aura)
  • Gohan (DBS Superhero) (white aura)


Follow the onscreen instructions

  • V1.1:

Added option to customize which characters get updated auras. All characters are selected by default

Added SSJ aura for Semi-Perfect Cell (forgot he was kind of playable)



  • V1.2:

Adjusted Nappa's aura color to be yellow instead of white

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File size
21.69 MB
March 28, 2024


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      1. I guess he says that bc Super Vegeta 2 has no eyebrows as a SSJ3 and it’s the 3rd form, I think that’s all. And about Cell Jr. it’s just as much of a saiyan as semi-perfect Cell. Anyway, I did look for it and none of them had aura.
        I mean, I see his point and would be nice to have the option to have them.

        PS: your mod is amazing, you got a new fan. Thank you for your job!

  1. Hey, i was looking for a mod like this one for a while. Could you add a slector? To chose which auras change. Like humans, saiyans, aliens (Tapion Dyspo..), namekians, SSJ 4 and Cac.
    I love all the changes but the SSJ4 one.

  • 6Mods
  • 13Followers

File size
21.69 MB
March 28, 2024

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