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Azura’s Aura Pack

Hey Folks, i know you are a lot that wanted that so i decided to start making an aura pack, for now it just include some Ultra Instinct recolors but i'm planning to add more auras in the future so keep an eye on this mod and expect an update soon.

Modders can use this pack for their mods as long as they credit me and don't include my files into their own mods, use only the numbers and post a link to this mod as requierement.

And as i said it in a comment that i'm just gonna copy/paste "i'm not imposing that cause i'm gay about my stuff or cause i need attention, think 5 sec and tell me what would happen if you have 10000 mods including my stuff ? first you will install the same mod 10000 time, second as i'm regularly updating this pack, you will have 10000 mods including differents versions of the same mod, now guess what would happen if you install this mod many times in differents versions ? and especially when the game gets new DLCs, this will without any doubt leads to problems.

Without talking of the fact that those same 10000 mods ( for a lot of them at least ) will become incompatibles between them cause some includes new stuff and some includes old stuff with inexisting auras that are used by newer mods.

but what if modders just put a link to this mod as requierement for their mods ? users will have to install this mod only once and occasionally check if i updated it."

Special thanks to my friend Dkat for the thumbnail.

Compatible with Lazybone's New transformations mod, thanks to him for his amazing work on this installer.

Current Content of the mod : 

Ultra Instinct Aura Pack (8 recolors : Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, White-grey).

Lightning Potential Unleashed Aura.

Cutscenes Auras :  Goku Black and Rosé Goku Black Aura.

Kanba's Aura (Custom).

Custom SSJ Aura Pack (7 colors : Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple).

Custom SSJ 2/3 Aura Pack (7 colors : Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple).

Godly Auras (7 colors : Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple).

SSGSS 2/3.

SSR 2/3.

LSSJ 2/3.

Goku SSJ Berserker Aura.

Custom SSB Style Aura (Patreon request for Divyadeep).

Kaioken Aura (Patreon request for William).

Super Saiyan Kaioken Aura (Patreon request for Divyadeep).

White Godly Aura (Patreon request for Divyadeep).

Lightning Kaioken Aura.

G.O.D Aura.

Custom Yellow Orange Aura (Patreon request for Divyadeep).

Super Saiyan Blue Aura.

Super Saiyan Blue Shinka Aura.

Note: If you have any problem with this mod, clean your data/vfx/cmn folder and reinstall ( this action will uninstall all your aura mods )

My Patreon page :

My Youtube Channel :

1) Open Aura Installer folder and run LB Mod Installer. 2) Set the path of your game and press next. 3) wait the end of the installation. 4) Refer to the "IDs" file to know the numbers.

1.0 : Ultra Instinct Aura Pack Released.

1.1 : SSJ Aura Pack Added.

1.2 : Goku Black and Rosé Goku Black Cutscenes Auras Added.

1.3 : SSJ 2/3 Aura Pack Added.

1.4 : Lightning Potential Unleashed Aura Added.

1.5 : Kanba's Aura Added (Custom).

1.6 : Custom SSJ Aura Pack Added.

1.7 : Custom SSJ 2/3 Aura Pack Added.

1.8 : Reduced a bit the size of the Customs SSJ Auras.

1.9 : Global Optimization of the mod.

2.0 : Godly Auras Added.

2.1 : SSGSS 2/3 Added.

2.2 : SSR 2/3 Added.

2.3 : LSSJ 2/3 Added.

2.4 : Removed the vanilla SSJ Aura Recolors ( for optimization purpose ) and changed some custom SSJ auras IDs

2.5 : Goku SSJ Berserker aura added.

2.6 : Compatibility with update 1.10.

2.7 : Custom SSB Style Aura added (Patreon request for Divyadeep).

2.8 : Kaioken Aura Added (Patreon request for William).

2.9 : Super Saiyan kaioken Aura added (Patreon request for Divyadeep).

3.0 : White Godly Aura added (Patreon request for Divyadeep).

3.1 : Compatibility with dlc 8.

3.2 : Global Optimization.

3.3 : Global Adjustements.

3.4 : Lightning Kaioken Aura Added.

3.5 : G.O.D Aura Added.

3.6 : Custom Yellow Orange Aura Added (Patreon request for Divyadeep).

3.7 : Super Saiyan Blue Aura Added.

3.8 : Super Saiyan Blue Shinka Added.

3.9 : Fixed a little problem when using kanba's aura charge without the henshin aura.

4.0 : Updated with the latest installer version.

4.1 : Updated with the latest installer version.

4.2 : Updated with the latest installer version.

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Credit given to modders
December 7, 2022


Leave a Reply

  1. Does this work with lazy bones as well?

  2. Which purple aura is the 10th picture? Trying to give this Pure Progress transformation that aura but keep picking the wrong one.

  3. Bjorn says:

    Love this mod, used it a lot in the past, but it’s not working right for me at the current moment. When I install it with the DBXV2 Revamp mod, all of the auras from both are either just colored squares (like PS1 style fire), the wrong auras (like golden frieza’s aura on ssb goku), turned into a green and purple aura while flying around and using a boost dash , or just not there at all. It will also turn part of the little explosion effect at the start of a boost dash into a big black square.

    I’ve tried installing it before installing the Revamp pack, after installing the Revamp Pack, installing it before the Revamp pack the reinstalling it after the Revamp Pack, and clearing out the data/vfv/cmn folder to reinstall it the same way i did previously. Even after uninstalling it the problems stick around so i have to clear the installation each time i attempt to fix it and fail

    I’m not sure what to do and i would like some help with this

    1. Jim says:

      Bro u make me scared installing this with Revamp. I treid it myself and its working fine bro

  4. Neo says:

    Does it also come with a Charging aura animation?

  5. chancezilla says:

    and those who dont know this is how you can use the Super Saiyan Everything Transformation Skill mod

  6. skull says:

    i can’t open genser so i can’t change vanilla auras. Any Idea?

  7. josevegeta says:

    when they update this aura for the new version 1.18 of the game I await your response

  8. Kira616 says:

    Where can I get the original UI aura? Don’t know how to get the non teleport UI so I wanted to use the aura for my cac.

  9. Sondragon says:

    it might just be mee, but when i get to the mediafire link to download it, it immidiently goes to a “connection error” screen and im somehow unable to download it, Anyone can help me?

    1. Gokanlantern says:

      did u ever figure it out?

      1. Sondragon says:

        No sadly not, i tried So many things like changing browsers and Ways top download but it just wont do it, Unless theres another way I am pretty much stuck

  10. Alkapon47 says:

    Hello, could someone tell me that the “cmn” files of this mod give the auras to the Sacred Schools Revamp [HUMAN TRANSFORMATIONS] transformations mod, since when I put another aura mod in the game, these transformations run out of aura, I hope you can answer me this …

  11. Kakarot243 says:

    Azura ! These auras are really great . But I would like you to upload the auras of the Base game . ( The normal auras used by the vanilla transformations of the game)
    For ex :The normal aura used by SSGSS characters , SS4 Characters and UI Goku . I just mean , The values of the Base game auras (SSGSS Aura , SS4 Aura , SS1 , And Normal UI Aura used by Ultra Instinct Goku )

  12. Why is your aura pack folder found as dangerous folder once it’s downloaded??

  13. trakazor132 says:

    even with the update I’m still having the issue where the installer tells me that the installation was successful and then the auras don’t appear in game.

    1. Kakarot243 says:

      Success in Installation means You are free to use them ! You have to use those on your transformations ! Open you transformation with xv2skilcreat , go to the Transformation tab , Check “USE CUSTOM AURA” And just type in the values of your desired Aura/s!

  14. trakazor132 says:

    So whenever I run the installer I get told that it was successful but when I open the game it didn’t install is there a fix for this?

    1. Ryz says:

      This is more of a modders resource. This mod does nothing unless you change the IDs of whatever transformation mod you want to use them on. But tons of mods require this so if you’re using a mod that uses this and its not appearing its 100% an issue with their mod. I use it just fine.

  15. Is anyone else getting a strange red outline around Blue Evolution Vegeta and a blue outline around Toppo?

    1. Ultra Z says:

      redownload the pack and look at the README.txt it has a fix that fixed it for me

      1. It just tells me how to install the auras it doesn’t include a fix for the vegeta and toppo outlines, also you get a weird green outline around your character for a couple seconds when you use Destructions Fracture I noticed. What fix did you use?

  16. saiyangod223 says:

    anyone who is wondering where the download button is. is at the very bottom

  17. KingQueef96 says:

    sloplays only shows half way how to download mods i cant download any other than the kefla mod in his video

    1. Ultra Z says:

      dude look at slo’s updated version + if its a .rar/.zip or other (get winrar first) then just open just open and drag the x2m on to your desktop/folder and if it has a README.txt, you gotta follow instructions and then import x2m ;-; and you gotta make sure you did everything correctly

  18. SoldierAXIS says:

    These auras are really great, but I really wish you could select which auras to install and which ones to not install. With other mods like DB History/69 Transformations that only uses a handful of these mods, having a lot of filler auras that go unused is very bothersome, especially when trying to install other auras I’ll actually use. A feature that lets me choose which auras to and not to install would be really great, and would take this from a 8 to a 10.

    1. Kakarot243 says:

      Look at the right side of the window . There is a long rectangle containing the modder’s profile , version of the mod along with some other info of the particuar mod . At the bottom of that vertical rectangle , You will see the download Icon!

  • 41uploads
Credit given to modders
December 7, 2022

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