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New Transformations (Added Skills)

This mod adds new transformations for CaC and regular characters. It also adds new auras, and some custom versions of the already existing auras.

All skills are in the shop to buy.




New Transformations:

Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken

Super Saiyan Rosé

Super Saiyan Rosé Kaioken: identical to SSB Kaioken mentioned above, except for SSR. Has a new custom double aura

Super Saiyan 4: (also a Super Vegeta 4 version with different colors)

Ultra Instinct

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution

Super Namekian: 2 stage, Super Namekian, then Red-Eyed form

Super Saiyan Rage: 2- stages (new custom aura)

Divine Potential - second stage for Potential Unleashed, every race can use it

Frieza Race Transformations - 4-stage transformation with appearance & size changing at each stage

Super Kaioken - 2 stage, Super Saiyan & Super Kaioken

Great Saiyaman

Turn Golden (Final Form)

Super Buu


The listed transformations are available in multiple different skills with differing stage setups.

X2M Characters:

Goku - Has all of his DBS forms.

Vegeta - Has all of his DBS forms.

Gohan - 3 transformations, SS1-SS2-PU, PU-SSB, and Great Saiyaman

Vegito - Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, and Super Saiyan (all)

Gogeta - Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4

Goku Black - Super Saiyan Rosé, SSR Kaioken  and regular Super Saiyan. Includes a new custom base form moveset.


Cell - Imperfect > Perfect > Super Perfect

Cooler - transforms into Final Form

Future Trunks - Super Saiyan Rage transformation

Goku (GT) - Super Saiyan 4 transformation

Mira - transforms into Final Form (Permanent transformation. Gains and regens health upon transforming)

Piccolo - Giant and Super Namekian/Red-Eyed form transformations

Lord Slug - Giant transformation

Fused Zamasu - "Light of Justice" Transformation, transform into Half-Corrupted form, and then go Giant.

Hint: The costumes named something like "Transformed Skillset - IGNORE" should not be selected! They are for the exact reason listed in their name, but unfortunately the character creator has no way to hide them in the character select screen. Selecting them can have unintended results. As a general rule, whenever you see a costume named like that, it is the skillset you will get upon transforming with the costume that comes just before that one in the list.



Kingpin for Super Saiyan 4 bust & tail (


Download the latest Patcher & Mod Installer by eternity. This mod wont work without them!


  • Updated the installer for the new CUS format in 1.21


  • Some auras had some unwanted flickering due to a small bug in 3.4. This should be fixed now.


  • Updated the installer for the new CUS format in 1.19
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File size
95.59 MB
Credit given to modders
December 2, 2023


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  1. I like my character made in the vanilla game and I didn’t like that the appearance of his face changes when he transforms so I used option 1 which doesn’t change that, but when I wanted to add a hair mod for the ssj4 it doesn’t take it, but with option 0 that changes the hair (and also the shape of the eyes) it works and I don’t want the shape of the eyes to change I just want the hair that I downloaded for the ssj4, please help 🙁

  2. Whenever I try to reinstall this mod the installer keeps giving me the following error: System.Exception: Failed at EEPK uninstall phase (vfx/cmn/BTL_CMN.eepk). —> System.IO.InvalidDataException: EMM Validation failed. Could not locate the file signature… was found instead. This is most likely not a EMM file.
    at Xv2CoreLib.EMM.Parser.SignatureValidation() in C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EMM\Parser.cs:line 52
    at Xv2CoreLib.EMM.Parser..ctor(Byte[] _rawBytes) in C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EMM\Parser.cs:line 39
    at Xv2CoreLib.EffectContainer.EffectContainerFile.LoadAssetContainer(AssetContainerTool container, AssetType type) in C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EffectContainer\EffectContainer.cs:line 712
    at Xv2CoreLib.EffectContainer.EffectContainerFile.Load(String dir, String name, Xv2FileIO _fileIO, Boolean onlyFromCpk, ZipReader _zipReader, SaveFormat _saveFormat) in C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EffectContainer\EffectContainer.cs:line 528
    at Xv2CoreLib.EffectContainer.EffectContainerFile.Load(String path, Xv2FileIO _fileIO, Boolean onlyFromCpk) in C:\source\XenoverseTools\XV2 Tools\Xv2CoreLib\EffectContainer\EffectContainer.cs:line 460
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Uninstall.GetParsedFile[T](String path, Boolean fromCpk, Boolean raiseEx)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Uninstall.Uninstall_EEPK(String path, _File file)
    — End of inner exception stack trace —
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Uninstall.Uninstall_EEPK(String path, _File file)
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Uninstall.UninstallMod()
    at LB_Mod_Installer.Installer.Uninstall.d__8.MoveNext()

    Please for the love of god tell me there’s a way to fix this.

  3. Issue:
    Eyebrows not turning blue, but staying yellow?
    Don’t just reinstall it, uninstall it, the install it again.

    Okay, I’ve seen people talk about it, but it’s like they figure it out and then never return to give the answer. So even if it helps no one, I’m putting this here for my own use later, when I do it again, and then forget how I fixed it again, simple as the answer is. In the installer readme you’ll find this:

    Q: Why is the hair the gold Super Saiyan color in SSG/SSB/SSR/UI…?
    A: Did you recently install a mod that contains either HUF.bcs or HUM.bcs? Some of the transformations in this mod rely on new hair and eye colors that are added to this file,
    so if you have installed such a mod then those new colors will be wiped from the game. To fix this issue, simply run “New Transformations Installer.exe” again.

    Well, the eyebrow thing is similar but different. For me, the problem came up after I found a sweet SSJ4 dew I wanted, but I hadn’t ever installed any transformations using SSJ4. After I installed the new transformation and reran everything, suddenly I had yellow eyebrows in blue and other not golden hair transformations. I “reinstalled” it several times, and since I have custom movesets, it was a pain in the ***. Finally, after a little digging, I just gave up, and prepared to reinstall it, thinking I’d have to do everything again. But I didn’t, took only five more seconds than usual. I ran the installer, used uninstall, then ran it again and “Installed” it. Presto! Fixed.

    I am using all custom movesets, and I’m using the tail mod from Keku. Works like a champ(May 2024).

    Now, for a few tips and tricks.

    If you use lots of movesets, make a new master moveset folder and copy them all into it, in their own subfolders. It’s way faster than going through each moveset one at a time.

    Make a master hair folder for male and female separately, and put your finished hairs in those. If you ever need to completely remake your game again, presto, your hairs will be waiting for the simplest copy and paste of your life. This includes SSJ4 busts as well.

    I know. It all seems obvious in hindsight, but then, what doesn’t?

  4. I have a problem. I installed the Super Saiyan All that goes through phase 1,2,3,GOD,BLUE,KK,KKX10,KKX20,UI,MUI.
    When it comes to transforming, when I go through the KKX20 phase, the aura around me is not seen, but the ki charge and flight are.
    Does anyone else have that happen to them?

  5. Hey Lazybone, is there some way to make the ultra instinct (saiyan) to use the ultra instinct omen with the actual moveset nad then use the transform from the vanilla ultra instinct and its mehcanics? I want to have that ultra instinct to make both forms usefull, the omen to have the beast combo and the mastered ultra instinct to have the contra and chrage skill

  • 3Mods
  • 31Followers

File size
95.59 MB
Credit given to modders
December 2, 2023

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