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Simply Better Looking [Reshade/SweetFX Preset]

Simply Better Looking

Hello, This is my attempt to fix some of the graphical problems in this game with Reshade (For the Full Version) or SweetFX (For the Lite Version). Well keeping to the original style of the game, Works Great with all color/shade mods because of this.

There are 2 Options, Full (Reshade) and Lite (SweetFX). Max Sharpened image using Lumasharpen, made surfaces a bit more glossy, SMAA to help with AA, Tweaked Levels to get fuller colors from white to black, Debanding of colors (colors/shades that didn't transition between each other well have been fixed) [Not Lite Version] , And Ambient Lighting brighter imagescapes [Not Lite Version].

Also the Full Version can bug out sometimes but work most all the time(Mostly if you alt-tab or turn it off or on *some times it resets for a second. (it will always fixes itself, so no worries) [reshade problem with game]. Still the Best Version tho.

You may see up to 15-30 FPS Lose with Full and 5-10FPS with Lite.

*Press Scrollock or SCRLK to see the difference yourself, it's enabled by default so this turns the effects off.(Better than the photos [lose quality from converting and uploading] , see it for yourself.)

Here is where i have gotten my settings for Most things in Drivers settings:


I use the 4x MSAA and the HBAO+ Settings for Nvidia Inspector (

I have a 2xWay SLI system, So If you do too the Nvidia Inspector Settings are here (

Credits & Thanks

SweetFX 2.0 & 1.5 by

ReShade 1.1.0 by Crosire

MasterEffect & GemFx by Marty McFly & Lucifer Hawk

All character colors and shadings in photos, Heirtalent. (

P.S. BY TH WAY HeirTalent has Released this H-Graphics Mod For Free SO GO GET IT! (

Old SweetFx, crazyjunkygames. I based some of my work off this one, to help get to know how to configure and because his was the best SweetFx preset i could found when the game came one first. (

Also turn In-game settings to the same as in photos of game settings (Brightness can be whatever you want, i prefer Default.)

Download and Pick the version you want.

Than go inside the folder of the version you picked, Drag and drop all of the files and the folder (Reshade [Full Version]/SweetFX [Lite Version]) into your DB Xenoverse folder. Done Enjoy.

*Remember. Press Scrollock or SCRLK to see the difference yourself.



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