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H-XenoVerse Enhanced (Reshade Preset)

Hello, This is my personal Reshade for Heirtalents H-Graphics, I tried to make a preset that feels more akin to older dragon ball games & anime before super with a more realistic take on tones. Fixes the overly glossy skin on characters.

I have Sharpened image using Lumasharpen, made surfaces a bit more glossy, SMAA to help with AA, Tweaked Levels to get fuller more realism colors from white to black, Debanding of colors (colors/shades that didn't transition between each other well have been fixed) , Ambient Lighting brighter imagescapes and Tweaked Tonemaps.

Also it can bug out sometimes but work most all the time(Mostly if you alt-tab or turn it off or on *some times it resets for a second. (it will always fixes itself, so no worries) [reshade problem with game].

You may lose up to 15-30 FPS .

*Press Scrollock or SCRLK to see the difference yourself, it's enabled by default so this turns the effects off.(Better than the photos [lose quality from converting and uploading] , see it for yourself.)

Here is where i have gotten my settings for Most things in Drivers settings:


I use the 4x MSAA and the HBAO+ Settings for Nvidia Inspector (

I have a 2xWay SLI system, So If you do too the Nvidia Inspector Settings are here (

Credits & Thanks

SweetFX 2.0 by

ReShade 1.1.0 by Crosire

MasterEffect & GemFx by Marty McFly & Lucifer Hawk

All character colors and shadings in photos, Heirtalent. (

P.S. BY TH WAY HeirTalent has Released this H-Graphics Mod For Free SO GO GET IT! (

Old SweetFx, crazyjunkygames.

I based some of my work off this one, to help get to know how to configure and because his was the best SweetFx preset i could found when the game came one first. (

Also turn In-game settings to the same as in photos of game settings (Brightness can be whatever you want, i prefer Default.)

Download and Than go inside the H-XenoVerse Enhanced folder, Drag and drop all of the files and the folder into your DB Xenoverse folder. Done Enjoy.

*Remember. Press Scrollock or SCRLK to see the difference yourself.


Added Xenoverse 2 version.


Added Curves and Vibrance.

Also tweaked a few settings and optimized the Pineline, so you may see some improvement in FPS

Screenshots Coming Soon

Please Leave Feedback and Requests. Thank You All.


Fixed character outline problem, RE-download Please


Fixed FPS Counter Being On



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