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Goku (UI+MUI) DB Legends

  • Just to let you know this version of Ui Goku is Very Different from the previous one i made.
  • Also Updated the previous Skills.
  • Some of the skills have Different Inputs so make sure to see READ.txt to know how activate the Skills.

- Credits/Permissions

  • Massive Thanks to


  • LOLDJ23 for Effects from Sdbh


  • GamingZVault for the SFX


  • Kristal for The DBL Animations


  • Skills will be available for CACS Soon.


Discord / Paradise Flames#0179 - Paradise Flames 🔥#8834


Enjoyy =)





Paradise Flames
  • 15uploads
November 4, 2022


Leave a Reply

  1. ZeroRoU says:

    Emobodied light causes acrash

  2. ZeroRoU says:

    Emobodied light causes a crash

  3. KingQueef96 says:

    You should make these moves available for cac ngl

  4. uber gaming says:

    What in the world does celestrial light do??

  5. potatowedge says:

    I don’t know if this mod interferes with the revamp mod but once every now and then it crashes.

  6. Viniciaao says:

    hi paradise, I edited some sounds, lines and bac of some skills to be in my native language.
    I wanted to know if I can post this mod here or not, if the answer is yes you can include it in your post as an option

  7. Argha Annin says:

    Can we get a Goku True UI (TUI) MOD?

  8. Sarix says:

    are you planning on adding the knock away punch to silver dragon Flash ?

  9. EricDodd says:

    i need to know can you fix and skills is not work on my cac

    1. i already said in the description it will be available for CACS soon.

  10. d4n1loo says:

    hello friend can you make a mod like this for cac

  11. Cjytp says:

    Say, was the cmn.ean included on the x2m or there was an installer for it?

  12. DeyukuNoSekai says:

    SPECTACULAR MOD. I made as complete a showcase as I could to pay homage to this mod masterpiece.

  13. bokkie28 says:

    how do i use the other skills like g,display becouse i tryd to figure it out and in the read me u said input up but i have no idea what u mean with that

    1. ATOMIC001 says:

      you use the movement stick or key for example ( move up + ultimate 2 = godly display)

      1. bokkie28 says:

        oh thats what he meant with input up. thanks man

  14. Hey this might be the highest-quality mod I’ve seen for this game. Good job. This is phenomenal.

  15. ATOMIC001 says:

    10/10 mod BUT can you re color his normal little ki blast to blue so it looks like hes shooting little blue spheres

  16. jeymarmods says:

    Can you do Syn Shenron and Metal Cooler
    from dbl

  17. AnimeOtaku64 says:

    I confused of how you get Goku to do the animation/skill in the fourth picture. I’ve tried everything and still couldn’t figure it out. Is that the shorter version of the MUI transformation that was included in the files?

Paradise Flames
  • 15uploads
November 4, 2022

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