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New Transformations (Added Skills)

This mod adds new transformations for CaC and regular characters. It also adds new auras, and some custom versions of the already existing auras.

All skills are in the shop to buy.




New Transformations:

Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken

Super Saiyan Rosé

Super Saiyan Rosé Kaioken: identical to SSB Kaioken mentioned above, except for SSR. Has a new custom double aura

Super Saiyan 4: (also a Super Vegeta 4 version with different colors)

Ultra Instinct

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution

Super Namekian: 2 stage, Super Namekian, then Red-Eyed form

Super Saiyan Rage: 2- stages (new custom aura)

Divine Potential - second stage for Potential Unleashed, every race can use it

Frieza Race Transformations - 4-stage transformation with appearance & size changing at each stage

Super Kaioken - 2 stage, Super Saiyan & Super Kaioken

Great Saiyaman

Turn Golden (Final Form)

Super Buu


The listed transformations are available in multiple different skills with differing stage setups.

X2M Characters:

Goku - Has all of his DBS forms.

Vegeta - Has all of his DBS forms.

Gohan - 3 transformations, SS1-SS2-PU, PU-SSB, and Great Saiyaman

Vegito - Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, and Super Saiyan (all)

Gogeta - Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4

Goku Black - Super Saiyan Rosé, SSR Kaioken  and regular Super Saiyan. Includes a new custom base form moveset.


Cell - Imperfect > Perfect > Super Perfect

Cooler - transforms into Final Form

Future Trunks - Super Saiyan Rage transformation

Goku (GT) - Super Saiyan 4 transformation

Mira - transforms into Final Form (Permanent transformation. Gains and regens health upon transforming)

Piccolo - Giant and Super Namekian/Red-Eyed form transformations

Lord Slug - Giant transformation

Fused Zamasu - "Light of Justice" Transformation, transform into Half-Corrupted form, and then go Giant.

Hint: The costumes named something like "Transformed Skillset - IGNORE" should not be selected! They are for the exact reason listed in their name, but unfortunately the character creator has no way to hide them in the character select screen. Selecting them can have unintended results. As a general rule, whenever you see a costume named like that, it is the skillset you will get upon transforming with the costume that comes just before that one in the list.



Kingpin for Super Saiyan 4 bust & tail (


Download the latest Patcher & Mod Installer by eternity. This mod wont work without them!


  • Some auras had some unwanted flickering due to a small bug in 3.4. This should be fixed now.



  • Updated the installer for the new CUS format in 1.19
  • 3uploads
File size
95.59 MB
Credit given to modders
November 13, 2022


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  1. liamtemple76 says:

    I think it should but I also had issues

    1. Yeah, i eventually got it working but it took legit 2 days to figure it out, yt didnt even help

        1. Disengaged says:

          nvm you have to install the exe for it to work, its in the instructions

          1. Kingdom says:

            How do you get the mod

        2. jayden1 says:

          All you have to do is open the app and go through the settings, it will set it up for you.

          1. Malik Harris says:

            System.Exception: Failed at BCS install phase (chara/HUF/Hair_Change_None/HUF.bcs.xml)
            this is the error I face when I open The app

        1. Shakkarot says:

          You have to do the installation, there is a special installer in the files

      1. Took me 2 minutes. Read the instructions lol

        1. energon82 says:

          How did you get it to work i can’t figure it out?

          1. Kakarot243 says:

            SEE! First , you have to run the special installer in the .RAR File of the transformations! And give the correct directory of your game {THE FOLDER NAMED DBXENOVERSE 2, NOT THE ONE OF BIN OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT} , and hit install ! NEXT , go to the xv2ins and just install the transformations you want ! NEXT JUST GO TO THE SKILL SHOP AND BUY WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!!

          2. pepito22 says:


          3. Kizaaa says:

            Me too they didnt appeared in thé shop

      2. Solucionaste que no inician las batallas?

    2. you know if you don’t mind can you make a new form is call super saiyan god super saiyan ultra but for shirt is super saiyan ultra and with kaioken
      but first turn super saiyan ultra and second turn kaioken with super saiyan ultra please make you for everyone

      1. Generic says:

        This mod only includes forms from GT and canon sources (i.e DBS, DBZ)

        1. Jiron says:

          Yeah but when will they add beast mode, orange namekian and ultra ego

          1. FINK. says:

            when they are brought into the main anime probably(2023)

      2. Hleo there says:

        the mod only adds cannon and gt stuff so it and have a cap stuff

        1. rgvanesso says:

          Run the installer, then install whichever mod you want

    3. Kizaaa says:

      I have a problème that is my cac have bus normal hair in ssj4 how i can fix it?

    4. jeymarmods says:

      Update this to DLC 14 please adding UI Sign

  2. SBosco1991 says:

    What’s up with the super saiyan rage? The other transformations that i used seem to work well enough, but super saiyan rage doesn’t change at all, no white pupils, no hair change. I installed everythingit correctly, first the skills, then the installer, didn’t have any mods as i installed this one first and checked it out. It’s like it doesn’t correspond to the 238 ID anymore or something, i wouldn’t know, anyone can help me?

    1. Kakarot243 says:

      Well… With me … The complete face of my CaC was changed to Goku’s ! Since you witnessed no hair change – reinstalling should help !

  3. SenzuZ says:

    it works!, but when i take the Goku with ssj – mui…. how do i transform to ui and mui? after 20x kaioken blue he transforms back to normal form….

    1. Space Duck says:

      His health has to be at a certain point I believe

  4. NoHateDrake says:

    Why does Goku only go Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue now?

  5. Space Duck says:

    I’ve had the main issue of everytime this is installed every single aura (except the auras in the mod) are deleted

    1. Space Duck says:

      Oh yeah and trying to install other auras doesn’t fix it

  6. i cant for the life of me to get this working it just gives me one file that i cant even open and i dont know what am doing wrong because i got the xv2patcher_3.52 and the XV2INS and still noting its not giving the application to install it? help please

    1. download breezip and press extract

      1. carlosjk141 says:

        How do I download it? I don’t get any button

  7. werik says:

    nem sei onde fica o link pra abaixar

  8. werik says:

    nem sei onde que fica o link para se abaixar ;-;

  9. how did you even get mods to work i download mods but my xv2ions cant even see them lol

  10. is it supposed to download as a rare file?

  11. is there a way that, when im fighting a computer in the training offline battle things, for my enemies to transform

    1. Ultra Z says:

      go to your xenoverse 2 directory and go into xv2patcher and go into the file that has the little settings thing on it THEN scroll down the .txt until you find ai-extend. it will be set to false. delete false and replace it with true

      1. Kakarot243 says:

        I think that is not what he is asking for , he is , maybe asking for a way to transform enemies but that’s impossible

        1. Kyorin says:

          No it is possible to make the enemy transform, if they have transformations of course. they do it in my game the only problem is they do not need as much KI then I

  12. DOODLE222 says:

    can someone please help me. anytime i try to do a mission with the transformation mod in my skillset it gives me an infinite loading screen what do i do to stop that?

    1. NightBladeGames says:

      In the New Transformations File, there is an installer. Click that and proceed to fill out the aura, Kaioken, and UI settings for it to properly work

      1. I watched a video on how to install mods and I done that or if i need to do that again

          1. PeauxBoi says:

            hey how did you get it to work? do i need to be past a certain point in the story? i finisehd frieza saga and cell story but still cant access. it shows them all as downloaded but cant get them from the shop

          2. no u dont have to be a level to get the froms and watch a how to install
            mods vid u could of messed up somthing

  13. tyree bonner says:

    how do I install it has no button

    1. super-syain says:

      not chrome, you must be open the microsoft edge

  14. I can not find the instructions help pls

  15. NightBladeGames says:

    Its a Rar file is there anyway to fix that

  16. JamieTFS says:

    i cant get an x2m file someone help

    1. NC17 says:

      You need to have the xv2ins mod installer. Just look up how to mod xenoverse 2 on youtube, there’s an abundance of helpful videos of that explain it in detail.

  17. can someone help I went to change my super saiyan hair for my male saiyan and i get a infinite loading screen when i do photo mode offline battles and PQ but when I take off the transfermation off my skill list I don’t get a infinite loading screen

    1. I got it fixed the files had a (1) in them

      1. deadzone84 says:

        i have the same issue what do u mean they have a (1) in them?

        1. I was trying to change my super saiyan hair for my male cac and the files in them had a 1 in them like HUM_249_Hair_dyt (1)emb

  18. callum says:

    does this work on xbox or playstation

    1. pc only but people say that there is a way to mod console idk how

      1. Ghetto Majin says:

        Modding on console is not supported here.

  19. Hey uh do you by chance have this evil looking aura shown in this video by GoWBuuzer?

  20. LamestGamer says:

    Does anyone else have a chest gap when going SS4?

    1. cassio1822 says:

      i have them too, used another bust and the gap disapeared from the front

      1. cassio1822 says:

        managed to fix by replacing the bust with this one just download and change the new busto id to the same as the old one, the id can be found on the new tranformation mod readme file. you will have to do the same step to fix te duplicate tail and the wrist fur from the new bust will clip throug gloves, i guess you can remove the wrist fur using the same method as the tail one, but cant confirm it works.

  21. D2266 says:

    I really love this mod it lets my Namekian finally get an exclusive transformation, I was wondering if the “blue eyed” transformation could be added to the current one tho to complete the set

  22. Installer is not running when i double click installer doesn’t work any fix?

  23. IThinkI'mMe says:

    I set up the UI moveset and it was working until I set up the Rose moveset is there anyway to reset the chara files to their original files without resetting all of my data.

  24. I have all the things installed for it to work but it just does’nt work.

    1. IThinkI'mMe says:

      Did you go into the chara files

  25. Does anyone know how he made it so that you can skip transformation stages?

    1. NightBladeGames says:

      You can double click the transform button to skip some stages

      1. I want to know how he did it, so that I could do it with my own.

  26. dasada says:

    can someone help me my hair is always yellow

  27. this mod does not work. it says “The file new transformation installer could not be found” whenever i try to download the installer.

  28. BigBoiRam says:

    when i transform, my basic attack animations dont happen

  29. Starfish50xx says:

    Just made an account just to say YES this still works. Now im level 65 with ultra instinct lmao

  30. Starfish50xx says:

    Thanks!!!! it works poggers

  31. NC17 says:

    The BCS file doesn’t install when I use the installer. I’ve gotten it to work on and off but I don’t know why it just doesn’t work a lot of the time. Can someone help?

    1. Tomas pardo says:

      what did you do to make it work?

  32. BigBoiRam says:

    divine potential gives infinite loading screens, and ssg+ transformations keep golden eyebrows and golden eyes

  33. supaflylevi says:

    If it were to be possible at all. itd be amazing if there was an update that included 2 new transformations: Xeno Super Saiyan KK (1-2-3-4-4KK), & Xeno Super Saiyan Limit Breaker (1-2-3-4-4LB). Just two transformations that I’d love to see added into your list. =D

    1. deuskid says:

      Can i know where ia the download link lol

  34. LamestGamer says:

    So can someone PLEASE help me fix this these 2 problems I am having with SSJ4 1. The hole in the chest 2.My animated tail not going away when my SSJ4 tail shows up (Which just started happening like 2 days ago)

    1. cassio1822 says:

      managed to fix by replacing the bust with this one just download and change the new busto id to the same as the old one, the id can be found on the new tranformation mod readme file. you will have to do the same step to fix te duplicate tail and the wrist fur from the new bust will clip throug gloves, i guess you can remove the wrist fur using the same method as the tail one, but cant confirm it works.

  35. hey just asking are you gonna update XV2 mod installer for the new dlc?

  36. currito202 says:

    how do you download it I dont see a button?

  37. JDHD2299 says:

    You plan on updating your mods anytime soon?

  38. yessir says:

    wheres the download button

  39. TheScepter says:

    Okay so for some reason whenever I try to install DBS Goku specifically it crashes the mod installer

  40. Wowo says:

    hey i can get in the game but i can’t find the transformations anywhere, i just want them for offline purposed and i tried everything in the instructions but nothing seems to work

  41. pcnotmaster says:

    can you please update this mod lazybone thanks

  42. IrishSailor says:

    Am I missing something or can I just not find the download link to this mod?

  43. NumberSkillz says:

    Anyone else stuck on the loading screen when selecting their CAC?
    I cant find out whats wrong when i have a transformation on

    1. Cheese says:

      I was too, Lazybone probably has to update the mod as Eternity updated his tools. It might take a while but atleast you can download other mods. Maybe you can try and find a transformation mod that doesn’t require lazybone’s transformations at the moment?

      1. NumberSkillz says:

        That seems like the only route at the moment
        But hopefully LB sees this
        I dam near feel like he doesn’t pay this mod any attention since he didn’t need to for the past 3 years lol

  44. Sureiya says:

    Got it to work except 1 thing. My hair would not change I followed the instructions but nothing. Only time it changed was when I used the games regular transformations and not the modded. Welp haven’t slept and haven’t gotten closer to it working.

    1. Hey, did you ever manage to get the hair change to work? I’m having the same problem

  45. show21me says:

    Lazybones, I really love this mod I used this for a very long time, and never did I felt bored with this mod. I hope this message finds you and the people who worked on this too. if not too much to ask y’know with how much everyone is asking for an update to DLC 12 please don’t give up on this mod just yet and continue doing your very best. Show21Me

  46. wackypatty says:

    is there a skill that allows you to go ssj1, ssj2, ssj3, ssj4, ssjg, ssjb ,ssjbe, ui, and mui so i dont use kaioken? or is the one where it goes from 3 to god the best option?

  47. jfdog123 says:

    Whenever I try to install the new transformations installer it keeps saying, “Failed at EEPK phase.” Can Someone help me try to fix it?

  48. Richi9173 says:

    puedes crear el modo tuffle parasite por favor

  49. pepi says:

    hola tuve un problema que es que me funciona todo piola pero cuando me transformo no tengo animacion de pegar un golpe y no puedo hacer combos ni nada de eso despues todo bien

  50. XenoKyomi says:

    Yeah, followed the instructions, installed with no errors, totally broke all basic attacking animations, granted I did a stupid and installed files from both moveset change and normal, so knew that was an issue once I saw the animations broke. Tried un-installing and re-installing, making sure I checked everything (no conflicting files, and this time using the transformations that didn’t edit the basic movesets) and same result. I genuinely have no idea what’s going on, and even after un-installing it, and all my mods, I still have broken animations. I’m assuming there’s some lingering files somewhere and I’ll need to reinstall the game and try again? Though I really don’t want to do that as, well idk if the save data is stored locally in the game files or not. So losing my progress is a bit- yeah. If anyone can help, or at least tell me what I did wrong with the install that be great.

    1. Luchio says:

      The exact same thing happened to me and I don’t know what to do :c

      1. XenoKyomi says:

        I think we just have to delete and re-install the game. :l I’ve tried un-installing it and all my mods and verifying game files through steam, but to no luck. Just kinda sucks. And I think the mod broke due to the latest updates anyway, since a few people in the comments here have stated that. Hopefully the creator will update the mod once the game isn’t getting any more DLCs or updates. That way they don’t have to update it again multiple times or anything.

        1. XenoKyomi says:

          Actually, I found a fix. Don’t un-install the game. You have no need to. Just go to the game’s root folder -> data -> chara and then delete every file contained there. You may have to re-install or add any working mods back again, or re-add any texture/clothing change mods again, but it will get your animations working again as normal. I’m going to try and re-install this mod again making sure I don’t mess up, and once I’ve got it working I’ll tell you how I did it. If it does work that is.

          1. XenoKyomi says:

            Ah okay, Idk if anyone is reading this thread anymore. But I did get it working. If anyone has the issue of character animations breaking, just delete everything chara folder. found in the game’s root folder -> data -> chara. Uninstall all mods, and then test the game. If animations go back to normal then good. Now on to getting the mod working correctly, install any x2ms FIRST, all the ones you want all of them are optional. Make sure not to install conflicting files, I’d recommend sticking to the non-moveset changes (just to avoid any more issues, just what I did. You can try it if you want, I just can’t be bothered trouble shooting any more than I need to). Then run the .exe installer, futhermore don’t install tail animations from SSJ4, idk why I always had issues with it even though nothing was changing the moveset of the CAC. Then test the game and all transformations you wanted to install. Should work perfectly.

            This is why you read the instructions carefully lmao, obviously I didn’t and looking at it now? It says all the same stuff. sooo. yeah.

  51. Lucas says:

    Where is the download link?

  52. W_G says:

    Thanks for the transformation mod(s).
    But I’ve noticed a stat issue in the transformations don’t know if the new update is the cause or just an issue on my end but SSJ is stronger than SSJ2 & SSJ3 and SSJ4 is stronger than God and SSJ3 is the same as God.
    Tested on Strike and Ki Supers/Ultimates.

  53. Tsavari says:

    Good mod, easy to install.

    But how do you get the supersayan hair to match your character’s hair?When i transform the hair is just the hair of the default character?
    And how do you get the supersayan 4 hair?

    1. W_G says:

      Depending its female or male saiyan which will be in either HUF or HUM and the hair file you’ll have to google on which is which or work it out by process of elimination. And in new transformations there is also a guide. But 297 SSJ – 298 SSJ2 – 299 SSJ3 – 256&264 SSJ4 – 248 God – 250, 251 & 272 Blue, Blue Kaioken & Evo – 270 & 271 Omen & Mastered. I.E HUM_004_Hair.dyt.emb & .emb & .emd & .emm change it to HUM_249_Hair. dyt.emb & .emb & .emd & .emm

      1. Tsavari says:

        Thanks for the answer.

        Is this the way to imitate what inbetweengamer did with his character?

  54. ShinDeron says:

    will there be an update for this?

  55. Luchio says:

    when I transform into ultra instinct (ui swapping) the character animation freezes and does not move.
    someone know how to fix it?

  56. AeonSoul777 says:

    Does anyone know the pupil ID for super saiyan rage controlled?

  57. Where the download button mines is not showing?

  58. Jayciiito says:

    Any Chance your Working on a God Of Destruction Transformation?

  59. Since toppo was added, this doesn’t work anymore. and sadly there will be another dlc after this. i hope you find out and can update this. if not someone else has to try

    1. Tsavari says:

      I have it and it does work.
      Though i’m playing offline.

  60. tahas says:

    which version does this work with

  61. _Saph_ says:

    please an update with SDBH, DB, DBH an Moro

  62. onlyluck says:

    how I fix the infinity screen character glitch

  63. LithoOmega says:

    I have a problem. The installer doesnt work so i did the manual installation and now the transformations that changes hair dont work, help.

  64. Robz says:

    could u please make one that changes the hair more?

  65. Alv123 says:

    Alguien sabe como descargo el mod nose 🙁

  66. Allen says:

    Any one know how to fix if mod says failed at save phase??

  67. luiz says:

    como que eu baixo n estouy vendo a opçao de dowload

  68. Laucha says:

    Bro si me puedes ayudar hay algunas transformaciones o personajed que hacen que las misiones esten cargando eternamente

  69. deckp says:

    do i need a certain level none of them are in my transformation list

    1. viberaterz says:

      you have to buy them from the skill shop

  70. Laucha says: video explicando el problema del crasheo y como instalarlo paso a paso

  71. i need help whenever i go super sayian 4 my hair is yellow not black how it should be for the transformation

    1. SSJ4 trasformation is SSJ-SSJ2-SSJ3-SSJ4, so you should just trasform again. It will say that the command is to remove the trasformation, but it is actually to change it. Do it multiple times and you will be SSJ4.

  72. Grievous087 says:

    I’m tryna download this mod, but there isnt an installer when I do. There’s only 4 folders and an xml document. Am I just dumb?

    1. Grievous087 says:

      Ok I figured it out, I wasnt using a good extractor lol

  73. hey I dont like the color of ssbe hair color how can i change it to look differant how do i do that

    1. nevermind i found one that i like a few weeks or days ago

  74. Delzan says:

    where is the download button / file

  75. Nostro74 says:

    Awesome pack thank you! I’m just having a little trouble with Goku’s transformations. Can get to KK X 20 but after this he powers down and can’t get to UI or MUI. I’ve read online this could be related to remaining health, have being trying with trial and error but not made it happen yet. Can anyone tell me if they’ve successfully reached UI or MUI and how they did it? Thanks.

    1. Ultra Z says:

      goku’s health has to be low G

  76. where is the download button? they changed the site

  77. el pepe says:

    como mierda lo istalo donde esta la ubicacion donde dice descargar 🙁

  78. saraxron says:

    I’m looking for a patch/update for the Vanilla SSGSS Evolved Hair change. I use this mod mostly just to get the hair and eye change for Vanilla SSJ forms. Any tips or ideas to do this?

  79. Is there a way to disable the teleportion for the ultra instict? It is really bad most often than not it just screw me over more than it helps, since it teleport me in the face of the enemy and just make get it, or even if i use a passive skill like the ones that recharge your ki, it will literally teleport me in the face of the enemy and just stop me from recharging

    1. Xzy says:

      go back into the installer and select “Data Input” UI Dodge. the other two cause you to teleport once using any skill. alternatively, just do a back-hit or something before the skill.

  80. Cyprien says:

    I have installed the characters from the “Roster Characters” folder, but none of them have the skill to transform. Why ?

    Also, it says in the description above that the skills to enable transformations are available in the shop. But, I never saw any skills in the shop. What are the names of these skills?

    Am I missing something?

  81. Foxboy971 says:

    How do you get the transformations once you install the mod? Bacause I can’t find them anywhere. Unless I did it wrong.

  82. Foxboy971 says:

    How do you get the transformations once you install it?

  83. SenzuZ says:

    Is there a way to use the transformations without using the installer? i have another mod that adds his own transformations and auras + 300 characters and many more and it doesnt work after i used the installer, but i like the transformations more than the one that are in that big mod

  84. The Game Directory part isn’t function when I go for the install.

  85. DoobsMods says:

    Anyone know why whenever I download another mod it gets rid of the lazybones added transformation hair colors? Or is that on of the issues that we need to wait for lazybones to update? Any reply with some help is much appreciated.

  86. dh1235 says:

    I cant get the “new transformatikon installer” to show DBX2 when I click on browse in the game directory. Should I be doing this another way? This is the only way I know how to get the games game path.

  87. zackary says:

    anyone CAC MUI glitched

  88. Kari says:


  89. REDDY27 says:

    how do i download mods from this site?

    1. Kakarot243 says:

      There is a download icon on the right side of the complete window . A long vertical rectangle with the uploader’s profile , uploading date along with some other info related to the mod/s . This rectangle has the download button right at the bottom !

  90. jrosaless says:

    where is the download button?

  91. Autista says:

    Hello, you know that when installing the mod when I go to give a hit it does not hit without any transformation as with any transformation, you will know a solution just in case when I finish installing it use the save editor. But I did not modify anything in the history of my character, I simply gave myself all the powers, clothes and powers (sorry for my English, I’m using a translator)

  92. 0mys says:

    Could someone please tell me why the game doesn’t start when I install a mod and try it?

    1. Kakarot243 says:

      See , if the message appears ” An instance of the xv2patcher is already running” , Or anything like that , then you just do one thing-
      Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc . to open task manager . [at least this helps on windows 10] , and Scroll down until you find the ‘DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 ‘ . Right click on it and hit ” End Task ” . Now you’re free to open your game! Lemme know if this doesn’t help .

      1. Moltran says:

        I need help, I dont know how downland the mod

  93. Son Gohan says:

    When I put everything and enter the game in skills, nothing comes out but if I go to the bag and skills I get a lot of question icons, how do I solve it?

  94. elegard1100 says:

    does anyone know how to connect the mod onto a flash drive to put it onto a ps5

  95. elegard1100 says:

    does anyone know how to put it onto a ps5

  96. Idk says:

    My Animation is stuck

    1. Kakarot243 says:

      Re-install the transformation\s which you have that problem with . It should apparently help. At least hair issues can be fixed like that

  97. Kakarot243 says:

    Wow! Excellent mod. Keep up the good work.

  98. Kakarot243 says:

    Wow! Excellent work , Lazybone ! Nice mod.

  99. Johnnyboii95 says:

    Hey have everything working apart from every time i try to install one of the rosters characters with XV2 mod loader i keep getting errors coming up saying

    bool_cdecl Xenoverse2::initSound(bool): Failed to load data/sound/vox/sys/CRT_CSvox.acb

    anyone know why?

  100. KevinGaytan says:

    Why ssj1, ssj2 and ssj3 have the UI?
    even when fighting goku ssj1 dodge attacks and regenerate life, it helps

  101. YWOV2 says:

    Ive done everything in the intstrucions, and faq but i still cant find the skills

  102. YWOV2 says:

    Ive gottten the transformations i want but they change my hair to a different style (that isnt the problem so much) but when i use blue, or god, or rage, or 4 my hair just stays in super sayian 1 golden…. why?

  103. Chron says:

    where the download link?

  104. GTwaves says:

    i got all i need but i dont know where i can install the mod

  105. galaxyxeca says:

    he tells me i need the costume name for XV2ins

  106. Kolhu says:

    When i try to install these mods into xv2ins none of the CaC ones will work. Itll give me an error anytime i try? Does anyone have a fix

  107. kenky445 says:

    No se como va esta pagina , alguien me podria decir como descargo mods de esta pagina ???

  108. hanzangel15 says:

    where is the download button?

  109. I would not bother with this mod anymore. I’ve no clue if it’s on my end alone or if it’s for everyone, but every time I try to download the X2M files, it claims the file paths do not exist. All the fixes I looked up involve things way over my head, so for anyone who wants to use this, consider other mods. Bare in mind I have used this mod plenty of times, and I know how to install it correctly. For it to refuse to work in this kind of way, it irritates me.

  110. I got it to work but do you have to have a certain hair style or cloths to get the ssj4 fur

  111. Ghost says:

    how i can get the folder mod? i don’t know how to got it, i’m new 🙁

  112. Super Saiyan God, Blue, Blue Kaioken (up to x20), Rose, Blue Evolution, and MUI all have yellow eyebrows and yellow eyes

  113. IncarnateZ says:


  114. have too ask well you ever be making a ssj5 and ssj4 limit breaker transformation? just wondering?

  115. soybailiz says:

    As it is downloaded, I only see the installer of the mods, not the mod

  116. viberaterz says:

    the pupils for the non-saiyan forms don’t change colors for my characters, how can I fix this?

  117. Flameprince says:

    how do i actually download it. it keeps telling me that i need the patcher and mod installer please help me

    1. luis04464 says:

      go at the bottom of the page

  118. Awolf says:

    i have a problem,i messed up the movesets and now it doesnt let me reset them i went to the reset moveset but i cant choose the file DVXV2 which is where i start my modded xenoverse 2 from

  119. Awolf says:

    i have a problem,i messed up the movesets and now it doesnt let me reset them i went to the reset moveset but i cant choose the file DVXV2 which is where i start my modded xenoverse 2

  120. eagle600000 says:

    I got a problem, when i transform on ssj3 the hair doesn’t change and the new characters that i installed from this mod dosen’t have some skills and transformations

  121. luis04464 says:

    Cannot open for overwrite/create, the file “C:/Program Files (x86)/Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2/data/msg/proper_noun_costume_name_en.msg”
    Error given by the system: Permission denied
    Does anyone know why I get this error?

  122. mariojob2012 says:

    how to install this mod?? i’m new at this website

  123. 2bitto says:

    I tried using the mod but it wont load now.

  124. deathblade1 says:

    where is the download option?

  125. danlopo says:

    I am trying to upload a the mod from my DBXV2 Mods folder into the Mods Installer but it wont recognize the fil

  126. How do you uninstall the move set swapping help would be appreciated

  127. winsengaming says:

    Where is the download button XD

  128. daichiverse says:

    I’m having a lot of problems with auras, because in base form and Super Saiyan aura stop working whenever I try to reinstall them. The worst thing is that this happens randomly no matter the mod I uninstall that worked in the past with this one (I read the “readme” file, but doesn’t help)

  129. pepito22 says:


  130. xanoverse says:

    i hope someone can help, but i have a transformation based on lazybones, im trying to change the eye model for the transformation, i know how, but the developer didnt leave notes on which HUM files the transformation is, how would i go about finding this?

  131. alifmg11 says:

    i dont any single button download here

  132. alifmg11 says:

    button download not exist

  133. ssjtime says:

    i did everything on HUM AND HUF files but my hair is still a super saiyan

  134. vstt says:

    n tem link nesse caralho

  135. rylewolf says:

    where do i get the transformations i get new characters but no transformations for my cac

  136. Najux13 says:

    Hey so when I transform to god or blue or rose or ssgss kaioken my eyes and eyebrows stay in super Saiyan color what did I do wrong

  137. My game keeps loading any help?

  138. beanieboijr says:

    how do i fix this inf loading screen?

  139. Erro “The board you are trying to access is either inaccessible or could not be found.”

  140. could you add transformations for teen gohan gotenks and super saiyan 4 to goku and vegeta?

  141. how do i change my eyes for a transformation??? it changes to the default eyes and i cannot change them how do i do that?

  142. warangel46 says:

    i wish Frieza Race Transformations went in to Turn Golden bc as it is the Turn Golden dose not match my cac as all it belly gose all pink and Frieza belly is golden in the game and anime so it feel off

  143. warangel46 says:

    i wish Frieza Race Transformations went in to gold bc in the anime and the game the belly is not pink and it feel odd have it pink when my cac gose gold

  144. mattriz212 says:

    i cant find the download button lol

  145. nazu says:

    how can i download this mod . is it just Patcher and Mod Installer

  146. itzvexx says:

    bro i better not get scammed

  147. Kimek234 says:

    new installer doesn’t work for me,i clicked on it and nothing happened,can u help?

  148. I cant start photo mode when I use any of those transformation why?

  149. where do i click to download the mod

  150. Vaperizer66 says:

    The Frieza Race transformations make my CaC shorter…why?

  151. thorilikeyou says:

    thank you,this do me a big favor

  152. kenxo says:

    where is the download button

  153. sam0224 says:

    sorry im new but im have hard time downloading the patcher could you hlep me out

  154. pico1111pico says:


  155. rgvanesso says:

    The ssj4 female bust from kingpin doesn’t appear in-game, it instead uses the “belt-strap” original from the game

  156. elchuchu says:

    no me aparece el cartel para instalarlo

  157. Xzy says:

    I’m trying to change the SSJ 4 Female Bust to a different one that I found, but I don’t know what files I should replace. Can anyone help?

  158. guts12 says:

    why i dont see any link to download

    1. elijah105mph says:

      scroll right down to the bottom.its my pleasure

  159. mekaline says:

    the eyes in the UI and certain other transformations remain as the standard super saiyan green, I don’t know if it’s a bug or something that has to be fixed

  160. Pyrolytic says:

    When I tried downloading this mod, the download fails and says “Failed – System Busy.” Do you have any idea on how I can repair this?

  161. bugha4000xd says:

    alguien sabe como instalar el mod

  162. dask240 says:

    Great mod overall but UI’s teleport when using abilities is mostly usuless, at least for my meele CAC, the teleport puts me out of the range of most of my abilities, is so annoying that I have to iniciate a combo every time I don’t want to use teleport , and that’s terrible for Molotov.

  163. Hi, i found a bugs in your mods when my cac try hold power strike but it couldn’t hit any single enemy. I did this on training and found out. Please fix it.

  164. mooodoo says:

    where can i download this?

  165. mukelds says:

    guys I ve installed all files but i don’t know how I can download the mod please someone ca i help me

  166. I’ve got this persistent issue where the Ultra Instinct skill (the hair change version) spikes up my hair like a Super Saiyan (on a similar note, the Super Saiyan 4 skill doesn’t give me longer hair). I know it’s kind of in the name, but is there any way to prevent it from doing this? I’m playing a female Saiyan, for reference.

    1. Slander says:

      how did u get ultra instinct?

  167. davi90 says:

    Alguém poderia por favor me ajudar a baixar esse mod, eu não sei como baixar na versão mais atual.

  168. davi90 says:

    Alguém me ajuda. Quando eu equipo o ultra istinto e tento jogar ele fica carregando infinitamente.

  169. Frobenius says:

    When I use super buu transformation with my female buu the game crash. Any ideia how to fix it?

  170. naguto2190 says:

    Is there a way to get it to work with costume move sets? Can’t find any answers and really want to use the new move set found with the transformations.

  171. aravolt says:

    I have a problem where transformations don’t change hair color, auras don’t change, and stats don’t change either. I can “use” the transformations, and the animations play, but nothing changes about the character.

    1. Hey, did you ever manage to fix that? I’m having the same problem.

  172. iboballaam says:

    This is dumb but how do i install this mod from the site. or how do i get the file to install.

  173. valennn46 says:

    no encuentro el link para descargar el archivo del mod osea donde esta el mod para instalarlo

  174. Can someone help me? when I use the mod installer for a new transformation,
    The game directory disappears, but I install XV2Ins,
    directory exists

  175. blitzi3 says:

    How the do you even download the mod? I cant find a download button anywhere

  176. D2266 says:

    Is there a way to get this updated?

    I mostly wanna see someone add to the namekian transformation and add the blue eyed form otherwise the mod is pretty amazing

  177. giogo says:

    rapazeada baixei o mod e ele veio como bloco de notas oq faço?

  178. geostriker28 says:

    Buenas, soy nuevo en esto y me gustaría saber como descargo los mods, en ningún lado veo la opción de descargar.

  179. carlosjk141 says:

    How do I download it? I don’t get any button

  180. i know im probably dumb but where do i download

  181. wolferhairem says:

    What the hell I am trying to change the stupid auras and ui thingy (How it teleport you if you attacking or not in ui) and it won’t let me it keeps giving me an error and it won’t even let me uninstall it I would not recommend this if you are trying to successfully mod the game. Like really if your gonna post something at least do it right or quit making mods.

  182. This is quite the NOICE mod keep up the good work👏👏👏

  183. lepoch says:

    I have installed patch and mod installer, at the time of installing the mod it does not give me any error, but when I enter the game I do not have the skills, can someone help me?

  184. aeonsoulstar says:

    Where is the hair file that i need to replace to make the SSJ4 Female form on this mod look like SSJ4 on the anime? What is the name of the hair that the SSJ4 Female is currently using on this mod?

  185. Hey is your mod compatible with Deez’s auras?

  186. chilimacvet says:

    how do i change the hair plz help new to modding!!!!!

  187. how do i install this, the link to download doesnt appear

  188. ilytouka says:

    How do I fix it so that it keeps my chosen hair, because when I transform it gives me ace’s hairstyle?

  189. che donde esta el link de descarga?????

  190. Shukakku says:

    If yall looking for the download button scroll to the bottom

  191. gamerggk says:

    when ever i install this it makes my equipment collection go from 100% to 97% is there a reason why?

  192. blipzero says:

    i can not find LAZYBONES NEWTRANSFORMATIONSINSTALLER.EXE on the net any where ? is it the srong thing to look up or is it gone ?

  193. shin2244 says:

    this game version(1.160) is not compatible with this version of the patcher

    1. gamerggk says:

      yes it is everything works fine for me besides when ever i have this installed it takes my equipment collection from 100% to 97% and makes it impossible to get 100% game complete but i never heard of anyone else haveing this problem.

  194. tushar12 says:

    how do i get this mod? there is no download link

    1. gamerggk says:

      yes there is i downloaded it not to long ago. do u have an antivirus on ur pc?

  195. I figured out the Frieza race transformations being the wrong height. Its quite simple, it means you jumped the gun and ran the New Transformations Installer.exe BEFORE you installed all the x2ms with the x2m installer program. Simply uninstall everything added by this mod (including running the installer.exe and picking the uninstall option). Then install everything again IN THE PROPER ORDER! x2ms FIRST then run the installer.exe.

  196. cassio1822 says:

    hello, when using the ssj4 transformation my CaC has a gao in the waist, i can see why he has it since the bust is goku’s right? maybe the height or something and when using another character clotes the gap is less notable, just wondering if it has any fix? since i sawn on other videos that this gap does not exist

    1. cassio1822 says:

      tried using a new bust i downloaded from the site, now the gap disapeared on the front part of the waist, but the back side continued with the gap, will try reinstalling the mod witjout the tail animation

      1. cassio1822 says:

        managed to fix by replacing the bust with this one just download and change the new busto id to the same as the old one, the id can be found on the new tranformation mod readme file. you will have to do the same step to fix te duplicate tail and the wrist fur from the new bust will clip throug gloves, i guess you can remove the wrist fur using the same method as the tail one, but cant confirm it works.

  197. lp4ever007 says:

    Um I can’t find the download link

  198. galactricman says:

    can this mod work on DBX2 version 1.00?

  199. lp4ever007 says:

    I can’t find the download link

    1. gamerggk says:

      i dont know how people cant see the download link its right at the top next to the mod info some type of protection on ur pc must be blocking it

  200. crimsonblur says:

    for some reason I can’t block while transformed, but I can still revert back to base form using the same input.

    1. crimsonblur says:

      nevermind I’m dumb as hell

  201. DjScout says:

    So the new DLC released a official SSG transformation for cacs, even including the proper glow. Hopefully this mod gets updated so the SSG transformation mod uses the official animation and the SSG Cac god aura uses the glow too

    1. gamerggk says:

      u can easily do that ur self just by taking the ssg form from this mod and adding the aura u want to it the tool is right in the xv2 mod installer folder im not good at moding at all but doing that was easy

    1. gamerggk says:

      READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE INSTALLING! (they are in the download) <- it says this at the top

  202. Moonrockk says:

    Hello, how do I remove a transformation from a pack ?
    I want to remove ssj3 from the ultra instinct pack

  203. Sekxi says:

    im having an issue with the ultra instinct right now, everytime i use a special or a ultimate my cac teleports in front of the enemy and consumes more ki than it should. for example if i use a ultimate that requires 4 ki bars i will end up using 8 ki bars… can someone help?

  204. Cel1x says:

    does it work with revamp?

  205. notkai says:

    help everytime i try to play it says remove aura limit 1 help please is there a update to these mods

  206. OuDayas says:

    Idk how to turn into ui when I use goku ssj all > ultra instinct, what I have to press? twice? three times? idk

  207. RodX171 says:

    Is there a way to remove the custom auras?

  208. Lazybone i think you missing correct voice for Jap Voice Vegeta Mod and also SSJG Transformation for Vegeta is here i think you might add that, add SSJE And God Vegeta Voice lines, i purpose he say Super Saiyan Blue In Jap

    1. SSJBE*, we want SSJB Voice only on All Transformation for Goku not base voice

  209. How do you revert back one form with the DBS Goku? I accidentally discovered this when I somehow went ssg when I was SSB trying to go SSBKK.

  210. Rey Z says:

    question….is there any way i can change the ultra instinct(saiyans) hair style because it changes to hairstyle number 1 and without my normal hair it looks stupid

  211. jxstmxdding says:

    I cant download the Goku dbs mod Idk what to click at the installer when u open the data if u Put it in an exsisting slot
    can Someone help Me?

  212. liam990 says:

    how do you work this mod?

  213. For some reason, my Frieza / Frost Demon shrinks when I use those transformations, which I kind of find annoying. Why does this happen and can I fix it? I first attempted to use it with a Height 4 Frieza, which is when I noticed the shrink. Then I lowered the height by one, but the shrink continued to happen. Videos from 2017 that use that transformation actually get bigger, so why has the mod changed now? Can this be fixed somehow?

  214. hdhhdhd says:

    I installed your mod and everything’s working fine but there’s one small thing, when I transform in to super saiyan 4 as a male cac the super saiyan 4 redeye line is visible but when I transform in to a super siyan 4 as a female cac it doesn’t show up ,is there a way to make that redeye line visible for SYF?

  215. Can someone help? I followed the instructions as it said and I installed the skills, characters, and transformations I wanted, however it seems when I go into choose a character the roster is blank. Nothing shows up, not even a box to select. I have tried before installing the mods from the roster file and after but it hasn’t worked for me and I don’t know why. Pressing buttons doesn’t seem to work either. I have also downloaded the mods from the patch file and reinstalled with the installer just in case and it didn’t work. I am just coming back from before DLC 11 came out and am finding the new way we have to install mods a bit frustrating right now.

    1. NVM it was my own fault for just removing files from XV2 patcher that were keeping me from playing the game. With a mod like this it creates an issue if you don’t have these patches installed

  216. Mesum Abbas says:

    Will there be any update in future of this pack of mods?

  217. 7788bba100 says:

    PLS update this cause it is unstable on the new update

  218. greenbrother says:

    Is there any chance you could add a version of Super Saiyan that combines all regular forms (1, 2, 3, G, B, & BE) in one, but where SSG doesn’t change the hair style like the rest?

  219. JuiceHead says:

    Why is my tail jutting out and static?

    1. greenbrother says:

      Pretty sure there’s something overriding the tail mod. When that happens, I just reinstall the tail.

      It usually starts working again.

  220. tjackson8739 says:

    Could you possible add Super Saiyan 5 to the Super Saiyan and Rose Variants?


    Super Saiyan (Rose Variant) SSJ1-SSJ2-SSJ3-SSJ4-SSJ5-SSG-SSR-SSRKK-SSRKKX10-SSRKKX20-UI-MUI

  221. kinokareem says:

    I’ve never had problems with this mod now i get mismatched hair tail and eyes.. Fri race transformation is bugged.. is this because the new update or revamp or just me being an idiot ?

  222. HEAVENLY says:

    I’m having an issue where a lot of the transformations turn my character’s hair yellow even when its supposed to red (SSG for example) or blue, etc. Does anybody have a fix for this?

  223. For some reason when I transform into SSJ4 the tail doesn’t appear. I installed the tail animations but yet nothing appears. The rest of the transformations work perfectly. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  224. Rikarinteki says:

    Hey, i have a question, when I try to uninstall or reinstall the mod using the installer, it’s stuck on saving files. Does anyone know why and how I can fix it?

  225. ZenithGate says:

    You gonna be updating this now that Super Saiyan God was added?

  226. royalcash says:

    whem i transform into a super saiyan 3 id dont show the hair of it how do i fix it

  227. tonioshaki says:

    are you gonna update for 1.17 ?

  228. krien says:

    wich buttons i need to press for transformations on pc?

  229. Kirisuma says:

    every thing works… the only thing that does not so far, is the stand alone Ultra Instinct mod. For some reason there seems to be not moveset integrated and she (female sayajin) refuses to move. Funny enough, if I go the longer way to transform her with the Sayajin All skill, ultra instinct functions as it is supposed to… so… I am wondering what went wrong xD

  230. Kevon Gause says:

    This mod is officially dead, I am now getting infinite loading screens when I have select a stage, despite me following the instructions!!!

  231. norman6788 says:

    Hey, anybody here knows what the hair IDs for the SSJ Rosé forms are? I can’t find them in the ReadMe.txt

  232. Stefan says:

    WHat do i press to download

  233. Slander says:

    how do i get the other transformations(ultra instinct etc)

    1. dwsd3r3 says:

      runs on version 1.17.1 ?

  234. Seto Ace says:

    does anyone having issue of SSBE having no aura during ki charge?

    1. Neo says:

      I am. Anyway to fix it?

  235. HEAVENLY says:

    Can someone for the love of god please fix this? It keeps fucking up my vanilla auras. No cloud showing for power pole, no auras, etc.

  236. Flavio H says:

    when will the Transformations (Added Skills) update

    1. MicahWasHere says:

      you have to be critical health too

  237. MicahWasHere says:

    For some reason i cant attack in mui and ui sign

  238. NJSZN says:

    why is it that when I transform into ultra instinct with my CAC i teleport when using my custom moveset. like when I charge my energy i teleport

  239. HEAVENLY says:

    This mod has been giving me trouble a lot lately. It’s honestly kinda overrated for all the stress it causes me lol. First of all, reinstalling will completely remove all vanilla auras for some reason. Second, all transformations from this mod turn my character’s hair yellow like a super saiyan, even if they’re human. Anybody have a fix for this? :0

  240. uber_gaming says:

    We need an update that adds ultra ego

  241. flaminmonke says:

    is there a way to make it so transforming doesn’t change your hair to the kid super saiyan trunks hair? please tell me in detail

  242. Fask says:

    Do i have to install all of the Folders x2m files or how to?

    Please help out : )

  243. Fask says:

    100 Points in KI, once i got UI modes, something bugged, reinstall, never UI again, tested every awaken spell…

  244. oogabooga says:

    Can this work with the Punisher movesets?

  245. the LB INSTALLER does not open, any solution?

  246. the LB INSTALLER does not open, any solution?

  247. I have a problem where transformations don’t change the hair even tho I selected to change both the hair and eye color on the installer.

    SSJ4 also doesn’t add the body hair either.

    I can use the transformations, and the animations play, but nothing besides the color change.

  248. donkey says:

    amazing mod, but the mod also breaks revamp.

  249. LamestGamer says:

    So, anyone figure out how to fix the weird chest gap on Super Saiyan 4?

  250. Kizaaa says:

    How do i change the id becouse my female cac have a hairstyle in ssj that is not the hair i want.

  251. Kizaaa says:

    When i use an transfo for my cac Saiyan thé hair change but not liké i want.
    How i dix it?

  252. how can i use the superior instinct without being low on health, because i can only activate it when mine is low

  253. gregory31 says:

    you will be able to master mod up to date or not lazybone

  254. Kaizu says:

    update this maaaaaaaaaaaan

  255. grandmanstan says:

    i got a weird thing going on where the Frieza Race forms don’t change how you look and you stay as the default. and the ssj4 hair is short for some reason

  256. pauball06 says:

    in the transformation of all the supersayan with the rose, it comes out when i want to transform myself again “cancel awakened ability”, i know it does not affect it, because i give it and it transforms but i would like to know if i can make the name of the transformation see what goes after so i don’t miss out.

    thank you

  257. maulo says:

    hello why u delete the 3.5 pls upload 3.5

  258. higai says:

    I’ve been trying to uninstall this mod but the installer freezes at “saving files”. I tried to reinstall it because I was getting the infinite loading screen but it froze, then i tried to uninstall it and it froze again, I say it froze because i’m not getting the notification that the mod was successfully uninstalled and im not getting any error messages.
    please help, at least tell me what the mod adds to my data folder so that i can delete it manually

  259. dd says:

    Could somebody please help me, so basically when i try playing goku or vegeta or anyone else their Ki seems to be very low to the point where for exp. Goku can only transform up to God until he just stops transforming even though its the Goku that should be able to reach MUI (Yes it does not reach SSJB neither) now my CaC is only level 5 with low stamina health and KI so could that be the reason why the characters have low ki or is it a fixable glitch?

  260. UncleDrew says:

    Can anyone help me out whenever i go SSG , Blue , Rose , and MUI my eyebrows stay the yellow ssj color how do i fix that

  261. gamerggk says:

    I think the mod creator is still active on this site don’t know why he doesn’t reply to anyone or update the mod it has not been updated since 2019 it could use one.

  262. Roccos says:

    Hey man can you update it ? like with the dlc 14 there is an issue with the talisman file which refer to super soul, if you log in using new transformation the game will not recognize any super soul and may crash often

  263. Nekozzzzszz says:

    error data/system/talisman update 1.18 changed this

  264. Nekozzzzszz says:

    error data/system/talisman update 1.18 changed this item

  265. mayconcorvin says:

    Could someone help me, I installed the transformation mod but the superior instincts don’t work only the other transformations

  266. KainRyuu says:

    Seems this mod needs an update. As of right now with this mod installed all of my super souls are now Unknown Items due to the talisman file. Unless someone knows a fix to this issue please let me know.

  267. Daniel joy says:

    i was hoping that you will add gohan, vegeta, piccolo’s new forms

  268. voriox says:

    so ultra instinct straight up doesn’t work, it’s just grayed out even if i use the no health requirements version

  269. JJohn2332 says:

    IS anyone else getting an infinite loading screen when using a modded transformation?

  270. Roccos says:

    hey man got some issues with the new version like all the transformation are messed up, when i go ssj it’s ssj blue for example, and ssj blue kaioken x20 is super saiyan 4, do you have an idea of why is it like this ?

  271. Rapix says:

    when you pick in the installer the option “no hair change” it puts the hair change anyways

  272. Anyone having an issue where the eyebrows don’t match the hair that and stay yellow when transforming?

    1. Drexil says:

      Yes I noticed this as well like for Super Saiyan God or Blue even Ultra Instinct my hair is yellow and eyes are green but still have the correct Aura it’s so weird lol

      1. Saidoto says:

        I also have that problem @_@ kinda bothering me a bit

        1. same. really hoping for a fix soon

  273. . says:

    I installed the lazybone installation mod after years of practice, but now I have problems using the mod because when I transform I have a graphical bug from SSJ 4 to SSJBKK20 that makes my eyes and eyebrows yellow

    how to solve this problem ?

    if you tell me to uninstall and reinstall it’s a waste of time because I already did it.

    Hoping for your help.

    Currently I am in 3.3 of lazybone which is adapted for 1.18

    1. BlueDeluxe says:

      got same issue bro tried everything nothing works

      1. LamestGamer says:

        Same problem here glad to know it was broken in this update…

  274. balls says:

    is this guy gonna bother to check out the eybrow/eye issue?

  275. cloud1975 says:

    So, as a number of people have reported, there’s some issues with the Colors for Hair.
    As far as I can tell, the Hum.BCS file either is missing or doesn’t get the colors used for the Transformations installed.
    This looks to only be the Human/Saiyan Male one, the Female one seems to be fine.

    1. I checked In my folder and I have the Hum.bcs file so what do you think the problem is?

  276. shogo149 says:

    is there a way to make it so while in ultra instinct I don’t teleport when I use a special move?

  277. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

    Personal as many report some textures are wrong, one way to correct is to copy the .dyt files within the chara/HUF folder and change the HUF name to HUM and then copy these files and paste inside the chara/HUM folder. Good Luck

    1. 50% Ninja says:

      Aw sweet, my eye and eyebrows look fine now. Thanks man!

    2. Gurkii says:

      omg thanks you u are the best

    3. . says:

      can you specify because I can’t find a .dyt in the HUF file

      the .dyt file in HUM I have found but for the rest no

      1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

        You have not installed the
        new transformations.exe or
        you did not select the ‘Hair and Eye Change’ inside the installer
        To be sure research by .dyt using the data/chara/HUF folder search bar

    4. So I’m new to modding and I really want to fix this problem, could you write the steps That I should do?

      1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

        After installing new transformations.exe
        and selecting the ‘Hair and Eye Change’ option

        1- Enter this directory: DBX2/data/chara/HUF
        (Inside the folder will have some files look for the word .dyt in the names, example: HUF_249_hair.dyt.emb) You need to copy all these files with .dyt to another folder

        2- Now that you have only .dyt files change the HUF name to hum in these files

        3- Copy these files renamed by you and paste it into the DBX2/data/chara/HUM.

        (or if you prefer to wait for the next update of my mod I will leave all these textures ready for everyone along with the automatic installation
        my mod:

        1. Tsavari says:

          The SS4 transformation doesn’t work for Lazybone’s mod, the transformation doesn’t seem to read the HUF_256 file and doesn’t swap the bust of the character with the SS4 bust, is there a way to fix this with Eternity’s tools?

          1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

            For me it is working correctly

  278. LamestGamer says:

    So anyone else eyes not matching their hair color once you got past Super Saiyan 4 because for God and beyond I have yellow eyes and eyebrows and I have no idea what’s causing it I wasn’t having this problem before the update.

    1. Tsavari says:

      Yes, the SS4 and SSG transformations in the SSall files are bugged. In SS4, the bust isn’t swapped to the SS4 bust and the hair remains the base hair, in SSG the hair used are the Super Saiyan hair instead of the base hair.

      Is there a way to fix the bug?

      The SV4 transformation works fine, instead.

  279. gregory31 says:

    but update your Transformations because it does not want to master the color on my hair from the Transformations

    1. ERIC.DEUCHER says:

      Personal as many report some textures are wrong, one way to correct is to copy the .dyt files within the chara/HUF folder and change the HUF name to HUM and then copy these files and paste inside the chara/HUM folder. Good Luck

      1. TheRealPhrog says:

        Dude I love you, thank you so much lol

  280. Tsavari says:

    I’m currently using the SSall files and SS4, SSG and SSBKKx20 are bugged: SS4 doesn’t replace your bust with the SS4 bust and keeps the base hair instead of using the SS4 hair, while SSG uses the SS hair while SSBKKx20 uses the base hair.

    Is there a way to fix this? It seems that the files don’t recognize the files in the data folder that you set as hair and bust.

  281. Is it only me or the eyes doesn’t change when you transform in ssj god/blue/rosè

  282. BlueDeluxe says:

    we need to wait for the creator to post an update with a fix. theres no other solution

  283. what do I do if my if the ssg,ssb,ssbe,ui and mui eyes and hair colors aren’t downloading somehow, I tried doing the installer thing again and again, I have no conflicting mods because I cleared my installation so its only this mod and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and still the other transformations have gold ssj hair, I’m at loss and don’t know what to do.

    1. BlueDeluxe says:

      u need to wait for the creator to fix it

  284. uldyssian says:

    It seems that the dodge for UIS and MUI doesn’t work, does anyone have any information on what this bug may be or a fix for it?

    1. Drexil says:

      There are quite a few problems I’ve been seeing both in my own game and in these comments with the game update 1.18 Lazybone just did a combability update nothing else which it would seem that it needs much more than that for everything to work properly again all we can really do at this point is wait until he takes notice and runs through the entire mod

  285. silvertremor says:

    So I think dyt or color files for eyes and forehead is borked because when I go ssj god or blue or blue evolution eyes and eyebrows stay yellowish color and when I installed Better Eye types for LazyBones transformation pack mod eyes got fixed but couldn’t find a fix for eyebrows forehead whatever can you look into that please I tried a clean installation with no other mod and it didn’t work I use super saiyan all with hair change super saiyan 1 2 3 and ultra instinc sign works fine forgot to tell mastered ultra instinct has this problem too

    1. Jaokai says:

      I have the same problem, did you solve it?

  286. where i can buy the transformations?

  287. Jaokai says:

    transformations work with hair change but eyes and eyebrows are still from ssj1 solution?

    1. Arlic says:

      having the same problem i think the dyts are messed up got no clue how to fix it myself

  288. Jacob Kersey says:

    I need Help, when i try to load into a battle its just an infinite loading screen, this is the only mod i have and i have followed te provided instructions yet i still cant play with this mod.

  289. czesti97 says:

    Will there be an update with new transformations from the new movie ??
    You’ll also be adding manga transformations like “Ultra Ego”??

    I use google translation.

  290. pon una opcion de poner las auras revamp porque cada vez cuando uso el revamp todos los personajes tienen las auras de labybone porfavor pon una opcion

  291. porque la nueva opcion que pusiste no sirve de none aura mod no sirve me pone la aura de xenoverse 2 y no la revamp

  292. sffacx says:

    Hello, I have an error that when I transform my character from phase 3 onward, some movements are bugged, the animation of being still does not appear and the movement remains and when I put my character on guard, it stays with that animation, help?????

    1. Tokodo1029 says:

      if you use a modded moveset , you need to reinstall it after installing this mod

  293. put an option of the revamp auras because the mod one does not work pls

  294. Infinite Super Saiyan Gogito says:

    So, I tried to use the Super Saiyan Rosé and Ultra Instinct transformations, and I chose to not swap movesets for either of them. However, when I went into photo mode, I saw that my flying animations were changed, so when I went to use a moveset mod, the two mods conflicted and my animations were bugged. Can you please make it so that when I choose no moveset swap, it doesn’t change any of the animations? I was really hoping I could use a custom moveset with this mod.

  295. majinvegitto says:

    In the istaller can you add a Revamp Option, with models, auras etc? Or if its impossible, just the revamp auras?

  296. LamestGamer says:

    So the Super Saiyan 4 Torso still isn’t connecting to my lower half and making a weird gap in the chest anyone else find a fix for that?

    1. DEFNOTDEAF says:

      You just have to have clothes that cover that portion

  297. i hope I’ll get a response but i have followed the instructions for installing the rosé with movest mod but it makes the animated tail mod i installed stiff. and the name of that mod was “Animated Saiyan Tail Accessory for SYM and SYF” i have a link to it,

    1. Drexil says:

      The installer has it’s own tail animation files and even though it’s only for the SS4 Transformation it does say it can break tail animations with a custom move set which would be the SSR one you mentioned so my best guess is any custom move sets will break any tail animations even from a different mod (don’t know this for 100% sure again just my best guess as I said)

  298. Mylo says:

    I used “0. Hair Change Transformations (CaC)” but the hair, except that of Super Saiyan 3, only changes color and the shape always remains the same. it’s normal? is it not possible to have, for example, the transformation into super sayan 4 with the hair of goku 4?

  299. jakeycham says:

    when i go super saiyan god and up, my hair is still yellow. ive run the installer like it says in the readme file, but it still turns yellow. plz help

  300. Lowce23 says:

    Do I need the DLC for this? I can’t go past SSJ3 with my Cac

    1. FINK. says:

      your cac doesnt have enough ki

      1. Lowce23 says:

        My Ki is maxed, he gets to SSJ3 and when i press the needs buttons for the next transformation he drops back to his base form. Do i need the DLC for SSJ Rose, God, Blue SSJ4 and so forth? cause none of those transformations come with the base game that im aware of.

  301. I was able to buy the skill but I can’t add it to the awakened skill

  302. sayy says:

    yo, what’s the game path ?

  303. Leoriks says:

    i have a problem where my basic attacks glitch out and dont work like the light and heavy but only on male cac’s on female cac’s it works fine anyone know hot to fix it or is it just dead

  304. WhIteDevil says:

    i need help my character wont attack after i installed the mod

    1. reinstall the moveset you had previously

  305. Some Reason the aura’s doesn’t work for me

  306. Indra156 says:

    Hey. I can’t go to ui (sign) or ui only. When i press the button, it took me back to the normal form. How do we do it ?

    1. Drexil says:

      It’s possible you don’t have enough ki or you don’t have the “No Health” version installed where you don’t need to be low health to activate it!

  307. Shalla says:

    Is there a way to change how the final form looks for, Golden (Final Form) for frieza race?

  308. Clausemonaut says:

    Hey I think Super Vegeta 4 and Super Vegeta 3 skill may be bugged. When i activate it it will have the SS1 aura, eyes, and eyebrows but have SV4 hair and red body. It also bugs the other transformations up to the actual SV4 step. Ive tried reinstalling it but the bug continues. Super Sayain 4 remains unphased and is working correctly. The only mods i am using are Revamp, new transformations, a 100 percent drop rate mod, and a mod that changes the pupils on the transformations to be lore accurate.

  309. aMAIZEing says:

    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but equipping divine potential makes me unable to fully load into matches or training and get stuck at the character preview screen just before a match. Also the great saiyaman visual did not seem to sync when playing against a player with the same mod and no others

  310. HEAVENLY says:

    What’s up with this mod? It always gives me issues. I pick “no hair change” and whaddya know the hair is yellow for SSB for seemingly no reason. Is there a fix for this? I’m about to just delete these and use other mods that actually work . also whenever you reinstall the installer, it breaks vanilla auras.

    1. aMAIZEing says:

      did u download the X2m’s in the no hair change folder only then installer for no hair change?

    2. aMAIZEing says:

      did u download the X2m’s in the no hair change folder only then installer for no hair change? also u need to unistall before just reinstalling

  311. HEAVENLY says:

    The comments are filled with people who have issues and bugs, and I might actually have to clear my installation just because of this wonky mod. I just wish it made more sense and was less buggy. The power pole pro ultimate is so awesome… Unless the mod glitches and removes all vanilla auras so you’re standing on nothing.

  312. conor952 says:

    so, for the frieza race transformations, i have a couple suggestions. i feel like you should swap the 5th form and 3rd forms outfits, as the outfits you gave the 3nd form looks more like coolers form, and the one you gave the fifth form looks more like the design frieza had in his third form. Also, for the 4th form, i feel like you should have chosen the design for not wearing a chest piece since it looks more like coolers regular form that way. just some suggestions that came to mind while playing. also, the 4th one could use a head with a more defigned brow as it looks a bit weird with a flat brow. again, i feel like cooler is the best design to go off of for a member of the frieza race who’s 4th form isnt just pure white.

    1. conor952 says:

      Sorry if these suggestions are annoying. its just something i noticed when using the mod and it bugged me a little.

  313. sawalolm says:

    I can not Transformations to Ultra instinct for CaC

    1. sawalolm says:

      I found it i use save editor unlock all quest it’s to work, i’m just to the test a new character.

  314. I tried running the installer but it only appeared as a .installinfo file and needed me to open an app but IDK which one, how do I fix this?

    1. Figured it out, turns out DBX2 along with the patcher and mod installer need to be installed before downloading the mod and extracting it

  315. i love the mod im currently using Super saiyan All (SSJ 1 2 3 SG SSB SSBE U.I and M.U.I) ..but im at aloss i cant seem to get my character to go U.I and M U.I i missing something ? i can use the other forms just not Ultra instinct or Masatered Ultra Instincts.. Do i need the dlc or am i just..dumb XD

    1. LeoShadic345 says:

      Buddy You need to have low health to access those transformations, unless you installed the No Health Requirements Versions of the skills.

  316. LOL1 says:

    When I try to start the “new transformations installer”, an error appears with the following information:The file new transformations installer.installinfo could not be found

  317. Anime_WRXLD says:

    Does Anyone Know Why My Hair Is Still Golden When Try Ascending Beyond SSJ3 Idk Why. I Tried To Clear My Mods List Of LB New Transformations And Uninstall And Then Reinstall But It Didn’t Work…

  318. LenSAlone says:

    stp man, ton travail est super, ça c’est une certitude. néanmoins stp pourrais-tu ajouter une la série de transformation SSG-SSB-SSBE ou SSG-SSB-SSBKK; j’espère que mon msg ne passera inaperçu à tes yeux

  319. Atrox says:

    How do I get the transformations?

  320. Atrox says:

    How do I get the transformations help?

  321. camrin says:

    This installer has a pretty weird issue when using the dbx2 style auras. If you fight against or use omen Goku a weird effect happens where you lose the aura, and Goku blacks lasso sword is connected to omen Goku’s right arm. Please take a look at this.

  322. Amit says:

    Hi, Frieza race transformations are no longer working (xenoverse 2 v1.18)

    Can you please upload an updated version?

  323. DramaticHawk says:

    I dont know whats going on but, all the moves and transformations work from my understanding, but the roster characters are missing all there skills and awakenings please help!

  324. question, when my cac turns ss4, the tail just stands, is this an issue with the mod or am I missing a tool,

  325. Jiron says:

    When will they add orange namekian, ultra ego, black frieza and beast mode

  326. chriskiller8 says:

    My hair ain’t changing after installing the mod.

  327. chriskiller8 says:

    My character’s hair doesn’t change when transforming.

  328. Malik Harris says:

    Is there someone who can help me? i face this error when i open the app

    System.Exception: Failed at BCS install phase (chara/HUF/Hair_Change_None/HUF.bcs.xml)

  329. TheRealPhrog says:

    Ok I’ve had this issue for a little while, and I’m clueless as to how to fix it. Not really sure what causes it, but I think it might be downloading a bunch of LB installer mods. Anyway the issue is that when transforming to SSG, SSB+SSBKK, SSBE, and MUI, the eyes and the eyebrows stay golden. I’ve done numerous things like uninstalling all mods, reinstalling just this mod, even reinstalling the game at one point, but I still have the issue.

    1. TheRealPhrog says:

      “Personal as many report some textures are wrong, one way to correct is to copy the .dyt files within the chara/HUF folder and change the HUF name to HUM and then copy these files and paste inside the chara/HUM folder. Good Luck”- A legend

  330. Defalt says:

    is it normal that the super buu transformation just makes my game crash?

  331. Dman420 says:

    i dont have any basic attack animations when transformed supers?ultimates work fine but not basic attacks

  332. buma says:

    I have a problem. When i buy the transformations at skill shop the transformation don’t appears in my inventory

  333. ByrdieB318 says:

    I’m getting a install error when I double click on the “New Transformations Installer” need help..

  334. KaiiNx says:

    Ive downloaded it and did the install instustions but i still can’t use my charater with custome modes or at all , i gotta use other mods just to play can’t even use my own chc :C

  335. Hadt says:

    Whenever i go SS4 i have 2 tails. Any fix?

  336. Aldrahkiin says:

    when I try to transform into super buu with my cac the game crashes

  337. fenderracing says:

    When my character goes UI I can’t move but all the other transforms work fine. I use (Super Saiyan All (SS1-2-3-G-B-KK-KKX10-KKX20-UI-MUI)

    1. Drexil says:

      Late reply so don’t know if you figured this out yet lol but if your using the moveset change version you have to put the “data” in your XV2 folder AFTER you run the new transformations installer or else it will cause the moveset to be glitched!

  338. Dman420 says:


  339. Mish says:

    Having an issue of the transformations not showing up in the Save Editor, anyone else having the issue?

  340. Hadt says:

    When i used the custom UI aura it would show up green, any fixes?

  341. Defalt says:

    the super buu transformation crashed the game when used.

  342. Benji says:

    I need some assistance with the hair color changing. I’ve read the “Read me” file and did what it said to do if you’re characters hair stays yellow when you’re in, SSG, SSB, SSR, UI. But even when I reinstall the Transformation Installer, the hair still doesn’t change to the correct color. I’d appreciate it if anyone has a fix for this, thanks.

    Also, When ever I transform with the Lazybone mod on a female character it works perfectly. but when I do it with a male character, it doesn’t work correctly. Thats something ive noticed.

  343. Holo says:

    what are the stats with the transformations?

  344. Kreuger says:

    I know this question is very frequent, but even so I have not found an answer
    is this mod compatible with X2 revamp?

  345. Kreuger says:

    is this mod compatible with X2 revamp?

  346. Yucky says:

    Why the hair isn´t changing when I use a transformation? And the SS4 is only with a black hair…

  347. all transformations work, but ultra instinct and ultra white instinct do not work or is there a procedure to activate them?

    1. herock says:

      you might have installed health req version of UI in the installer you get an option to install with or without healt req to transform to UI same as ssb kaoken health drain amount

  348. Memelord says:

    I’ve followed the directions and I still get the infinite loading screen when I use my CAC but it works fine when I use a cast character.

  349. Giagua65 says:

    I can’t find the transformations in the ability shop

  350. Son Gosam says:

    Would it be possible to make a golden and black transformation with the shape and size of Cooler please?

  351. MeuYuan says:

    I want to know if there’s a way to skip the -IGNORE- skins. If not never mind.

  352. Sylas77 says:

    Is there any way for you to add a ‘No Drain’ to SSBKK in the installer? It adds drain to a few of my other transformation mods, like Super Saiyan Blue-Full Power Super Saiyan Blue. Whenever I go full power it drains like SSBKK

  353. Elavieate says:

    Getting an EEPK error when i try to install, what do i do?

  354. Gokussj54723 says:

    help me there is a bug when I turn into ssj3. The eyes of my character in ssj3 turn white without pupils

  355. Heerogw says:

    My character’s (cac) hair doesn’t change when transforming

  356. Wija says:

    Hi, when i tried out the Super Buu transformation my game crashed. Is there a fix or should i just remove that one?

  357. aptsd says:

    Can you add “MUI (solo)”?

  358. Cyprien says:

    Please, can you answer once and for all: why the characters (x2m) in the mod have absolutely no transformation skills?

  359. Meryl says:

    Is it possible to recolour the aura’s included in this pack?

  360. indiBun says:

    The mod works great and I love it but is there a version or a bust for SSJ4 that covers the chest? It feels so weird to see my character half naked

  361. Has a problem where it messes up UI -Sign- Goku and Dyspo’s auras

  362. Biel says:

    will you autolize the mod? with ultra ego and goran beast

  363. Dogmaguy says:

    With God ,blue,and blue evolved Officially in game now have you updated your mod to use them instead of your unofficial ones? Just curious.

  364. I unfortunately also can’t find them in the shop. Specifically – I recently had to change which drive XV2 was installed on, and therefore had to re-do my mod-setup (at least, AFAIK I did). My bag actually still shows everything (may explaining why the shop has nothing) – though most are named “?????”, and only one of the SSRose ones shows up when I go to change skills. IDK if this has to do with using a save with the prior set-up (though I installed all the same mods)….but it’s got me bummed .

    If there was a way to transfer my CaC (level, etc) and game-progress, but nuke everything else (ie: any save history of having mod skills and such), then just re-install the mods & buy the mod-skills again, I’d do that. If someone knows a way to use the save-editor to fix this, I’d happily try that, as well.

  365. Anime_lover says:

    I need help my new transformations installer is having problems its saying that AddPbindDependencies idk what to do

  366. Sylas77 says:

    Can this be updated for v 1.19 of the game and patcher please?

  367. BlackWL says:

    Need updated even with the new eternity patcher

    It’s not working in version 1.19, well for me it doesn’t work anymore because an error called Failed at CUS install phase (system/custom_skills.cus.xml) appears.

    1. HotMoss says:

      Anyone find a fix to this yet?

  368. yoraiz says:

    the hair color and stuff is messed up

  369. Hi Lazybone, I have a favor to ask of you :

    I managed a bit at randomly to modify your Installer in order to be able to install again custom auras that do not belong to your “New Transformations” mod, like the Ultra Ego aura for example, and I would like to share it everyone.

    Do you allow me to publish this modified and simplified version of your Installer on ?

  370. Darksol16 says:

    how to fix a critical exception occured? im trying to install this
    any help?? pls??

  371. naraku13 says:

    but the transformations always use the same hair model ?? I have the saiyan woman with long hair, and the transformations in all the versions of ssj make me with the short hair of ssj trunks child with the different color for transformation, to understand

  372. Zakkul says:

    So I’m having a trouble with the frieza race transformation I keep getting the bool __cdecl X2mFile::InstallCostumePartSets(void): Overflow, cannot assign suitable(s) partset(s) id(s) error and I can’t think of how to fix it, does anyone know?

  373. MaxiGT1 says:

    I tried to install the “Super Saiyan 4” Mod (no change hair) but at the end the installer get this error: System.IndexOutOfRangeException

    I’ve already installed this mod before the last update of Xenoverse 2 and the mod worked fine. What’s the problem?

    1. Darksol16 says:

      i also too hv the same problem

  374. someone pls help me, my female saiyan can’t attack when transformed

  375. Sword says:

    So I absolutely think this mod is amazing, but there is a suggestion I want to make for a new transformation: Ultra Ego, as well as a Super Saiyan All variant to go along with it. While other people have given us Ultra Ego in other mods, I feel that it can be done here as well, and maybe even better. (but again: That’s just me, so do whatever you want, it’s your mod after all.)

  376. nekbasara says:

    There is a bug that changes the “Normal Vegeta japanese Voice” to “Ginyu japanese Voice” when the main character is equipped with the “Super Saiyan (SSBE Variant)” skill.

  377. nekbasara says:

    There is a bug where “Normal Vegeta Japan Voice” changes to “Ginyu Japan Voice” only after installing “New Transformations Installer.exe”.

  378. i am guko says:

    how to use the transformation

    1. Kyoko says:

      you did install it correctly? you need follow every step on the .txt files if you dont then it wont work….

      If you did then buy it on the shop… go to edit your skills and select that Awoken… go to offline combat > practice , select your CaC… Once in battle press buttons in pc its R + Q… idk if you play with keyboard or gamepad… however, is just that easy, to keep going just press designed buttons and your char will keep transforming until reach Ui Mastered…. But theres a trick… if you dont want the normal version, then install the one wich say “NO HEALTH requirement”

  379. Kyoko says:

    Can you add Android 21 transformations Good, Neutral and Evil, skills and moveset for SYF and Majin Buu forms for SYM??… That would be amazing and would make this mod even better ! i’ve spent a lot hours looking around but anyone make it for CaC… just found a “True majin” but not even close it just turn CaC into kid buu.

  380. Sapherno says:

    The mod is a mess right now. A lot was stripped away, no idea why, skills don’t show up in the skill shop, and I have a sinking suspicion I know why.

    I followed the install STEP BY STEP, and NO skills appeared in the ability shop.
    However, many abilities and transformations have been flat out removed, like the Omni Transformation, SS5, the Ego transformation, and so on.

    Many of the “combo” transforms have been removed as well.

    I absolutely loved this mod, I truly did, but as it is now, there are other, better mods that actually work far better.

    (Seriously, changing Ultra Instinct to ONLY work when your health hits 60% or 40%??????)

    1. how did you even use the exe in the first place i just get a error

    2. Dodo says:

      could you link some of the better mods? all of the ones I find say they need this one installed as well

  381. TheGreat says:

    Everything worked up until i was ready to start a mission and got hit with infinite load any solutions?

  382. gabriel says:

    when i try to transform (i have maxed out ki and full everything) it does not let me the unlock awoken skill button is black

  383. Rab1s says:

    Is there any way we could get Gohan’s “SS1-SS2-PU” as a CaC skill?

  384. ZaWarudoDa says:

    Please someone help me, I customized my hair so it change when I transform worked well, did the same with my eyes (to get my normal eyes) but now I have a glitched face (start between the nose and eyes and go to the hair) its all glitchy go black, white, translucent etc ;-;

  385. what do i do if the installer tells me that it failed at the CUS install?

  386. vishal.s says:

    How To Fix Infinite Loading Screen in Xenoverse 2 Mods – New Transformations👇

  387. Mr.duck427 says:

    Lazybones. pls fix this bug for UI and MUI. first lemme get into the details. you see when transforming to UI or MUI I stay in my fighting stance, when I move I stay in the same stance, when flying same stance. attacking when in these forms will just be the same stance and your moves arent appearing while the punches are happening.

    1. Mr.duck427 says:

      nvm the I cant physically punch using ui or mui

  388. Wolf says:

    Sorry to bother yall, but i got a problem. The problem im experiencing rn is: SSJ3 Hair won’t show up(Long hair), SSJ4 Fur and Hair won’t load/show up(When i transform to ssj4 its just the aura). So please if anyone have a solution for this, leave a reply.

    1. Wolf says:

      Nevermind. I just needed to reinstall the mod.

  389. AKRamirez says:

    Failed at CUS install phase (system/custom_skill.cus.xml). Index was outside the bounds of the array.

  390. Soriano says:

    It is just me? Female SSJ4 cover booby nows. I remember playing this last time mod in 2018 or 2019 and the female cac SSJ4 doesn’t have bra covering it. I like the original fur covering it instead, it look natural for SSJ4 since male SSJ4 destoryed the top part of the outfit so it wouldn’t make sense for a bra to be the only thing not being destory.
    Is there an option to choose or something?

    1. Soriano says:

      Never mind, It just some HUF file I changed.
      This is a false code red.

  391. GreenXIV says:

    Anyone else have an issue with SS4 eyes not having the red outline?

  392. stevemacface says:

    Is there a way to disable the super/ultimate teleport with ultra instinct?

  393. hinokami says:

    how do i fix infinite loading screen

  394. FCD says:

    Followed the instructions but the transformations arent in the shop

  395. Rev says:

    Question, how do i obtain the awaken skill for this, i have everything set up but its the only part im stuck on

  396. Neo says:

    I’m experiencing a problem where when I’m at Ssbe and charging, the aura dosent chance. Is this a glitch?

  397. dragonseal says:

    Does anyone know how to get UI by itself? Super all makes it work but the standalone not so much. Your help would be appreciated.

  398. Dodo says:

    I keep getting an error called “Failed at IDB install phase (system/item/Autodoge_DataInput_Normal/talisman_item.idb.xml). —> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” does anybody know a fix?

  399. Escar says:

    wish it added LSSJ Fantastic mod as always though.

  400. Deivil says:

    Hi would it be possible to update the Frieza race transformations by adding the goudem and black form please, and a variant with the third form being the final form and then coming with the goudem and black form.

  401. When i wnat to install the mod theres nothing to click theres nothing standing there

  402. Are there any plans to add Freezer’s 4-step transformation golden form and black form?

  403. adimitriou says:

    I think it’s about time you use the Revamped models for this mod in your next update. That would make this mod soooo much better.

  404. Dwreck says:

    I can’t use Ultra Instinct in pq’s or training is there a fix for this that anybody knows of

  405. Demonwolf says:

    how do yall downlaod the mod bc it saying conecxtion is not secure ever time

  406. kid86 says:

    Anybody else having infinite loading screens when starting any battle when equipped with Divine Potential?

  407. nakai says:

    Can someone help me i trying to create a custom Ultra instinct from this mod but i keep getting x2m skill.ini error/warning. am i doing something wrong? also first time modding so pardon my cluelessness.

  408. Jaran says:

    loading screen stays infinite

    1. same here, already tried everything i know but nothing, oh well..

  409. For some reason, it’s not working anymore, only infinite loading screens every time, already tried uninstalling/re-installing and yet nothing.. very frustrating

    1. Ashlynn says:

      I’ve been having the same issues should I just avoid this entirely right now?

  410. exxy gamer says:

    yeah uh im getting a problem no matter what i pick whenever i go into the install phase it gives me a hum.bcs error
    here’s the proof:

  411. teketh says:

    I don’t know if anyone checks this anymore but i wanted to say some stuff and make a small request.
    This mod made me absolutely love this game again, honestly the transformations feel impactful and it’s really satisfying to have your hair change, this actually made me feel like a saiyan.
    The only thing i would request, is a ss1, ss2, ss3, ssgod, ssblue, blue evolved, and then ultra ego, i know there isn’t a base yet for it, but being able to follow vegetas path a little more would be incredible, also purple looks sick.
    Anyways again, thank you for this absolute treat of a mod and i hope you succeed in whatever you do in the future.

  412. I think this might be bricked i have uninstalled my HUM BCS and VFX folder multiple times yet no dice and when i do SSJ GOD and BLUE glitches they have yellow eye brows

  413. hi there i try both of :

    Super Saiyan Null 0.9.6 (Base Auras) New Hair Id
    Super Saiyan Null 0.9.6 (Base Auras)

    and i still have the changing hair shape, and clearly don’t understant the following read me part

    [Those in “No-Hair Change Transformations (CaC)” will only change the hair and eye color and not the model/shape. (if using these then you can freely ignore all the talk about hair files and IDs)
    You can find copies of all the vanilla hair, eye and forehead files in “Extra/All Default Hairstyles and Eyes”.]

    What should i do for just have the transformation without changing my hairshape please this mod is so cool but i want keep my character hair, sorry for my poor english i try to learn by myself

    1. i forget to say that i want keep the ssj1 and 2 skill hairchange activated by the mod but not the punk crest like tapion have thank for anyone can help

  414. Rekentier says:

    whenever i go ssb or ssbe my eyes and eyebrows turn like yellow and brown does anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Hey by chance do you have the surge addon ?

    2. Hey by chance do you have the surge addon ?

  415. Amine says:

    how can i get goku hair in transformation?

  416. joabe33 says:

    how do i find version 3.4

  417. waffles says:

    none of the Super Saiyan ALL transformations allow me to go use any of the UI transformations included in them, not sure if its a bug or what. I managed to successfully use it once with the Blue KK version though I have no clue how I did it

  418. when i try to play goku black in free play the game never actually loads the match any ideas why?

    1. it seems to happen with a lot of the characters if anyone knows why its a infinite loading screen please help

  419. That0neGuy says:

    I’m having an issue where from behind, my auras are static pixels and when going anything above ssj, my eyebrows stay yellow and my irises are blue, like im still in super saiyan. does anyone know how to fix this? This ssj bug is affecting my ssjg from grimms as well so i don’t know if its a me problem of if i installed something wrong, or something else.

  420. Amine says:

    how can i fix ui errors?

  421. sffacx says:

    bro I have a problem with the ssj blue evolution when transforming has the same color palette as blue how can I solve it???

  422. jonnyboy19 says:

    Love This Mod!!!
    your stuff is Awesome!

    is there Going to be an Update with more content soon like more transformations types
    for example :
    Great ape transformation-golden great ape-ssj4-ssj4 Full power-ss4 limit breaker
    Gohans Beat transformation ssj 1-ssj 2-PU-Beast form
    Super Saiyan 1-5
    Orange piccolo
    vegeta ultra ego
    black freeza

    or maybe just updated Characters more transformable Roster Characters
    like Caulifla and kale transformable from base …Baby vegeta. all forms jiren transformable Toppo transformable… exedra

    just a few suggestions

    something like that
    lazeybone’s Transformations are just the best Would love to see more Content

    i know there are already mods like these out there but installing lazybones mods are easy and reliable

    Thanks for this GOD LEVEL Mod

  • 3uploads
File size
95.59 MB
Credit given to modders
November 13, 2022

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