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New Transformations (Added Skills)

This mod adds new transformations for CaC and regular characters. It also adds new auras, and some custom versions of the already existing auras.

All skills are in the shop to buy.




New Transformations:

Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken

Super Saiyan Rosé

Super Saiyan Rosé Kaioken: identical to SSB Kaioken mentioned above, except for SSR. Has a new custom double aura

Super Saiyan 4: (also a Super Vegeta 4 version with different colors)

Ultra Instinct

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution

Super Namekian: 2 stage, Super Namekian, then Red-Eyed form

Super Saiyan Rage: 2- stages (new custom aura)

Divine Potential - second stage for Potential Unleashed, every race can use it

Frieza Race Transformations - 4-stage transformation with appearance & size changing at each stage

Super Kaioken - 2 stage, Super Saiyan & Super Kaioken

Great Saiyaman

Turn Golden (Final Form)

Super Buu


The listed transformations are available in multiple different skills with differing stage setups.

X2M Characters:

Goku - Has all of his DBS forms.

Vegeta - Has all of his DBS forms.

Gohan - 3 transformations, SS1-SS2-PU, PU-SSB, and Great Saiyaman

Vegito - Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, and Super Saiyan (all)

Gogeta - Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4

Goku Black - Super Saiyan Rosé, SSR Kaioken  and regular Super Saiyan. Includes a new custom base form moveset.


Cell - Imperfect > Perfect > Super Perfect

Cooler - transforms into Final Form

Future Trunks - Super Saiyan Rage transformation

Goku (GT) - Super Saiyan 4 transformation

Mira - transforms into Final Form (Permanent transformation. Gains and regens health upon transforming)

Piccolo - Giant and Super Namekian/Red-Eyed form transformations

Lord Slug - Giant transformation

Fused Zamasu - "Light of Justice" Transformation, transform into Half-Corrupted form, and then go Giant.

Hint: The costumes named something like "Transformed Skillset - IGNORE" should not be selected! They are for the exact reason listed in their name, but unfortunately the character creator has no way to hide them in the character select screen. Selecting them can have unintended results. As a general rule, whenever you see a costume named like that, it is the skillset you will get upon transforming with the costume that comes just before that one in the list.



Kingpin for Super Saiyan 4 bust & tail (


Download the latest Patcher & Mod Installer by eternity. This mod wont work without them!


  • Updated Manual Install Data to work with latest game update (1.14).
  • No need to update if you use the installer, 3.14 should continue to work as long as you have cleared the previous installation.
  • UI Moveset Change transformation now supports tails (contributed by Pusilanime)


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  1. Cadhan Mcdermott says:

    doesnt even work lmao

    1. liamtemple76 says:

      I think it should but I also had issues

      1. Cadhan Mcdermott says:

        Yeah, i eventually got it working but it took legit 2 days to figure it out, yt didnt even help

        1. santypalacios says:

          can i ask you how you did it?

          1. Disengaged says:

            nvm you have to install the exe for it to work, its in the instructions

        2. Disengaged says:

          how did u fix it?

        3. MrSoulSlasher31 says:

          Took me 2 minutes. Read the instructions lol

          1. energon82 says:

            How did you get it to work i can’t figure it out?

  2. SBosco1991 says:

    What’s up with the super saiyan rage? The other transformations that i used seem to work well enough, but super saiyan rage doesn’t change at all, no white pupils, no hair change. I installed everythingit correctly, first the skills, then the installer, didn’t have any mods as i installed this one first and checked it out. It’s like it doesn’t correspond to the 238 ID anymore or something, i wouldn’t know, anyone can help me?

  3. SenzuZ says:

    it works!, but when i take the Goku with ssj – mui…. how do i transform to ui and mui? after 20x kaioken blue he transforms back to normal form….

    1. Space Duck says:

      His health has to be at a certain point I believe

  4. Amari Howard says:

    Why does Goku only go Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue now?

  5. Space Duck says:

    I’ve had the main issue of everytime this is installed every single aura (except the auras in the mod) are deleted

    1. Space Duck says:

      Oh yeah and trying to install other auras doesn’t fix it

  6. balestrino says:

    new version ?

  7. DragonSparda119 says:

    i cant for the life of me to get this working it just gives me one file that i cant even open and i dont know what am doing wrong because i got the xv2patcher_3.52 and the XV2INS and still noting its not giving the application to install it? help please

    1. alphaomegarex9292 says:

      download breezip and press extract

  8. werik says:

    nem sei onde fica o link pra abaixar

  9. werik says:

    nem sei onde que fica o link para se abaixar ;-;

  10. kaneki uchiha says:

    how did you even get mods to work i download mods but my xv2ions cant even see them lol

  11. JollySquidLips says:

    is it supposed to download as a rare file?

  12. JollySquidLips says:

    is there a way that, when im fighting a computer in the training offline battle things, for my enemies to transform

  13. DOODLE222 says:

    can someone please help me. anytime i try to do a mission with the transformation mod in my skillset it gives me an infinite loading screen what do i do to stop that?

    1. alphaomegarex9292 says:

      yes having the same issues

  14. tyree bonner says:

    how do I install it has no button

  15. isaiah_woods_26 says:

    I can not find the instructions help pls

  16. NightBladeGames says:

    Its a Rar file is there anyway to fix that

  17. JamieTFS says:

    i cant get an x2m file someone help

  18. alphaomegarex9292 says:

    can someone help I went to change my super saiyan hair for my male saiyan and i get a infinite loading screen when i do photo mode offline battles and PQ but when I take off the transfermation off my skill list I don’t get a infinite loading screen

  19. callum says:

    does this work on xbox or playstation

    1. alphaomegarex9292 says:

      pc only but people say that there is a way to mod console idk how

      1. HighScxre says:

        Modding on console is not supported here.

        1. alphaomegarex9292 says:


          1. alphaomegarex9292 says:

            PC only

  20. Kaijuemperor22 says:

    Hey uh do you by chance have this evil looking aura shown in this video by GoWBuuzer?

  21. LamestGamer says:

    Does anyone else have a chest gap when going SS4?

  22. D2266 says:

    I really love this mod it lets my Namekian finally get an exclusive transformation, I was wondering if the “blue eyed” transformation could be added to the current one tho to complete the set

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