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Uub Majin transformation

Uub with 2 transformations on Majin form

XV2ins+ use aura installer

So guys u r supposed to have now all the skills even for people who doesn't have the last dlc. For the transformation u can't go back to ur basic form (idk why) And for the aura people who has problems with toppo I have no ideas. In my game it does work perfectly fine and that was the first mod that i installed after the last dlc. Try to clean ur XV2ins and try again.


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  1. Pillan1919 says:

    can you make an option to where we can download the Majin aura separately without messing with other auras and it’s an amazing mod

  2. rgvanesso says:

    Hey, love the concept, just wanted to say a few things. 1 I can’t seem to be able to install the aura, it throws in an error message that says the max amount of textures has been reached. 2 I don’t own the Toppo DLC so, his destructive fissure ability is a bit glitched out, after kicking the character, they just stay in place. 3 When i try to de-transform, Ubb just just defaults to his knocked-out pose, was this intentional?

    1. Alem Quest says:

      It supposed to be fixed now. I add this skill for people who doesn’t have the dlc.

      1. rgvanesso says:

        Thanks man, and sorry to bother you btw…

        1. Alem Quest says:

          No need to be sorry that’s fine don’t worry.

  3. can yall make a majin transformation

  4. can yall make a majin transformation for cac like come on

      1. Pixel says:

        Is there a male version for this because I have been looking for a male transformation for so long. Both this mod and the one linked are so cool.

  5. jeymarmods says:

    Try to do AF Young Jiji’s Uub version with his Majin form

  6. Bro nice mod but it doesn’t let me download the aura, and I don’t think it’s a problem of space in the game also because the other auras make me download them ahaha

  7. como tornar um poder x2m imparavel ou imbloqueavel por outro poderes???

  8. Omega says:

    the only issue I see is the transformation when you try to back to normal it shows the CAC on his back instead of reverting to normal but other than that GreatMod

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