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Regarding “” & Monetisation.

Hello all! Komodo here!

Our admin team have decided to post this change of etiquette here to make it known our revised stance in regards to uploading monetised links to this website.

As of today we have officially banned link sharing sites such as and linkshrink from our downloads.
New mods will need to be uploaded directly, or linked either directly to a free download or to a free download page.

For example:

  • Mods linked to your Patreon page are banned.
  • However, mods linked to Patreon posts are fine as long as the file is available there for free, visible at first glance. No redirecting.
  • Mods linked to a YouTube page or video are banned regardless of whether or not there is a link available*
  • Links to paid commerce sites like Gumroad are also banned

*this doesn’t mean that youtube videos cannot be embedded into your description or changelog, just that the download link cannot point to a video/channel

Failure to comply with these changes may result in a deletion of your mods without warning or a ban if necessary. (subject to moderator’s opinion)

Our reasoning for this change in rules are as follows:
Firstly, there were a growing amount of users making “ chains” to profit multiple times off of one link. Additionaly, an argument could be made that users were profiting almost entirely off of Dimps/Bandai’s work, which was never our intention here at xenoversemods as we aim to make free additional content to enhance the user experience of the game.

We hope you can understand and we are deeply sorry to any innocent content creators who are affected by this change.

We recommend you become a YouTube/Twitch partner to show off your work if you still wish to earn money. We also recommend adding optional donation links to your user profiles and mod descriptions. It is not essential, but we urge you update your links now to avoid any conflict down the line.


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