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New Transformations (Added Skills)

This mod adds new transformations for CaC and regular characters. It also adds new auras, and some custom versions of the already existing auras.

All skills are in the shop to buy.




New Transformations:

Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken

Super Saiyan Rosé

Super Saiyan Rosé Kaioken: identical to SSB Kaioken mentioned above, except for SSR. Has a new custom double aura

Super Saiyan 4: (also a Super Vegeta 4 version with different colors)

Ultra Instinct

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution

Super Namekian: 2 stage, Super Namekian, then Red-Eyed form

Super Saiyan Rage: 2- stages (new custom aura)

Divine Potential - second stage for Potential Unleashed, every race can use it

Frieza Race Transformations - 4-stage transformation with appearance & size changing at each stage

Super Kaioken - 2 stage, Super Saiyan & Super Kaioken

Great Saiyaman

Turn Golden (Final Form)

Super Buu


The listed transformations are available in multiple different skills with differing stage setups.

X2M Characters:

Goku - Has all of his DBS forms.

Vegeta - Has all of his DBS forms.

Gohan - 3 transformations, SS1-SS2-PU, PU-SSB, and Great Saiyaman

Vegito - Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, and Super Saiyan (all)

Gogeta - Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4

Goku Black - Super Saiyan Rosé, SSR Kaioken  and regular Super Saiyan. Includes a new custom base form moveset.


Cell - Imperfect > Perfect > Super Perfect

Cooler - transforms into Final Form

Future Trunks - Super Saiyan Rage transformation

Goku (GT) - Super Saiyan 4 transformation

Mira - transforms into Final Form (Permanent transformation. Gains and regens health upon transforming)

Piccolo - Giant and Super Namekian/Red-Eyed form transformations

Lord Slug - Giant transformation

Fused Zamasu - "Light of Justice" Transformation, transform into Half-Corrupted form, and then go Giant.

Hint: The costumes named something like "Transformed Skillset - IGNORE" should not be selected! They are for the exact reason listed in their name, but unfortunately the character creator has no way to hide them in the character select screen. Selecting them can have unintended results. As a general rule, whenever you see a costume named like that, it is the skillset you will get upon transforming with the costume that comes just before that one in the list.



Kingpin for Super Saiyan 4 bust & tail (


Download the latest Patcher & Mod Installer by eternity. This mod wont work without them!


  • Updated the installer for the new CUS format in 1.21


  • Some auras had some unwanted flickering due to a small bug in 3.4. This should be fixed now.


  • Updated the installer for the new CUS format in 1.19
  • 3uploads
File size
95.59 MB
Credit given to modders
December 2, 2023


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  1. Gustavo_Rz says:

    esse mod é pra qual versão?

  2. mosh says:

    Hey! I have a quick question. I’ve been seaching everywhere in the skill editor for the value that would increase health regeneration during the God transformation and I’m just not sure which one to edit. (to be honest a bit scared editing anything I can’t find proper documentation on) Would you be able to help me?

  3. Nickeren07 says:

    Why the super sayan 3 hair anda the super sayan 4 hair adn body type doesent work???

  4. Running reset moveset.exe does not work, and the loading bar does not move at all

  5. This is the quintessential mod for xenoverse 2. And I am patiently waiting for the day it is hopefully compatible with the latest game update. Thank you for all your work.

  6. dwic13 says:

    Thank you !!!
    Amazing Work here !
    I hope you will keep working on new Transformations !!!
    What about a Frieza combo (last form – cooler form) like you did for God / Blue ?

  7. gregorydu66 says:

    you need to update your New Transformations (Added Skills) and master more Transformations and characters please respond as quickly as possible lazybone your fans gregory bauce

  8. no one else i’ve seen has mentioned this but the super buu transformation is completely broken. it crashes the game every time i try to use it. at first i thought it was conflicting with other mods until i completely uninstalled all other mods. i doubt it’ll be fixed at any point because as with pretty much all other transformation mods, this mod is very saiyan oriented. reagardless it would be cool if this was fixed but i really dont have my hopes up and theres literally no other mods that even attempt to give you majin race transformations so i guess my female majin is in purgatory forever.

  9. warangel46 says:

    how do i fix Turn Golden (Final Form) most of my outfit is pink

  10. king god10 says:

    When I transform none of my forms has a hair color they are all black why?

  11. AKRamirez says:

    We’re never getting that fix, are we

  12. Blorb says:

    The installation instructions in the readme file didn’t work (the installer says it was successful, but the skills do not show up in the shop). The file path “extra/manual install data” does not exist, so I can’t even try to do a manual install. Anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Blorb says:

      Nevermind. I reset the game a couple times and the items showed up in the shop. Could’ve reasonably just been my blindness, but regardless the issue has been resolved.

  13. Zagan says:

    Hello , just got back to XV2 and when i transform my character cant hit ? Like you cannot see him doing move sets you just hear him making hit noises and going forward , how do i fix this pls ?

    1. James31006 says:

      That happened to me, still haven’t found a fix. Only happened in UI -Sign- and UI for me

  14. James31006 says:

    How do I change the transformation hairstyles?

    1. Akeakamai says:

      idk if it’s still works since that mod is outdatet af, but you have to change the hairstyle files edit manually.
      It’s a bit of work, but there are some really good video guides out there on youtube. I also recommend to download some fresh hairstyles for the unique look. If you should need some help, just reply 🙂
      good luck.

  15. xanoverse says:

    need a transformation skill thats ss1-ss2-ss3-ss4-ssg-ssb-ssbe-ultra ego by fluffy, even ss4 limit breaker would be awesome, you could even skip ss1 and go straight to ss2

  16. Raichi says:

    Need help it says it was installed correctly, but I don’t see it in the shop.

    1. Raichi says:

      Never mind I figured it out

        1. Potara says:

          Figured it out, you have to install them manually. Why? Who knows, this should be in the readme.

  17. AsterVale says:

    I think Beast transformation breaks with this mod 🙁

    1. AKRamirez says:

      It’s been broken since UI sign Goku for me

  18. FriezaIsCool says:

    doesnt install, the installer gives bcs errors about the hair files and installing the x2ms raw gives infinite loading

  19. Hey! Can we talk in private I need to ask you a favor please

  • 3uploads
File size
95.59 MB
Credit given to modders
December 2, 2023

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