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Fighter Z – Reshading Pack + Resources

Here is the Dragon Ball Fighter Z Shading or FZ-Reshading

Progress: Incomplete 

I tried to match the colors from the fighter z game to create a retexture

hope you guys like it :3

eh, it's been a year since the last update because I dropped modding, but I'm back and ready to "finish" this mod once per all

Also check the CaC FZ-Reshading done by the amazing Tryzick :

read me.txt file

Version 1.0 -Added rest of the roster

-Added backlight to chars with aura ( missing the yellow super saiyans yet )

-Fixed Piccolo again :v

-Fixed Trunks "Sword holder" and Future Trunks's pants

-Fixed Dodoria's scouter



Version 1.2

-added 3 NPCs: kaioshin of time, old kaioshin and Bulma

-revisited characters: Picollo, 16, 17, 18, Mystic Gohan, Turles, Tien, All of Buus and SSR Goku Black

-fixed Kid Gohan's Face


Version 1.4

-revisited characters: Yamcha, Gotenks, Turles(again x.x), Raditz, Bardock, Vegeta Blue, Goku Black, Goku SS4, Vegeta SS4 and Goku GT (some of then are just a slitgh change on the skin tone)


Version 1.5

-Added DLC 5 characters: Tapion, Android 13, Buuhan and Dabura -revisited characters: Super Buu, Kid Buu


Version 1.6

-revisited characters: Goku Black Rosé, Hit, Bills, Frost


Version 1.8

-revisited characters: Goku GT(skin) Broly (hair) -Added DLC 6,7 and 8 characters -Added Demigra

Next update:

>Extra dlc costume roster >Masters customizable costumes


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  1. Crimson_Doppio says:

    Hands down, the BEST shading in all DBXV2! I hope you do return someday and update your reshade till the most recent DLCs, because man you’re the GOAT. Everyone would be happy seeing you return, because again the BEST shading in all DBXV2!

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January 13, 2019